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Thanks, Chuckdawg!

I appreciate you responding respectfully and extending your hand (virtually). We're good. I appreciate the commentary everyone brings to DS, including you (we have very similar thoughts on areas...


Why was the post game thread closed, exactly?

Chuckdawg shutdown the thread for what reason? He stated "this is not how we do things"...what exactly was he referring to? Is this what Dawg Sports has become...Chuck's little playground, where...

Finebaum's Ears A Dead Give-away?!?


Sorry, I'm sick of "Mr SEC" being a cover for an obvious 'Bamer! /Adolescent yes, but sheesh!

Contrarian View


I'm hoping we'll be as good (read: wrong) about the state of our defense this coming season as we were last season. This article definitely feeds my delusion!


Champions don't thump their chests!

They pop their opponents in the mouth and knock them out. THIS is not how our boys need to be acting! Perhaps I'm from an older mold of sportsmanship, but the braggart is usually the one who...


All Chapters Must Close

After much consideration, and a heavy heart, I have decided my time at Dawg Sports, which I far and away have considered good, has run its course.  I will miss the insights and comical relief of...

One DAMN GOOD DAWG! Great week for RSIV. You have to love a kid who will do anything, play any...


One DAMN GOOD DAWG! Great week for RSIV. You have to love a kid who will do anything, play any position, for his team. He's the embodiment, to me, of this 2011 Dawg team!

You have to love the passion!


You have to love the passion!


What makes an "SEC" coach...

Disclaimer:  I'm simply positing my own OPINION as was asked of me by Mr Sanchez.  (In fact, he tasks me...he tasks me, and I shall have him.  I'll chase him around the moons...er, sorry...got off...


My contribution to optimism.

  The last time Georgia beat a ranked team with a winning record was 28 Nov 2009, which of course was Georgia Tech. Since then, as has been noted by numerous sources inside and outside Dawg...


What's YOUR fan superstition?

Our illustrious Dawg leader, TKK, recently posted a bit on SEC coaches' superstitions, and it got me thinking.  A lot of us have discussed some of our pre-game superstitions during the game day...


11-1 in 2011! I said it first! (At least, I'm claiming I did!)

WARNO:  Some questionable language/opinion follows! How do I know this?  I just took the AJC test/poll/questionaire thingee.  Here's how I break it down:   Boise St:  Win.  Really?  Like we could...


Book question for those far more enlightened than me:

I am embarrassingly ignorant of Dawg literature.  If I were to get my 12 (soon to be 13) year old son a book on Georgia football, what do you suggest?  I've scoured the inventory (via internet, of...


TEBOW-ART: Redcrake inspired, Vineyarddawg approved!

In this most depressing of seasons (take your pick--winter or this last Dawg year), I'm in some much need of humor, as I'm certain many of you are too.  The level of SUCK has reached insane...


Kyle, never before has visiting Dawg Sports caused me pain!

You see, I usually sit down at the computer after first arising in the morning, with my first cup of joe.  I regularly check Fox News, AJC (for home state news) and Dawg Sports, as of 3-4 months...


An Unapologetic Defense of these Dawgs (and yes, that means CMR too!)

  I got real pissed last night...not from the game.  No, I was actually proud of these Dawgs--more on that in a second.  No, I got pissed reading exchanges between the flame-throwing crowd and...


In almost all facets of my life, I try to make my grandmother proud.

She passed away in 1982, but she still guides me with her wisdom, and my own knowledge that she's still lurking out there in this universe with a fresh, green, sap-dripping switch upon which to use...



As in "Planting That Ass!"  I, the least among others, have argued that the one thing the Dawgs have lacked this year (and 2008/9) was that fire-in-the-belly, knock-the-bejesus-outta-someone...


Distraught, confused, frustrated--so I did some research.

And found nothing that comforts me.  Just some tidbits, my research was started by a thought from reading this and this, I compared Vince Dooley (1979-1987), Jim Donnan (1996-2000) and CMR (2001-4...


A lot of talk about Bobo, but this is what I want to know...

Where the heck is the consistency and the intensity?  In the 2007 Fla (excuse me, just threw up in my mouth) game, Richt made the controversial (I loved it) call to celebrate the first touchdown. ...

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