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Instant Replay, Margins of Error, Human Element

Umpires have the most unforgiving job of anyone on a baseball field. Whether it's judging if a spinning ball thrown 90 MPH passes through a theoretical area, trying to see two events at once, or...


Offseason discussion: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

God, please bring us some O's news soon! Apparently, Fanposts need to be at least 75 words long or it won't let you post.Apparently, Fanposts need to be at least 75 words long or it won't let you...


50 Reasons I Love the 2012 Baltimore Orioles' Season

I've never been through a more intense, insane, and awesome season as this one. After Game 162, I was fully ready to settle in and let that warm the cockles of my fandom for as long as it took....


I cried tonight when I saw the CC frontpage

I've been waiting for so long; it never seemed to get any closer. Year after year, season after season, all we had to talk about was the farm system and "Oh, well when Wieters is here... when...


Scoreboard Watching 19/9/12

The enemy of my enemy is my friend...chat here about NYY vs TOR, OAK vs DET, BOS vs TB, TEX vs LAA

John Sickels' midseason top 120 prospects


Just as we expected, Bundy (#4) and Machado (#8) are near the top of the list. However, Jonathan Schoop, our #3 prospect, slid 15 spots on Sickles' list; from #77 to #92. No other O's made or were considered for the list.


The Wire Spoilers!!!

Spoilers ahead!!! Don't say I didn't warn you


The O's and Early Bullpen Usage

Last year, the O's bullpen pitched more innings than any other team, 565.2. They weren't particularly good innings either, with a collective FIP of 4.31 and an ERA of 4.18, both of which were 4th...


O's Recap: April

May we see many more similar pictures. Ah, April. The ground is still springy with winter thaw, the weather not yet in full spring mode, and the sounds of baseball finally back in the air. Our...

A summary of the new CBA


MLB has published a summary of the new CBA. Considering how much this agreement should affect our perception of the O's offseason, there was a lot I didn't know. It's good to finally have first hand info on this.


OT: CC Fantasy Baseball Keeper League

This Fanpost is just to feel out the interest level in there being a keeper league among CC regulars. The reason I say regulars is because keeper fantasy leagues require long-term commitments and...


29 Trades for 29 Teams: Boston Red Sox

Even after a disappointing end to the season and blowing up the front office, the Red Sox, hereafter known as Pink Hat Nation (PHN), know that they still have what it takes to reach the playoffs,...


Pujols or Prince?

Who would you rather have if offered both with an identical contract (say 9-yr/$22M), Fielder or Pujols? Before anyone jumps down my throat, think about it. Pujols is declining, his peripherals are...


Clubhouse Confidential

After reading a short critique of MLBN's new "analytic" show on Fangraphs, I wanted to check it out. There are only a few clips available on MLB.com and since we don't have MLBN in Israel, that's...


O's Review: 2011's Most Pleasant Surprises

If there was ever a season in need of a silver lining, it's this one. A season that started with expectations of grand mediocrity crashed and burned into another wasted season. Yet, to the...


O's Review: 2011's Biggest Disappointments

Even though I've been an O's fan all my life, it's been an on-and-off affair for many years; baseball news is hard to come by here. In my short time of intensive O's fandom, I've never started a...

A summary of the McCourt affair


Even though this has nothing to do with the O's, I think we can all sympathise with the Dodger fans. What was once a great franchise has been raped, pillaged, looted, robbed, (you get the point) by this greedy SOB.


Out with the old, in with the Reimold

Since the Vlad signing showed up on the radar, CC has been discussing the pro and cons, one of those being that we won't get to see Nolan Reimold this year in Baltimore. Well, he might just get his...


Singing the Praise of Wieters' Defense

Everyone on this site loves Matt Wieters, and why not? A hugely touted prospect who looks like he might finally be putting it together at the plate, gets rave reviews on his handling of our young...

In- Season Batter Regression Tool


An excellent spreadsheet from SBN blog Beyond The Boxscore. You can see how well the players are "supposed" to be doing according to 3 year avgs and 2011 BABIP.


Our Underrated Ace

This is my first attempt at posting. Any comments or constructive criticism will be appreciated. (I know Andrew_G did a similar piece on OD, but this is a subject I've wanted to write about for a...

Hail Weaver!


I never knew Earl Weaver was known for being the "grandfather of sabermetric managers".

Platooning Closers: Good Idea or Great Idea?


There's been quite a bit of talk around O's Nation about 9th inning duties. While Gregg, Gonzo and Koji will spend ST vying for colsing duties, I hope Buck will choose this option, which I've always been a fan of.

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