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I consider myself a Cubs fan before an Iowan. I'm the father of four future Chicago Cubs infielders, who hope to see a Wrigley World Series in their lifetimes.

I go to lots and lots of Iowa Cubs games in Des Moines.

My favorite Cub of all time was Gary Gaetti, followed by Ron Cey and Lee Arthur Smith.

My favorite Iowa Cubs players were Rod Beck followed by Brooks Kieshnieck, Pookie Bernstein and Augie Ojeida.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAF Iowa Hawkeyes
  • NCAAB Drake Bulldogs
  • Golf Zach Johnson
  • Soccer KC Wizards
User Blog

Cubs shoes!


My friend who designs shoes just made this sweet pair of shoes for my wife as a birthday present. She's gonna flip when she sees them. Sweet, huh?

Matt Garza's Trade Value


Fangraphs' Dave Cameron does a nice job breaking down Matt Garza's trade value.

Why Is Randy Wells Battling for a Rotation Spot?


I thought this was a good post from Fangraphs about Randy Wells and his value. It makes you wonder why there's even competition to replace him in the rotation.

An Interesting Way of Evaluating Hall of Fame Nominees


Found this series by the other day and found it interesting. Keep in mind that this is from a Fantasy Baseball blog, but the evaluations that are done here are very unique. Here are the author's criteria: 1) Career Excellence - Career WAR 2) Peak Excellence - Did he dominate a few peak years? 3) Hall of Fame Position Representativeness - Has a player been top ten at his position over the past 60 years. Thoughts?

Derrek Lee's Down Year


An article giving the comparative statistical take on Derrek Lee's season versus the DLee of old... This season vs. 2009 (in parentheses) BB%: 11.2% (12.4%) K%: 23.8% (20.5%) GB%: 39.0% (35.1%) FB%: 38.3% (45.7%) IIFB%: 1.7% (4.6%) LD%: 22.7% (19.2%) HR/FB%: 10.0% (17.9%) Interesting that the author suggests that his down year could be due to bad luck, seeing that his BABIP is down almost 40 points from his career average.

Let's Play, "How High of A Draft Pick Can We Get?!?" (**UPDATED** )


This is a 10 day old list of some of the top prospects heading into the 2011 MLB June Draft. If the Cubs continue to lose games, we'll likely rise as high as a #5 pick. Right now we're sitting at #7. Yay us! ... Interesting to look at some of the names in the top 10. Let's go now to the Commissioner of Baseball, the "Honorable" Bud Selig: "With the #5 pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, the Chicago Cubs select Nadir Bupkus from East Tennessee Baptist Valley A&M." ESPN TALKING HEAD: "Bupkus was the #326 overall prospect on the board, but Cubs Scouting Director TIm Wilken sees 'BIG THINGS' from the 5'8" lefty middle reliever." >>>>> UPDATE: Some of you have taken this post out of context. Apologies for sounding like I was dissing Wilken here. If anything, I meant to applaud him and his scouting team for the ability to see talent for what it is and reaching for it if necessary.

The NL’s Second Best Outfielder


I'm posting this article about Andres Torres because I went to dozens of games in 2008 where I saw him up close and personal at AAA Iowa. This seems to have become a trend in the last three years, in which the Cubs have either just missed on a prospect, or given up on him entirely only to have him see success with other teams. I'm looking at YOU Casey McGehee and Angel Pagan! That's the real bitter pill we've had to swallow as a result of aging players attached to long term contracts.

Fangraphs: What The Cubs Must Do


I like how this author has the balls to suggest that the Cubs trade Carlos Marmol. It's an awesome idea, only if the Cubs are able to get a huge prospect in return. "Like Carlos Zambrano, I have reached my boiling point with the Cubs organization. There have been worse seasons than this one, but rarely has one seemed this disappointing."

Interesting take on Castro call-up


The author here feels that the Castro call-up isn't much of an improvement over Theriot and Baker/Fontenot unless he exceeds expectations. This is purely a sabermetric view: However this is portrayed by people, the Cubs did not call up Castro on a whim. Whether the thinking behind the move is misguided will be a consistent point of discussion during Castro’s tenure on the north side, and it will begin with the wins and losses this team sees as a result of their middle infield play this season. If Castro doesn’t have a .330 wOBA and +5 UZR/150 defense, then I really can’t justify what Jim Hendry is trying to do here. As I said, the benchmark has been set.

Dempster, Wells listed in the top 20 "Risky" pitchers for 2010


This is very unsettling news to hear, of course, but according to their ratings, they list Ryan Dempster and Randy Wells as two of the top 20 pitchers who could likely sustain injury this season. Something to think about.

Perhaps the Cubs Could Focus on Defense this Offseason?


Just thought I'd pass this on. Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs has an excellent blurb on the success of the Seattle Mariners this season in upgrading their defensive UZR rating, and in turn, improving their overall team success. They did this without spending much in the offseason. Perhaps there are internal defensive options to consider before setting our rosters next season, or as we consider swapping contracts with someone for Bradley. I wonder if there are a few upcoming free agents that we could offer 1 year or minor league contracts to. Anyway... random defensive-minded thoughts.

Hak-Ju Lee Leads Impressive Wave of Talent


This isn't exactly a killer article, but it does give some props to the Cubs for their focus on Korean baseball talent. Some hope for the future?

Please Help an Iowa Cubs Fan out!!


The Iowa Cubs are doing a contest until June 9th for fans to vote for the next Iowa Cubs t-shirt giveaway. Last month it was Jake Fox who won, and they gave away Fox shirts at a game last week. This month, the participants are J.R. Mathes, Bobby Scales, Lee Smith and So Taguchi. As I write this, Mathes has a big lead over Scales. As an Iowa Cubs season ticketholder, I appreciate the great season that Mathes is having right now, and I like him to make some sort of small contribution to the big club sometime this season, but I think that Bobby Scales deserves his own shirt day for the contributions he's made to the Cubs this season. So please help me out here and vote for SCALES!

Cubs Fantasy Baseball Preview


For any fantasy baseball dorks out there like me, here's an entertaining preview from of the Cubs for fantasy baseball purposes.

Cubs Clearinghouse: Ronny Cedeno


Here's the second day of's Cubs Clearinghouse series, with today continuing with a discussion of Ronny Cedeno and the Cubs predicament there... My favorite part was this: ***** "Here is a comparison, offensively, of some of the players being considered for starting gigs by the teams listed above - all of whom are at least two years older than Cedeno. .269/.328/.352 | $0.8 M | Ronny Cedeno (Chicago NL) .267/.332/.356 | $1.1 M | Marco Scutaro (Toronto) .265/.289/.429 | $1.3 M | Wilson Betemit (Chicago AL) .284/.344/.382 | $4.0 M | Nick Punto (Minnesota) .237/.296/.349 | $5.3 M | Bobby Crosby (Oakland) .265/.343/.349 | $0.9 M | David Eckstein (San Diego)" ***** There's gotta be a team that wants that, right? Anway, it's a good article.

Cubs Clearinghouse: Rich Hill


This is a pretty fair article from Fangraphs' Marc Hulet describing the predicament the Cubs are in with out of options guys Rich Hill and Ronny Cedeno. Today they tackle Hill and tomorrow they're discussing Cedeno. This article on Rich Hill today is just a reminder of how sweet our team would be if the 2007 Hill showed up to Spring Training. QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE: "Unfortunately for the Cubs, both players are also out of minor league options, which means the club has three options: 1) Keep them on the 25-man roster; 2) Trade them for other talent; 3) Expose them to waivers in an attempt to send them down to the minors. If the club chooses the third option, each player would definitely end up in other organizations with zero compensation, which really leaves the club with two options: Play or trade."

What the Cubs sale will say about baseball


A nice article from that discusses the possible financial ramifications of a Cubs sale. I'm worried that a hefty pricetag will lead to a restriction on spending in the coming years, or worse, inflated ticket prices. Anyone else want to weigh in?


OT: I like puppies. UPDATE: I also like kittens.

Okay, so there are some nervous nellies out there, and if we want to be honest with ourselves, we have good reason to be.  It means we care about our Cubs family and we take this baseball stuff and...

Time to Bring up the HOFF. (It's an off day, so yes, I'm a little bored.)


Time to Bring up the HOFF.   (It's an off day, so yes, I'm a little bored.)

Cubs Minor League player Pineda suspended


I don't know anything about this player, but it's nice to see the commissioner doing something about PED's for a change. From MLB.Com: Cubs Minor League player Pineda suspended The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball announced today that Chicago Cubs Minor League pitcher Francoris Pineda has received a 50-game suspension for testing positive for metabolites of Stanozolol, a performance-enhancing substance, in violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. The suspension of Pineda is effective immediately. He is currently with the organization's Dominican Summer League team.

This was the flooding around Principal Park where the Iowa Cubs play, last Friday, June 13th. If anyone is interested, the McCormick Foundation has a matching fund drive going on right now for vicims of this year's floods. Go to http://www.mcco


This was the flooding around Principal Park where the Iowa Cubs play, last Friday, June 13th.   If anyone is interested, the McCormick Foundation has a matching fund drive going on right now for vicims of this year's floods. Go to to donate a few bucks. Thousands of people have lost everything and your help would be appreciated and rewarded with good karma and a high-five. I'm sure this has been covered on this site, but the Iowa Cubs actually played a game on Saturday without any fans in attendance because of the inaccessability. The game wasn't even covered on the radio. Anyway, I'm looking forward to going to a home game again tonight and tomorrow against coincidentally and perhaps appropriately, New Orleans.


Cubs Reportedly Sign Ben Broussard to Minor League Deal

The Cubs have signed 1B/OF Ben Broussard to a minor league deal.  This was reported by Tim Dierkes of who spread the news as scooped by ESPN 1000 radio.  Ben Broussard is a...


The Hop and My Lame Basketball Analogy

There seemed to be enough discussion about Soriano's "hopping" problem, that I thought I'd bring the discussion over here and share with you my lame story about my buddy and his basketball. A...


Gallagher & Cotts solid... Iowa Cubs wrap (4/5)...

I could hardly concentrate at work on Thursday.  I worked early in the day feverishly anyway, getting what I needed to get done out of the way so I could race over to catch the Iowa Cubs home...


Cubs Baby Names...

My wife and I are expecting a baby.  We don't know the gender, nor do we want to.I'm lobbying for a Cubs themed baby name.  The wife has vetoed the following names:Ryne Addison Andre Grace Sammy ...

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