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Swofford as best commissioner?


I can't say I agree with that, but he is getting some love from Yahoo's Pat Forde. I like the positive publicity for the ACC, but I hope the administration doesn't see this as a reason to sit back and soak in the praise. The ACC still needs to find ways to improve and promote itself. A few suggestions (thrown out by many over the past few years) include: starting an ACC Network (seems like a logical step, and there have been rumors that one is in the works; it's not without obstacles, obviously); improving football (a must, particularly for UNC and UM); geographic divisional realignment (isn't likely, but could help with regional rivalries and ticket sales, so should be considered despite objections from some members); get Texas as a partial member (like Notre Dame). What are some other steps the ACC could take to continue to improve? PS Any word on how that ACC restaurant is doing?

Best ACC season ever?


Found this link on the ESPN blog, and found it interesting. So far, not a bad year for the ACC in terms of post-season awards. It didn't always win on the field, but a strong bowl showing and a national title would help a lot in helping the ACC promote its product.

Promoting the ACC


ESPN's HD has a positive, somewhat fluff piece on the ACC: an ACC solidarity, conference love, getting the job done, need to keep doing it type piece. I think it helps demonstrate that if the ACC teams win their share on the field, ESPN will promote it. A couple choice bits: the ACC is 16-5 OOC, with losses to #1 Bama, #2 Oreg, #13 SC, #17 NW, and PSU; the ACC is the only conf thus far with multiple wins against ranked OOC opponents.

More on ACCN potential


Swofford is again talking about the possibility of an ACCN. One nice tidbit (that would need to be investigated further): "The conference can also be heartened by the success of the ACC Digital Network, which has more than 6,500 subscribers and has generated 5.7 million views on YouTube since its formation a year ago, more than any other conference. 'I think that's a good barometer, and it sort of proves that there's a good market out there for the ACC Network,' Dosh said."

ACC shouldn't wait too long


Swofford has mentioned playing games in Europe, but the Big Ten might be thinking that way as well: Penn St. will open 2014 in Ireland vs. UCF. Rather than waiting to devise a great long-term plan, perhaps the ACC should just start with a couple games and perfect the long-term plan later. Could be good to get in the market early.

ACC to make some changes?


A link to this article was posted by SailorNole (give credit where it's due!) in the OT Thread, but I thought it deserved some attention. It suggests that the ACC might consider changes to bowl money distribution and division alignments.

The ACC's "Smart" Scheduling


Pardon the pun in the title, but it looks like the ACC could have a painful start to the 2013 season. ESPN shows FIVE match-ups against likely Top 10 teams in the first two weeks (rankings are final 2012): 8/31 VT vs. #1 Bama #5 UGA @ #11 CU UNC @ #8 SC 9/7 #9 uf @ UM #2 Oreg @ UVA

Future of the ACC?


The headline linked article questions whether FSU/CU will become an annual Top 10 match-up. The article below briefly discusses FSU and realignment (is it over?): Since both pertain to the future of the ACC, I figured I'd put them together. We need a new place to discuss the ACC now that Lou's Notre Dame FanPost is off the front page...

Noles Sand Volleyball in Championship Tourney


It looks like FSU's first Sand Volleyball season has been successful, and the Noles will play in the first Sand Volleyball National Championship next week: a four team tournament. Looks like we are undefeated (13-0), and have the #1 ranked team (? article mentions this, but I haven't found any rankings yet), and our five positions are a combined 62-3 on the courts (#s 3 and 5 are both 13-0). Seems Pepperdine is the primary competition (11-0, 47-8). Hopefully FSU brings home the first NCAA championship in Sand Volleyball!

Athlon's Top 25 Coaches (hmm)


Athlon's had that debated ranking of ACC coaches a while back, and now they've ranked all the coaches in the nation. Any observations, complaints, or jokes?

FSU's Foreign Flavor


ESPN has a story up that talks about FSU's own version of the United Nations. It mainly focuses on Daniel Glauser and Menelik Watson, but right now one of the main photos on ESPN's CFB homepage is of Bjoern Werner. Nothing big and new, but it's always nice to see good things about FSU on the national sites.

And there was joy in TN?


According to the AP, Mark Richt has agreed to a five-year extension (through the 2016 season). I know there is a prevalent thought here at TN that this is a good thing for Florida State. So, cheers?

FSU = King of the "Unlucky"


Rivals compiled a list of the "Unlucky Thirteen" recruiting classes, and FSU dominates the list: 2. Florida State, 2004 3. Florida State, 2006 5. Florida State, 2005 In 2006 alone, 5/6 Rivals Top 100 players who signed with FSU ended their careers at other places.In 2005, 2/3 5-star signees washed out. In 2004, five 4-stars left early. It is sad to read through the player lists and see so many names that make you think, "Oh, yeah - THAT guy" or, worse, "Who?"

BCS, Plus One or Playoff in the future?


The Sporting News is reporting that a BCS official says that a "playoff" (in one form or another) "gets done." Apparently, "at least 60 different options" will be explored in a series of meetings this year.

Not so smart scheduling?


The Pac 12 already plays a 9-game conference schedule, and the Big 10 is moving in that direction (starts in 2017) - now each team will play a 10th BCS team every year (not to mention that some of those teams play Notre Dame annually). So... is this "not so smart" scheduling, or do Jim Delany and Larry Scott know something most of us don't?

Dave Hart to UT


Looks like Dave Hart is heading to the University of Tennessee "as its new vice chancellor and athletic director."

Sooners to Leave Big XII?


Apparently "multiple conferences" have shown interest in OU, and they'll be discussing their options in the near future. Any thoughts on what they'll do?

Ponder "Gets it"


Noticed this on SI (Banks). Here's an excerpt: "With McNabb in house, who knows how long it'll take for the Vikings to fully launch their Christian Ponder era, but the rookie quarterback from Florida State has made a favorable early impression on almost everyone around here. He certainly looks, acts and sounds like a franchise quarterback, and Frazier told me he believes having those traits is an important component of the leadership half of the job. Now if the kid can play, the Vikings will really have something special on their hands. It's too early to know that at the NFL level, but people who have watched him in Minnesota so far say Ponder 'gets it,' and will do the work necessary to give himself the best possible chance to succeed."

Second year title for Fisher?


SI's Mandel fields a question about second-year coaches winning national championships... and Jimbo Fisher is this year's only legit contender among second-year coaches, he says.


The Firewater Saloon III

*PLEASE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FANPOST With the clamor of shattering beer bottles and the drunken shouts of soon-to-be-peeved patrons, the third thread of the Firewater Saloon is now open. So, while...

Moral upbraiding from the head gata


uf Prez J. Bernard Machen thinks that "grayshirting" is morally "reprehensible." Any thoughts/comments about uf as an institution worthy of leading a moral revolution in college sports? (Given the audience, is that a loaded question or what?)


Proposal for NCAA infractions/punishments

I've said it before - I think the concept of vacating wins is stupid. The NCAA's system of punishment leaves much to be desired, and I have a proposal that will allow more fitting punishments to be...

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