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J.A. Sherman, formerly known as "Dogburt," is a decades-old NBA junkie who is thoroughly enjoying the blogging experience.

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Discussing the strange & fascinating Huestis story


Phil Naessens and Sherman break down for you the strange and fascinating unfolding story of how Josh Huestis got drafted. Listen in!

Ziller & Sherman debate Huestis conundrum (Update)


The Josh Huestis debate is still just beginning, as Tom Ziller & Sherman discuss via ReplyAll the various facets of the Thunder's situation.

Thunder free agency: talking Morrow Telfair & more


This week, Naessens and Sherman discuss the Thunder's free agency pickups and how it will impact their quest for the title. Listen in!

Phil Naessens: talking Mitch McGary, LeBron, more


How has Mitch McGary played in the Orlando Summer League? Naessens and Sherman discuss his performance and more!

Naessens: talking Gasol rumors, Thabo's OKC ending


Phil Naessens and Sherman discuss the trending Gasol rumors and what it means for them to lose a starter in Sefolosha. Listen in!

Are Thunder in the lead for Gasol? (Update)


ESPN reports that Gasol might not be out of reach yet for the Thunder.

WTLC Live blog of the 2014 NBA draft


We're coming to you LIVE for all the coverage of the Thunder and the draft you could hope for. Stay with us as we discuss everything that transpires!

Phil Naessens: is it time for Scott Brooks to go?


This week, Naessens and Sherman talk about whether Scott Brooks is still the coach the team needs, and we look ahead to the NBA draft this Thursday. Listen in!

Phil Naessens: discussing Durant's Twitter problem


This week, Naessens & Sherman discuss Durant's latest misstep involving Twitter and the newly reigning Finals MVP. Listen in!

Phil Naessens: what's up next for the Thunder?


This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we discuss where the Thunder ended up this season and what they must do to begin the climb to the championship next season. Listen in!

What do Finals tell us about Thunder & Spurs?


The Spurs are on the verge of winning their rematch against the Heat, and Miami has yet to open up the Spurs' lone weakness. How are they missing?

Naessens & Sherman talk Durant, Spurs, and more


This week Phil Naessens and Sherman discuss whether Durant can be classified as the dreaded word, "soft." Tune in to listen to my defense of KD!

NBA Finals BINGO!!


Oh, have we got a game for you, Spurs fans!


Watch: The sweet as Steven Adams exit interview

Steven Adams addressed the Thunder media for the final time in the 2014 season. Like his rookie year, it was a delight. Check it out!

WTLC & the Rock: Once more with feeling (update4)


We wrap up the Thunder's series against the Spurs with one more live discussion between Pounding the Rock's J.R. Wilco and WTLC's J.A. Sherman.

Fraternizing with the Rock part V: the Clutch


Game 6 is nearly here, and with it, the penultimate moment for the Thunder. We prepare with our continuing dialogue with Pounding the Rock. Check it out!

Fraternizing with the Rock part IV: The Pivot


We prepare for the pivotal game 5 tonight between the Thunder & Spurs with a continued discussion on the impressions of Westbrook, Popovich, and more. Check it out!

Fraternizing with the Rock Part III: game 4 cometh


Pounding the Rock and WTLC continue their discussion about the Thunder vs Spurs series in today's 3rd installment. Check it out!

Phil Naessens: talking game 3, Ibaka, & Westbrook


This week on the Phil Naessens Show, Phil creates a 3-way discussion with Sherman and Pounding the Rock's J.R. Wilco to analyze game 3 and the impact of Ibaka and Westbrook. Listen in!

OKC gets on the board, win game 3 vs Spurs, 106-97


The Thunder needed a win in game 3 and fueled by the return of Serge Ibaka, got their first win of the series against the Spurs.

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