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Let's Get Back To Business


Serie A, Round 24Who: Inter Milan vs. SampdoriaWhen: Sunday, February 24th 9:00 am ETWhere: Comunale Luigi Ferraris After "it" I understand that a lot of you, including myself are emotionally...

Inter Info: 2/22/08


What's up my dawgs? As this damn white shit continues to fall from the sky, I think I'm finally over it. Yup, that's what I will be referring to that game as, "it". But I digress, back to the...

Inter Info: 2/21/08


What's up my dawgs? Hope life's been treating you well up to this point, because this weekend, it seems as if we're screwed. I'll just get right to the point, the game this weekend can be found no...

Inter Info: 2/20/08


What's up my dawgs? For the first time this year, I'm still trying to learn how to deal with a shitty loss. Until yesterday, our first loss was sometime in September (I think) against Fenerbahce in...

Inter Can't Hold On Long Enough


Inter(0)-Liverpool(2) Controversy continues to follow Inter everywhere they travel, however this time they were the victim. It started in the 12th minute, when the Matrix tugged on the jersey of T...

Forza Inter, Forza Italia


Champions League, Round of 16Who: Inter Milan vs. LiverpoolWhen: Tuesday, February 19th 2:30 pm ETWhere: Anfield I've had dreams about this game. Crazy, I know. (Not much different than the rest...

Inter Info: 2/17/08


What's up my dawgs? I'm still in celebration mode after moving 11 points clear on top. However, all Inter fans are going to have to put that in the back seat, because if you forgot, we're playing...

Eleven Is The Loneliest Number


Inter(2)-Livorno(0) Seems as if Livorno's Hyde came out today instead of their Jaclyn. And damn, what a relief that was. I was extremely fearful of Livorno coming out, fire and all, and turning...

Livorno Return To The San Siro


Serie A, Round 23Who: Inter Milan vs. LivornoWhen: Saturday, February 16th 10:00 am ETWhere: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza Livorno return to the San Siro 3 days after playing Milan to a 1-1 draw. Inter...

Inter Info: 2/14/08-Valentine's Day Edition


What's up my dawgs? To start things off, I just want to say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. So, to continue my "Valentine's Day" trend in my opening piece, here are some facts about the Day of...

Inter Info: 2/13/08


What's up my dawgs? Nothing really much going on today, except that it's been raining for 10 hours straight, and it sucks. I'm not sure how people live in Seattle all year round. It's a very nice...

Inter Info: 2/12/08

What's up my dawgs? I'm still trying to warm up from yesterdays arctic blast of cold, (and yes, if you were wondering, my grandma is doing fine.) but it's currently snowing so that's not helping...

Inter Info: 2/11/08


What's up my dawgs? It was a crazy day in footy yesterday, and also at theoffsides. (It's still continuing today, just check out the comments for my post match review.) So I'm sort of still calming...

Inter 2- 0 Catania, Surge In Sicily


Inter(2)-Catania(0) It was offsides. There you go, happy? There's no running from it, and I'm not going to try. All that I care about is that Inter racked up another win and stay eight points...

Let's End With Eleven


Serie A, Round 22Who: Inter Milan vs. CataniaWhen: Sunday, February 10th 2:30 pm ETWhere: Stadio Angelo Massimino Over the past three games it seems as if we haven't wanted to finish the game with...

Inter Info: 2/8/08


What's up my dawgs? Just starting to get back into the "normal" routine of life after my vacation, and it sucks. It's sort of like a terrible detox. (That comparison is for those in my audience who...

Special Edition Inter Info: 2/7/08 "Robby's Back"


Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm back. I had a nice vacation, but I'm ready to get back to work. A lot of shit happened when I was away, so let me recap. We had another disappointing ten-man tie...

Inter Info: 1/25/08

Last post before my vacation. It's okay, don't cry. I'll be back. After looking, I realized there's not too much stuff. Except a death threat to Moratti and the usual bullshit transfer...

A Little Vacation

Just thought I'd let you know now. I'll be leaving tomorrow night, and coming back on the 6th of February. Wait, what's that you ask? Will I have the daily Inter Info for tomorrow? Why, of course!...

Juventus Surge Back Against 10 Man Inter In Coppa


Inter(2)-Juventus(2) When a last ditch effort by Burdisso on Del Piero in the 9th minute earned him a red card, I sunk in my chair. (As I was following it on via their "match centre. And...

Bring On The Old Lady


Coppa Italia, Quarter FinalsWho: Inter Milan vs. JuventusWhen: Wednesday, January 23 3 pm ETWhere: San Siro Inter Milan stroll into this Coppa Italia battle having won a remarkable 13 games in a...

Inter Info: 1/22/08


Here ya' go: ----> A day after Roma coach Luciano Spalletti questioned the validity of Inter's win, both Milan and Juventus managers, Carlo Ancelotti and Claudio Ranieri, insisted that Inter's win...

Inter Info: 1/21/08


After yesterday's amazing/terrible/exciting/"I can't bear to watch this anymore" game, the daily news for today seems like a waste of time. However, that's what I'm here for, so I'll bring it to...

That Was Close, Too Close


Inter(3)-Parma(2) In the 68th minute, as a Gasbarroni free kick sailed into the right corner past Cesar, a slight amount of feces dropped into my pants. My first game as the Inter blog "manager"...

Welcome Back Parma, Long Time No See


Serie A, Round 19Who: Inter Milan vs. ParmaWhen: Sunday, January 20th 2:30 pm ETWhere: San Siro After their week 18 win verses Siena, and their midweek win verses Reggina in the Coppa Italia, the...

Have No Fear, Robert Is Here

"Hi fellow Offsiders, just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Alessandro, and hopefully I can be a good source for you to all things blue and black… I don’t have much time tonight, but I wanted to get...

The Derby d'Italia

Hi fellow Offsiders, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Alessandro, and hopefully I can be a good source for you to all things blue and black... I don't have much time tonight, but I wanted to...

Super Coppa, Materazzi and other odds and sods


Patrick Vieira has gone on record as saying he cannot stand sharing a table with Marco Materazzi, a result perhaps of the who Matrix-Zidane spat in some match or the other last year. That's OK,...

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