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Grew up in SoCal went to college in New England..... still looking for where I belong

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Zack Greinke Reactions


Since its the weekend and we don't have Halolinks to commemorate the ezackulation we all had last night I decided to post some links-- The title will direct you to Zach's comments http://losangeles.angels.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20120728&content_id=35706376&vkey=news_ana&c_id=ana - This will take you to DiPoto and Hunter interview in the video and some player quotes in the article. (sorry, couldnt figure out how to imbed links) All the excitement makes me very giddy. I think that with people like Weaver and Torii, Greinke will love SoCal and get to "work on his tan" as Torii puts it

Verlander's Excuses


Something tells me that many fans of the AL would rather see their team have games 6 and 7 at home than worry about how hard a pitcher can throw while giving up 5 runs in the first inning

East Coast Media on the HR Derby


Reading this makes me really appreciate what the KC fans did last night. Also the comments are pretty neato!

The Onion: Troubled times for ESPN broadcasters


As a fan of the Spurs and the Angels, it is so troubling to me that these poor souls will reach such tragic ends in their endless cycling of Red Sox, Yankees, Knicks, Celtics, Lakers, Heat and Howard coverage


5th Starter Spring Training Analysis

The Angels have a really good pitching rotation. Really, really good. However, it does have a glaring hole in the 5th starter's slot. This hole should be filled by any of 5 possible pitchers: J...

Brandon Wood Redemption?


Interesting take on Wood's ST. I hope for the best for the kid but I think that Jonah Keri is drinking some Bill Simmons Kool-aid. Sorry its an ESPN and furthermore a Grantland, but its not often we get a full column on Brandon Wood

Arte Moreno on the Upcoming Season


I really like the attitude expressed by Arte in this interview. He seemed to really know his stuff. I feel that he confirms his attachment not just to the team he owns but also to the players on his team and the league/sport in general.


Race and Angels

In light of the recent OC Weekly article that sparked an interesting, at points offensive, but for the most part diagnostic dialogue about the Angels and race, I decided to do some of my own...

Is Derek Holland Kurt Vonnegut?


In a related story 99% of Rangers fans don't know who Vonnegut was.

Fielder to Dodgers?


I love this. As someone who doesn't hate the Dodgers as much as others on this blog does, I love the rivalry possibilities that this could bring. I also love that it would prevent him from going to the Rangers and it would force their hands to either overpay Darvish or admit to having a pretty terrible off season. I know its farfetched, but I think I can dream

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