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The Other John Tavares


The New York Times with an article about Tavares' uncle, the "Wayne Gretzky" of indoor lacrosse. Which means that someday we will be calling nephew John Tavares the "Uncle John Tavares" of the NHL. Or vice versa? I get all this Tavares greatness confused.

Mmm...new CitiField burger...


Called the Amazin' Burger: It's two ten-ounce patties made from a short rib and belly blend, topped with onion rings, some "red wine gastrique-compressed tomato," garlic-dill pickles, and American cheese. On brioche. Yes please.

Cody Rosen Featured in, Yes, the NY Times


I never knew of the "conspiracy" theories around the pick.

Another Take on JT's Potential Impact on Brad Boyes


Not all that optimistic. Maybe the resident statheads can comment, but I am finding the analysis contradictory.

DP Still Vowing To Carry On


A trifle of an article about DP, sounding very humbled and just getting ready for next year to compete in camp. Nice to see coverage in the Times, with the extra bonus of no snark.

More Ticket Deals for Isles Games


Citigroup is offering a deal similar to the one mentioned in this fanshot. Looks to be a few more games, too, minus the Groupon-esque slant.

Kabanov Suffers Concussion


Barely a mention at the bottom of this article (as tweeted by Hornick), but I'm sure details will come out.

Another glowing article about Tavares


From the Ottawa Citizen. Extra bonus: no backhanded compliments about the organization!

Did You Say You Were Looking For More Tavares-in-an-ESPN-Ranking Drama? [Insider Needed]


You know you do. This list ranks the success of the 2009 draft relative to their draft position. The listing: 10. Jared Cowen, D Ottawa Senators, No. 9 overall 9. John Tavares, F New York Islanders, No. 1 overall 8. Nick Leddy, D Minnesota Wild, No. 16 overall 7. Oliver Ekman-Larsson, D Phoenix Coyotes, No. 6 overall 6. Evander Kane, F Atlanta Thrashers, No. 4 overall 5. Marcus Johansson, F Washington Capitals, No. 24 overall 4. Craig Smith, F Nashville Predators, No. 98 overall 3. Dmitry Kulikov, D Florida Panthers, No. 14 overall 2. Ryan O'Reilly, F Colorado Avalanche, No. 33 overall 1. Matt Duchene, F Colorado Avalanche, No. 3 overall Have at it...

Milbury Charged with Assault on Child


I wish I could make a funny out of this, but it is just lame if true

LaFontaine Giving Back to LI Youth Club


Yeah, yeah - I know - CW among the fanbase says to hate on LaFontaine (all the contract nonsense aside, I have fond memories of the guy as a player). But interesting article on his work with a youth hockey club in LI (and it mentions Guerin involved there as well).

On the hipster website The Awl, they ironically refer to some hipster-mocking tumblr that I can't...


On the hipster website The Awl, they ironically refer to some hipster-mocking tumblr that I can't access at work. Still, this is the sample gallery photo provided by the Awl - would the accompanying image be in a Win or Loss recap?

The NY Times Ponders a Nickname for the First Line


Good to see coverage in the Paper of Record. The usual stuff about an 'underachieving' Tavares now sending the NHL aflutter with the help of unheralded linemates - yada, yada. Funny exchange at the end between Moulson and Chris King 'round the nickname topic.

More sarcastic Tavares disbelief


Good for a chuckle. On the main page is also a post confirming that Yashin is NOT coming to camp. Good for something.

A non-Islanders -- but hockey-related -- diversion


Hockey cinema happens infrequently enough - isn't that sufficient for a fan shot? Full disclosure: I have not watched this trailer so have no idea if it is actually funny or not, but the comedic pedigree is there. Interesting (or ill-timed?) subject matter, given recent tragic events or the general attitude towards "goon-ery."

Which old dynasty recaptures the magic first?


CBS Sports does the point/counterpoint thing, debating whether the Isles or Oilers get to a cup first. Neither writer really makes particularly compelling or insightful points. But the image accompanying the article is nice, so it has that going for it.

Buh-bye, Jack


Hillen signs with the Preds. For anyone looking for a Shea Weber/Jack Hillen pairing, your wish has come true-ish.

The New York Times in on the negativity


This writer depressingly paints the Isles' departure as inevitable.

Denis Potvin on Chara Hit (linked from Puck Daddy)


Potvin outspokenly supporting Chara and condemning the haters. I think he lets off Chara too lightly. Puck Daddy article here

Puck Daddy on Captain Jack


A positive article about the Isles? No mention of thuggery? I do declare! (ok, one mention in the Comments section: "He is a no talent hack who has a team full of goons" - good times)

Montoya on NHL Live today, @ 1:45pm ET


I'm sure it will be up on the site later. He gives a good interview, IMO.

Botta on Puck Daddy re: Gillies and NHL Discipline


Recounts his involvement in the league's discipline on Chris Simon, and ties it (and the associated futility of it) to Gillies' situation. Nice sentiment in the article's postscript.

You Can't Stop Konopka, You Can Only Hope To Contain Him


Konopka rails a bit about mario's comments and the NHL's supplemental discipline on the Isles. Couldn't this earn him a fine? Gotta say, love his outspoken-ness. Let's hope this isn't a debacle like the last time he spoke up before an Ottawa game... [I should note that this is from an article in the Ottawa Citizen today]

Nice article on Grabs on CBS-NY


Nothing new about him per se, but positive press for this team is always good.

Piling on, Isles are the team voted least desirable to play on


This according to cbcsports.ca, and naturally noted in IPB. On a brighter note, the Great Dane was named the 2nd most underrated player in the NHL

Moulson signed to three-year-deal, according to Strang's twitter


Huzzah! Deal is 3 years for 9.4 mil. She's tweeting a bunch on it...

Eaton done for the year


Flying out for season-ending hip surgery today, according to Strang

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