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Cinema of The Day: Top 5 Crazy Goals


What's up my dawgs? Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, had some stuff I had to take care of. However, it may be a reoccurring theme for the next week or so. Think of Inter Info as being...

Inter Info: 4/1/08


What's up my dawgs? A lot of you may be expecting an April Fools joke from me, your friends, family, or co-workers. You may even be the culprit. Personally, I always thought the holiday was a bunch...

Cinema of the Day: The Good Ol' Days


Yup, I lied. I told you I would have Inter Info for you yesterday, and I didn't. I'm sorry. And, as you can see, no Inter Info for today either. The reasons? Yankees Opening Day is coming up in a...

Sorry Boys (And Girls)


Let us talk man to man. (And woman to woman. Wait, I didn't mean that.) Today's game was fucking terrible. No heart, AT ALL. I'm not sure why the fuck Ibra was even on the field, all his did was...

Put Up Or Shut Up


Serie A, 31° GiornataWho: Inter Milan vs. LazioWhen: 15:30 ETWhere: Stadio Olimpico Just because I've missed three games, doesn't mean I don't know what's going on. Our last two games have been a...

Inter Info: 3/27/08


What's up my dawgs? The Azzurri lost yesterday, 1-0 to the Spaniards. That was definitely not a successful way to stop my "itch" for calcio. They played "ehh". Not bad, but not good. There were a...

Inter Info: 3/26/08


What's up my dawgs? I haven't seen some calcio in a while now, and I'm sort of feening for some. Thankfully, there's a nice lineup of International friendlies to keep myself occupied until this...

Inter Info: 3/25/08


What's up my dawgs? I hope the sun's shining where ever you are, I hope you woke up on the right side of the bed, I hope you took you 8 shots of black coffee, and I hope you took your daily...

Inter Info: 2/24/08 "Robby's Back, Again"


WHAT IS UP MY DAWGS???? Long time no see or speak. So please, hold your applause. I have a saying that goes a little something like this, "if I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all"....

Inter Info: 3/14/08 "Vaca, Again"


What's up my dawgs? Yes, the rumors are true. You're beloved Nerazzurri news dude/pre-match dude/post match dude/overall dude will be going away tomorrow. Relax, relax, not forever, just until next...

Inter Info: 3/13/08


What's up my dawgs? Will he go or will he stay? That's the question on the mind of Nerazzurri fans, and all fans of the worlds game. After the Liverpool game, the answer was no. Then yesterday,...

Inter Info: 3/12/08 "My Luck Is Shit"


What's up my dawgs? We lost yesterday. So what? Our coach is an egotistical asshole who plays Vieira on the wing. So what? It's another year of European disaster. So what? I know I came out a...

Goodbye Manico, Hello Mourinho


Inter(0)-Liverpool(1): Liverpool Advance If you read this page with any consistency, you probably know that this is the spot where I basically "sum up" the game. Ya' know, give you a bit of a...

Let The Nail Biting Commence


Champions League (Leg 2), Round of 16Who: Inter(0)- Liverpool(2)When: Tuesday, March 11th 15:45 ETWhere: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza Why do I have a naked mole rat as my picture for the preview of this...

100 Anni, 100 Emozioni


I was thinking about writing 100 emotions here, but I'm too lazy. I love this team, no matter what happens. All those bitches that keep crying every time Inter wins, FUCK OFF. Just learn to stare...

Confidence Booster


Inter(2)-Reggina(0) Inter got back on the winning side of things today, with a confident 2-0 over Reggina. I know, I know, it's Reggina. But the way that things have been going lately, we needed...

The Time Is Now


Serie A, 27° GiornataWho: Inter Milan vs. RegginaWhen: Saturday, March 8th 12:00 pm ETWhere: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza If you've been living in a cave, taking too many drugs, drinking at all hours of...

Inter Milan: 3/6/08 "Creative Exercise"


What's up my dawgs? Inter fans take a lot of shit on this site for having too many Argentine players, and the nickname AgrenInter has been given to us. It was funny the 1st and 37th time, but it's...

Inter Info: 3/5/08


What's up my dawgs? I ain't got much to rant and rattle about today, but I thought I'd mention something. The reigning CL champs, Milan, were knocked out of the tourney yesterday, losing to Arsenal...

Inter Info: 3/4/08


What's up my dawgs? The second leg of the Champions League started today, with only one Italian team in action, with Milan taking on Arsenal. The setting for the match couldn't be better, winner...

Inter Info: 3/3/08 "Post Mortem"


What's up my dawgs? Reality just hit me a few hours ago, we lost. For the first time, in league play, the other team scored more goals than us. It's not like I'm on the verge of poisoning my own...

Napoli= 1st Loss Of Season


Inter(0)-Napoli(1) Disclaimer: Due to some damn unknown, retarded, useless, bullshit, crap, rule that Napoil has, I couldn't watch the game. Neither could the most of you. Seems like the...

Neapolitan Nuisance


Serie A, Round 26Who: Inter Milan vs. NapoliWhen: Sunday, March 2nd 2:30 pm ETWhere: Stadio San Paolo It has been a very tough three game stretch for the Nerazzurri, after strolling through the...

Inter Info: 2/29/08


What's up my dawgs? I got some bad news for you guys. Seems like the game this weekend will not be on T.V., again. Against Sampdoria, we had the same problem, so I had to watch it on It...

Inter Info: 2/28/08


What's up my dawgs? Theoffsides is in complete chaos. And I love it. Comments flying from all over, on every blog, because of one game. Amazing. There's hate, happiness, crying, whining, bitching,...

Il Capitano


Inter(1)-Roma(1) I really can't take this shit anymore. My heart has officially thrown in the white towel. Thanks to this team, I now have Mancini, (to ask him why he made three subs so damn...

Gut Check Time Baby


Serie A, Round 25Who: Inter Milan vs. RomaWhen: Wednesday, February 27th 2:30 pm ETWhere: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza WARNING: This shit may get out of hand. Those seven words basically describe this...

Inter Info: 2/25/08


What's up my dawgs? I'm still a bit disappointed with yesterdays performance, but I'll get over it. I'm pissed because I thought they would come out with a bit more, "fire and desire". (I sound...

Mediocre Performance In Genoa


Inter(1)-Sampdoria(1) Much like you, I wanted to see a very convincing win today. I was hoping that we came out extremely energized, and pinned Samp in their own half for a majority of the game. I...

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