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Ed Reed to the Cowboys?

Last two paragraphs suggest he might be headed to Dallas. Although anytime anyone anywhere is released they are rumored to Dallas. Huge pet peave, but worth asking anyway in this case.

Bass to IR?

The Cowboys are thin along the defensive line but will re-sign Jerome Long on Saturday and are expected to put Ben Bass on injured reserve.

Deon Anderson Released

Scott Chandler brought up from practice squad

ESPN says Carp for Barron deal is done

Actually Calvin Watkins says it but who's keeping track anyway?

McNabb to the Skins?

Who saw this coming? I know the iggles have a history of trading draft picks with the Cowboys, but I never saw them trading their starting QB to a division rival. They must think Donovan is close to done or they wouldn't have wanted to face him twice a year.


Dont hang your heads

First of all I would like to say I am a lifelong Cowboy fan. This post is not meant to taunt, belittle, gloat or generally be a jerk.I am not going to drag up years old cliche's about why Philly...

Felix for six with big 68 out front

Felix for six with big 68 out front


Is Miles Austin an elite receiver?

The stats so far this year say he is. While Ranking 10th in the league in yards with 999 and a lowly 27th in catches (59), he ranks right up there in every other meaningful receiving statistic....


Roster Rundown with the picks added in.

Let’s take a look at the possible position battles based on the rookies added and see where we stand. There may be some errors here as still had some players listed on the...

Felix the Barney?

Felix and Darren dressed up like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble

Tashard Choice

role playing at the rookie symposium. Apparently Grizz's boy is quite the actor.


Why rookies need a salary cap

When your legacy is on the line at the beginning of your NFL career, the last thing you need to be worried about is starting. Or for that matter, making a significant contribution. Lets go back the...


Juiced Cliffhanger?

I dont know if anyone else saw that the league is trying to suspend former Cowboy Ryan Fowler. This is disturbing news that has come directly from the testamony from a former Plano drug dealer who...


Chief Executive of Fantasy Land

It has been suggested in the past that if I did not want to read negative doom and gloom speculation, then perhaps I should read fairy tales instead of blogs. Well I gave it a shot and if I read...

Where did you go Roy Dub?

Where did you go Roy Dub?


Character Scouting

So after the first weekend of rookie minicamps, what do we know? So far it seems that the Cowboys scouts have pulled gems out of the rubble. First we get news that Mendenhall is robbed at gunpoint...


Hall of Famers coming out of the woodwork for Adam

Adam should have plenty of support should he actually be reinstated. It seems that he will have 2 Hall of Famers backing him up in Jim Brown and Michael Irvin. He will also have a future Hall of...


Burger King gets it right

5. I think it's probably wrong to say Marion Barber III is insane. I'm sure he's of sound mind this morning. But to honestly think the Cowboys should give him a contract worth $8 million a year...


Sneaky Sneaky Grizz

In keeping with my nickname on this site, I located this little nugget. Were you waiting to spring this on us when the mock was complete? Rafael Vela over at says you were picking...


MBIII to the Packers

Ok so its not a wild rumor I am throwing out there, but a statement of fact that Bryant Gumbel laid on us when he stated the Barbarian was the heart and soul of the Green Bay offense during the NFl...


I love me some Newman

Nick Eatman has a great article up at about Terrance and his views on Adam Jones, his next contract and his career in general. Newman to me is the protypical NFL player and is...


Just how finished is finished?

Jeff Fisher has gone back and forth on Adam Jones. First he says that Adam would be better off with another team. Then he says that he is a top 3 corner and returner. Just suppose the Cowboys are...


McFadden + Ocho Cinco = WOW!?!?!?!?

Burger King goes off the deep end in this week's Monday Morning Quarterback. He asserts that the Cowboys will not only trade for McFadden in this draft but that we will also trade next years first...


Compensitory Draft Picks

Does anyone have a good idea how these work? It is my understanding that they are awarded based on; the players you lose to free agency and where they were drafted minus the players you aquire in...


The anti youtube evaluation

I had posted a response in a ridiculous diary about trading MBIII (that was mercifully deleted) that basically stated; youtube highlight videos do not a hall of famer make. Anybody can dub a...


Pro Bowl Has Me Thinkin

After reading John Boy's diary the thought occurred to me. What was different about the pro bowl versus the Cowboy's regular season offensively?


Jim Zorn Hired as Foreskins coach

There is a breaking news headline on cnnsi that Jom Zorn has been hired as the Washington coach. There is no article to link to yet. Here is the wikipedia page on his Zornness.h...


Maybe not..

It seems there may be a little feelings happening at Valley Ranch.


PTI Says we got da Dom

Le'Batard just said Dallas has hired Dom Capers. Interesting. Does he have inside info or is he just a moron and biting JJT's column?

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