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Marshall Faulk special edition cover of Madden 12 costs 30 dollars more.


Would you pay it? Anyone know the value of a Marshall Faulk autographed card?

Mardy Gilyard denies trade rumours


Even angrily asks why a tweeter is trying to stir stuff. The Gilyard drama will continue... Who else is excited to see the roster battle at WR???

Austin Pettis in a Rams jersey


doing a jig with a fellow ex-Boisie WR. If anyone can find more pics or interviews from this Topps event it'd be great, I remember last year some great stuff came out of that event (first sighting of Sam in Ram gear, likewise with Mardy, all the interviews, my profile pic, Jimmy Clausen 'rapping' etc.)

Bradford drawing high praise from analysts


Such as Doug Farrar. Really bringing some attention to STL and a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. From NFP: Sam is housing the rooks aswell as coaching them up. Despite this lockout I'm really excited for next season, I think we're gonna be competitive and really don't doubt Sam's ability to make this offense work. PS. I hate/d the Kendricks pick, but I really like him as a player and a person, I think he can have an immediate impact. Also feel that Onobun will get a roster spot because of his hard work this offseason. Salas looks like a real dangerous player and a nice guy too, just shame he looks like a replacement of Amendola and was picked over some talent in the 4th... All in all, I may not LIKE McD's offense, or even the picks for it, but I feel with Sam leading the team it will work and I won't need to LIKE it, I'll LOVE it because we're winning games against teams no one would expect us to win vs.

Would you give a 1st round pick for Kevin Kolb?


I'm interested in hearing from some QB desperate teams (and I'm including teams that drafted one this year because the class was not impressive AT ALL) in seeing how you value Kevin Kolb. From any game tape I've watched of him I have seldom thought he was anything but a backup, which is what he was. As I read more I see teams like Arizona possibly giving Patrick Peterson up for him (I know this is probably lies) but the fact there is a media market for such a poor QB confuses me. This PFF article I linked gives me some stats to back up my opinion. Do you people have any game tape or reasons as to why he holds any value above a 4th round pick in trade negotiations? If you needed a QB, would you do it?

Dahl good in run support?


PFF says not, he ranked near the bottom in missed tackles per attempt. While he made some great plays on the year, he was a liability in coverage and in run support, which compared to Atogwe's favourable Missed/Attempted tackle ratio really makes you wonder why we didn't give OJ the money he was due. Even more worrying is that Dahl is seemingly his heir apparent at FS and the difference in their play is staggering. I'd rather stick Darian Stewart at the starting FS spot with Butler at SS while grooming Hines to play SS. Dahl needs serious upgrading.

Bradley Fletcher demonstrated Shut Down CB ability?


As always pro football focus with a great piece. Nice to see a Ram in there, especially a player who was essentially a rookie last season.


My final word on the 'saga'

This is an open letter (with a cursory stare to senior writers such as VanRam, 3k, VT, CoachConnors, T.Ram and Buckeyefan lol) that will hopefully better present what has been happening over here...

Rams helmets shunned in ESPN Top 10 List


Quite unbelievable really. I don't think it's homeristic at all to say that the Rams have a top 5 helmet alongside the Cowboys, Colts, Eagles and Steelers IMO. How would you rank your top 10? and why did the Rams get such a massive snub?

Rams should be fun to play with in M12


They were monstrous last year! Sam Bradford's agility and general mobility better see a facelift - glad they've given him his real release in M12 instead of using Tony Homo's (which was nothing like Sam's) and they need to make sure he has the coach band on his left hand and wears nike cleats and that in the cold outside games he wears BLUE sleeves, NOT white.

Mardy ain't the best rapper... Jimmy is. I implore you to watch it. Anyone know if Sam did a...


Mardy ain't the best rapper... Jimmy is. I implore you to watch it. Anyone know if Sam did a freestyle at all?

Josh Freeman and Raheem Morris mic'd up vs Rams last season. A team with as bright a future as us...


Josh Freeman and Raheem Morris mic'd up vs Rams last season. A team with as bright a future as us and a tougher division. Big fan of that team and a lot of respect for them, although that loss really really stung. Key point to be made: Kehl is outrun on the bootleg by the ultra athletic 6,6 Freeman that sunk us with 10 secs left. What we need desperately is more athleticism at OLB. Hopefully Jabara is that!

Anything to be seen on Mardy Gilyard's twitter with regards to his Rams future?


It says Official twitter of WR Mardy Gilyard... not Rams WR Mardy Gilyard, nor does it mention or have an image of him as a Ram... Did it before or am I trippin?


Robert Quinn teaser

  Here's a collection of videos on Robert Quinn to get you excited about the prospect of him lining up opposite Chris Long.   Would just like to say his character and humble, relaxed and confident...


May I just say...

[Note by VanRam, 05/05/11 9:23 PM EDT ] I couldn't have said it better myself. We're the best fan community on the web, Rams and the entire NFL. Hats off to's why I keep coming back.T...


Draft Grades: Rams

*NOTE. This was initially a post on stlcardsfan's post. I really recommend looking at it. I only posted this as a FanPost because it was so long and the chances of people reading a comment that...

Bradford should love this draft


according to Vic Carucci, who I've always seen as a terrible writer/analyst However, I hope he's right here.

Great article on nitty gritty of the draft.


May make you less angry about Day 2's picks.

Robert Quinn is a funny guy, or his Twitter has been hacked


I don't know what has happened here? Can someone help me out? He's turned into LorainB7????????

Fitzgerald puts Sam Bradford in high company


Yes, the Cardinals are drafting scared. Great to see Sam put in this sort of company, although it's kind of daunting too.

aye bro congrats I know your gonna wreck keep in touch bro


aye bro congrats I know your gonna wreck keep in touch bro

Aaron Williams to Robert Quinn - Twitter Does this mean they'll be on the same D next season? I'd be all for it!

So much love from STL right now! I CAN'T WAIT to get there and start workin' toward that Super Bowl...


So much love from STL right now! I CAN'T WAIT to get there and start workin' toward that Super Bowl on Monday! Back to work!

Rookie Robert Quinn - Tweet.

Draft Day Mock

Better late than never, hey? Sorry 3k, didn't realise you'd post a mock today too, although I shoulda thunk it! I'm gonna dive right in after the jump. Few points prior to this metaphorical leap: 1...

Racism on MNF - Matt Millen


Racism or ignorance, it has no place in the NFL. The dude ruined the Lions and he fails at commentary... Please, eject this fool from the public domain.



  Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says the Rams' schedule, complete with two Monday night games. shows the team is heading in the right direction. Also, general manager Billy Devaney...

Makes me miss OJ Atogwe. Anyone know who #34 is?


Makes me miss OJ Atogwe. Anyone know who #34 is?

OJ Atogwe...


new twitter name... showing some of the leadership that a lot of people forget he had. I find it interesting how he's still acting as a mentor to the younger guys still with us. if you can just send out the thanks to a great player for us.

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