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CANCELLED: Isles-Devils Barclays Center Exhibition


Not yet officially cancelled but it seems all but inevitable. This whole lockout really chaps my ass. I didn't have tickets but was looking forward to hearing about how the Barclays center would be able to handle a hockey game and whether or not it could be a viable future home for the Isles. Welp... at least there's this- "Good tickets remain for the Harlem Globetrotters on Oct. 7."

JT and the CBA


With all of the BS and frustration that isles fans have to put up with, we can at least say that we are extremely fortunate to have John Tavares as the face of our franchise. He has all of the skill and potential of Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin and Patrick Kane but without any of the crying, selfishness and drunken shannigans that come along with those aforementioned stars. Very few players in this league represent their franchise so positively like the way JT does. The fact that he was willing to sit through 9 HOURS of CBA meetings shows his complete dedication to the league and to this franchise. So if you ever find yourself cursing the day you started rooting for this franchise, just remember that a guy like #91 only comes around every so often and that it is an absolute privilege to have him donning the orange and blue.

PA is headed to FA


When you ask Isles fans whether or not we want PA re-signed, you get a mix of responses. A lot of compelling arguments have been made from both the "re-sign him" and "let him walk" camps. I personally think that 67 points is nothing to sneeze at and that PA deserved to get paid. I hope he lands a big contract and fails to to live up to it so we don't get mocked any further by all of the jabronies in the media. Looks like the draft just got even more interesting.

Islanders Resign Nabokov to a 1-Year Extension

Link updated with team release. Bob McKenzie ‏ @TSNBobMcKenzie Evgeny Nabokov's new one-year deal with the NYI is $2.75M. The deal does NOT include a No Move or No Trade clause. Just what we needed in my opinion. The "Let Nabby Walk" Camp will be happy he only got one year. Hopefully he helps lead the Isles to the playoffs next year.

Credit Where Credit is Due- JT Named To All-Star Game


Finally some representation. Would have liked to see Matty Mo get the nod but I'll be happy to watch JT out there

Did Islanders unveil worst hockey uniform ever?


This is basically why ESPN, or any other major media outlet that half-heartedly covers hockey just plain blow. As its been said before, if any prominent team (Bruins, Caps) released a similar jersey, it wouldn't stir up nearly the amount of ire that the Isle's new third jerseys have. These jerseys are pretty crappy but it is just insane even mentioning them in the same breath as those horrendous ducks jerseys. Worst of all time? Really? At the end of the day it is just a basic color scheme with no crazy designs or cartoons (or fishermen). I guess it comes with the territory when your team dissapoints year after year, but its a shame ESPN automatically associates anything ISLANDER with a punchline.

Islander's Ice Girl takes a digger


Lets hope the Isle's season goes a little better than this girl's 12 seconds on national television

Isles vs Devils 9/26/11 preseason highlights


I missed the game and the MSG highlights skipped over some of the goals. Official Isles site finally put up the full highlights... enjoy

Mark Streit Passes Physical; Off IR


Obviously this isn't huge news but it does contribute to the feel good vibe that everyone has been experiencing regarding the isles lately. It also eliminates the possibility that the surgeon accidentally used Elmer's glue to repair Streit's labrum or that he replaced his rotator cuff with a discarded chicken bone. Now all we have to do is hope that we can make it through training camp without having our bubble bursted and subsequently urinated on.

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