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Interesting to Think About


The 49ers could be considered the first team to really put a strong emphasis on the receiving tight end. Here's to hoping this guy is back for training camp!


Thoughts on the Carson Palmer situation

As the Raiders weigh their options with what to with Carson Palmer and his 13 million dollars owed to him this year we fans in the NFC should keep a cautious eye on the situation. If the Raiders...



Ok yes the superbowl is coming up and why worry about this now right? Because I CAN! Revis is on the block and people are already mentioning niners as a potential trade partner. With the Jets...


Predicted Lineup Year end

As this young season passes I've been trying to think what our ideal lineup will be after the trade deadline, injuries return, and the prospects get called up. I admit this is probably one of the...

The last week for all us fans


Courtesy of Yahoo. cute little kid I think sums this last week up for all of us. Superbowl is gonna suck, but we'll watch it, but we still love our 9ers! and most of all, which we've all forgotten.... who's got it better than a team where every single important aspect of it minus frank gore is under 28 and our coach is amazing. Noooo Body! I'm excited for next year! I hope you all are too!

Mike Adams Available?


So it's not like our bullpen is weak, but at the same time guys like Casilla and Mota are far from reliable in big situations. Mike Adams is a great pitcher as most of us can attest to over the past couple years and I for one am hoping for the giants to make a move. He's small enough of a player where we wouldn't have to move any huge names and would be an instant improvement. We can say we are good as is and don't need to add pitching but keep in mind one of the leading suitors for him currently is the Phillies and if they can use an upgrade how could we not?

Most Overpaid players


Rowand makes the list, stating that he's paid 12 million and he's over paid by 12.5 mil. I guess he's so bad he owes the giants an additional 500,000$ on top of what we pay him? Even bigger of a shocker is Zito didn't make the list.

Phillies want Rowand back?


Uhmm if they are dumb enough to trade him for anyone of value i'm in 100% Maybe Zito's work ethic will be the same value as rowands "pete-rose"ness


Nnamdi and Peterson?

Alright so once all this drama surrounding the lockout is resolved and teams can start making moves, the question is, do the niners even attempt to go after possibly the biggest free agent out...

Upcoming Free Agents


Other than maybe Michael Vick the most obvious name the popped up to me was Lamarr Woodley for the 9ers. 10+ sacks a year and he's still under 30. If we are gonna let Manny Lawson go this would be the guy to target IMO.

Free agents, Fielder?


I know there has been some rumors about us going after Prince Fielder for a while and I personally think he would be a great pairing with Buster for the future alongside our pitching staff. I think that the way our team is now, if we can just get rid of some of the ugly contracts we have left (Zito and Rowand) we might be able to be a dynasty team, rather than a one hit wonder. After saying that is there anyway we could dump those contracts? The one I see is sending Zito to the Rangers if they are unable to resign Cliff Lee. Zito is what? 180-10 with 4+ run support? If we agree to pay off a third of his contract, maybe we could receive a couple prospects in return. Rowand would be a little trickier but between these two and Renteria coming off the books, the 40+ million extra space would certainly be enough to lock up the majority of our pitching, Posey, and maybe even Fielder.


Logan Mankins

Alright let me start by saying that I love the direction the 9ers organization chose to go in this summer by drafting two O linemen in the first round. As seen around the league a strong O-line is...

Revis Gonna leave?


Although a lot of things can still happen, what if he really does decide to leave. Do the niners' have enough to offer a trade? Do we have enough cap space? thoughts? Maybe someone can expand this in a post


Sebastian Vollmer

It's obvious to everyone here that that niners need to make a move for a solid OT. I believe that Sebastian Vollmer is the ideal player for this team.First of all last year was his rookie year. For...


Trade Idea

Everyone agrees the niners are in need of a corner correct? I saw we make a move for a Asomugha. Al davis is a... unique owner.. I'm thinking along the lines of our 17th+clements (for financial...

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