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Rebel Bracket Semifinals


The favorites were run-away favorites in the Rebel bracket, demolishing their competition.  They also make up the most athletically diverse bracket.  Fun fact about Armintie: instead of following...

The Grove Bracket Semifinals


As if he knew that an important match in the ROTD bracket was on the line, Chris Coghlan has turned in on for the Marlins as of late.  Cogz batted .377 in the month of June with 15 doubles and 30...

More lolmascots.


Now u can haz mor lol after teh jump.

RCR Presents: LOLMASKOTZ (Trial Run)


Very quickly now:      

ROTD: Round 2 Preview


After a month of heavy scientific consideration, we're ready to move into Round 2 of voting for our Rebel of the Decade.  Not surprisingly, every 1 and 2 seed survived.  I was, though, a little...

RCR Presents: "This Contest is a Bad Idea."


Since the student body stirred up mascot debate in the Spring right up through yesterday's announcement of "mascot concepts" from the student-led Mascot Selection Committee, the lion's share (

Tuesday Question - 06/29/10


Generally, we are the "authors" of "content" around here - "here" being a blog and not a message board. Recognize, we do, that you've come here not to contribute, but to consume. Nevertheless, ...

Red Cup Cooks: Didn't I See You at Olive Garden?


  One of the sobering realities of post-college life is that your friends, once concentrated within reasonable geographic boundaries, tend to disperse themselves all over the damned place, forcing...

Rebel Bracket: (2) Armintie Price v. (7) Greg Hardy


Would you believe that the first "Google predicted" result when you type in "Armintie" is, in fact, Armintie Price?  The origin of her name is equally mysterious as the origin of her pretty...

Rebel Bracket: (3) Devin Britton v. (6) Scott Bittle


I don't have to remind you how I feel about Rebel tennis.  But then, again, there's this guy... Devin Britton is the youngest NCAA Singles Champion ever.  This got him a free ticket to the U.S....

Rebel Roundup - 06/24/10 - Is this Big Ten Math?


So, either we're off our rocker and doing math like those dweebs at ... pffhfh ... Northwestern, or you've fallen asleep and it's August, right?  Wrong.  There are, in fact, more than 22 days until...

Rebel of the Decade: (4) Stephen Head v. (5) Brian Pettway


Pick your poison, baseball fans.  The three-time All American who could pitch, too.  Or the last Rebel with reasonable claim to being able to really smash.  Last year, we asked which Ole Miss...

The Rebel Bracket: (1) Houston Nutt v. (8) Rachel Kieckhaefer


No matter how you slice it, you just cannot get away with chalking up Rachel Kieckhaefer as a "Title IX" inclusion in the Rebel of the Decade discussion.  She is a two-time All-SEC selection, who...

The Swayze Bracket: (2) Dexter McCluster v. (7) Chip Clinton


Chip Clinton, who passed away last January, was remembered in his obituary as "a lifelong Rebel" and ringleader of the "Swayze Crazies."  The family requested that memorials be sent to the Ernie...

The Swayze Bracket: (3) Brittney Reese v. (6) Lance Lynn


So, apparently Brittney Reese is obscure.  So, here she is: via www.usatf.org She competes in a complicated sport called "the long jump" (apparently the very same athletic competition mastered by...

Would the SEC Benefit Monetarily If Ole Miss Disappeared?


The Orlando Sentinel thinks the SEC ought to have a Magnolia-ectomy. Is there a business upside to a world without Ole Miss?

The Swayze Bracket: (4) Drew Pomeranz v. (5) Seth Smith


As his season drew to a close, Pomeranz only further solidified his place as a great Rebel, becoming the highest-drafter baseball player in program history and racking up post-season awards...

The Swayze Bracket: (1) Deuce McAllister v. (8) Robert Khayat


Rule #1:  If you don't know everything about these people, you're banned. Rule #2:  "Tradition" is the magic word, if the desired result is "banned." Rule #3:  Voting ends Saturday at Midnight...

Rebel Roundup - 6/11/10 - Thirteenth Man?


As, Texas A & M and the SEC flirt about our conference becoming "Home of the Thirteenth Man," we bring you some more absurdity:  Richie Contartesi catching the football... Oh, yeah, that's #84...

The Vaught Bracket: (2) Justin Reed v. (7) Terrence Metcalf


When we passed around names for inclusion in this little poll, it was Whiskey Wednesday who reminded us all about Terrance Metcalfe.  Earlier in the year, when we were doing a list about top...

A Place to Talk About Expansion, or "Why Is Everyone Losing Their Mind All of a Sudden?"


It seems like only yesterday that the ACC made its then-radical power play to add Florida State's natural rival and two other teams so that they could have a championship game (which has turned out...

Matt Tracy Joins Goforth on Day Three


Four players drafted. Three of them pitchers. Seriously? Anyway, none of us fear Goforth and Tracy leaving for 30th and 31st round money.

The Vaught Bracket: (3) Mike Bianco v. (6) Jonathan Nichols


Maybe The Cup sells head coach Mike Bianco short.  The department that he leads has defined this decade for Ole Miss athletics, providing us fans with more big-time entertainment and success than,...

Attack of the Meaningless Individual Distinctions!


Drew Pomeranz has been named a finalist for the Golden Spikes Award. Who's he up against?

The Vaught Bracket: (4) Barnabus Kirui v. (5) Chris Warren


It is not very funny, but it is a little true:  shortly before Chris Warren burst onto the scene, Ole Miss students cared to follow men's basketball only a little bit more than they did track and...

The Vaught Bracket: (1) Patrick Willis v. (8) Sheperd Smith


How could these two Rebel icons be more different?  Willis is an All-Pro NFL linebacker; Smith is a white newscaster with a soothing smoker's baritone.  P-Willy is the "quietly doing his job type;"...

The Grove Bracket: (4) Chris Coghlan v. (5) Shay Hodge


Shay Hodge is statistically the best receiver in Ole Miss history.  He is the first to record a thousand yard season at Ole Miss.  He led the SEC in yards.  He was a first-team All SEC selection...

RCR Research Science Division Presents: The Biancometer


Let's be honest, the only science we trust is the kind that sends Scott Bakula to different time periods randomly.  Straight from Ziggy, then, we bring you the latest new awesome thing from the lab...

The Grove Bracket: (3) Michael Oher v. (6) Jerrell Powe


The clash of the titans.  Jerrell Powe and Michael Oher have provided outstanding athletic accomplishments and memorable cultural fodder to Ole Miss fans for the last five years.  Oher established...

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