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User Blog

Friday Links: Happy Belated Batman Day


Don't hire Joe Sacco, don't win games & miss out on McDavid, don't cyberbully, don't die watching The Simpsons, but do build a fart cannon.

Thoughts & Notes on the Blues NBC Schedule


The Blues always seem to disappoint on national television. If that proves true, the Blues are already screwed as many as 11 times.

Saturday: Our Links Are Great! Your Links Suck!


Weird Al sings about sports. Other things too, but why would you care about any of those?

Friday Links: Just A Little Bit..Just A Little Bit


Gunnar has great taste in music, bizarre DGB, happy Schmosby, & Humans of St. Louis...brought to you by the letter "D."

If I Ran the World Cup of Hockey


I officially announce my intentions to run for IIHF President - here's my campaign.

Sunday Links: Messi Vs. The Machine


Schwartzie honors Mandi, we wrap around conference III, and oh by the way, there's the single biggest sporting even known to humanity.

Friday Links: LEBRON DECIDES, I Pander for Views


Sobotka is leaving, but Homestar Runner is returning, so it's pretty much a wash, right?

Wednesday Links: Seven Hells!


A day in Brazil that will live in infamy, as well Blues prospect news, naked hockey players, and it's not racist if it's about Avril Lavigne.

Tuesday Links: Blues Go Vintage Clothes Shopping


New old jerseys, fuck cancer, a true patriot rides into the sunset, John Adams is a badass, and Buster Bluth needs a fix.

Sunday Links: AfterDraft


Trades, drafts, rumors, penalty kicks, & hipster babies.

Friday Links: America Wins 0-1!!!


America, America...oh, and let's see...also AMERICA! Also draft coverage & the silliest of walks.

Sunday Links: Oh When the Yanks Go Marching In...


America. Also, other things...but mostly America.

Final Rankings for the SLGT Bracket Contest


Who won? Who...didn't? Only one way to find out!

Saturday Links: Loco Por Los Ticos


Compliance Buyouts, fake hockey, more World Cup upsets, bear bjs, & Bill Nye rapping.

Friday Links: Luis Suarez is a Terrible "Person"


Click links today, ladies & gents!

Sunday Links: Okay...So Now What?


Habs extension, burying GMs alive & a Mile High Winter Classic? Oh, and remember Netscape Navigator?

Saturday Links: Sweet Release at Last!


The Kings put us all out of our misery, the Cats keep looking for a coach, the Dutch dominate, and an end of an era up North. & a poll!

Friday Open Thread: Taking the Dive


Don't let TAOW win tonight. Also, Brazilians are awesome, Rick Nash ain't scoring, and some video homework.

Sunday Links: Antoinette Perry Night


Rangers blow it again? More trades? The Calder Cup Finals? Bill Watterson? Yeah, sure, but it's also TONY NIGHT!

Saturday Links: The Return of the Finals


Yes, with an "S." Also, the World Cup, the World Cup of Hockey, Will Ferrell, Marty's continuing delusion, and a new way to find your kind bud buddy.

Friday Links: Luigi Doesn't Give Any of the F^*#$!


Badass Luigi, just plain bad Dan Girardi, The Still Man As some Qs, & resting spirits have been disturbed by Swedish meatballs.

Sunday Links: Gimli's Ax vs Kratos' Blade of Chaos


The Blues rank high twice & build a street hockey rink, double Men at Arms, expensive MSG, harsher goalie interference, Josie & the Pussycats, John Adams, & Nirvana.

Friday Links: Raphael's Sais


I was right, Adam Proteau says something stupid, a local kid is the 3rd best speller in America, & Ninja Turtles.

Sunday Links: Just Keep Tweeting...


Yoshi is almost there, Montreal bar owners hate fun, hidden messages in logos, and a very important TV event.

Saturday Links: Back to the Hate


Unfortunately, they're still making TFUN play TAOW...but there are other things happening too. I promise!

Friday Links: Screw Afro Gator


Two different Team USAs made two very different mistakes yesterday. Plus, the Blues are in no hurry to do things that maybe perhaps they should be in a tad more hurry to do.

SLGT Postseason Bracket Contest: Round 2


Are you winning the Contest? Probably not, but there's only one way to find out!

Sunday Open Thread - Pretend It Isn't Happening


TFUN & TAOW start their series today...but who gives?

Saturday Links: Because Of Course


Sometimes hockey can go fuck itself.

Monday Links: St. Louis Forces Game 7


The most locally confusing headline since the Cardinals moved.

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