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The Key To A Successful Offense In 2012

Editor's Note: More great FanPost work from J2. Well done! - BG The quarterback has been, and probably will always be, the most important position to an offense - and that won't change for the B...


Now I'm Finding Truth Is A Ruin

Editor's Note: Bumped from the FanPosts. Nice work, J2. - BG Part of being a defensive coordinator in the NFL is exposing an opposing team's offensive weaknesses. What teams struggle when you stop...


The Inevitable Thread: Ochocinco and Buffalo

Per Adam Schefter and others it looks like 85 is not in Pats land anymore. Buffalo is certainly in the need of another true threat at wide receiver and there is almost no way this conversation...


I Got Your Starter In My Defensive Backfield

Going into the 2012 season i've seen a few conversations where people are wondering who is going to be starting at corner in Buffalo. Did Buffalo waste a 2nd round pick on a non-starter in...


Antoine Winfields Zombie Lives In Buffalo

It's a good thing too, because with all these corners that Buffalo plays we need guys like Winfield. Uninteresting note for every reader, I was more upset about losing Antoine Winfield more than...


Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men

2011 was dubbed the year of passing in the NFL. Spread offenses and the passing game seems to have reached a pinnacle of a trend that started 3 years ago but really peaked last year in 2011. The B...


You Make The Call

O.K. Rumblers' - we're half way through our community mock draft and in an attempt to milk as much content as we can out of this thing I thought it'd be a good idea for all of you to make the call...

Chris Brown Thinks Buffalo Trading Down "Very Realistic"

As for trading out of the 10th overall pick. I think it is very realistic. If Buffalo doesn’t like what is on the board at offensive tackle in terms of the value matching up at pick 10, and they don’t believe WR Michael Floyd is right for the 10th pick either, I could see them making an effort to move back five to 10 spots and picking up an extra choice. Of course they need to find a trade partner to do that.

2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Running Backs


Fred Jackson, in an abbreviated season, was numero uno


Some Pre-Draft Thoughts - Random Live Thread

Here's some things i've been thinking lately and just wanted to get them out there. You can also use this thread for a random live thread to talk about anything. I'll stop short of saying I would...


No Genius Required

On any given NFL year about half of playoff teams change. Parity is in full swing in the NFL which is good for the fans, the media and the individual teams as a whole. It's certainly too early...


I Would Like To Thank Peyton Manning

I'm not sure if anyone heard, but Peyton Manning is going to Denver. The trickle effect of Mannings decision is going to impact many teams and it certainly effected the Bills.....and I couldn't be...

2012 NFL Free Agency: Peyton Manning Rules Out Miami Dolphins


Well, I cannot comment over there but I can link over there! More good news!


Why Changing Defenses May Not Be Wise

The Bills pulling out of the 34 sweepstakes to run the "coveted" 43 defense has been covered, analyzed and discussed very frequently lately. Some like it because of the Williams/Dareus combo in...

Buffalo Has Another Shot At Maybin For A First!


What's better than wasting a 1st round pick on a bust? Wasting ANOTHER 1st round pick on a bust. I say go for it - what about you guys?


Statistical Intertubes Links?

I'm not sure if you know this but the Internet is a series of tubes - you see. In those tubes are Interwebs of information. What i'm looking for, on the Intertubes (a series of tubes), are some...

2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Offensive Tackles


Bell came in at 6th in the NFL. Again he was injured so that might skew the data. However, Pears came in at 17th. Considering that's for both LT and RT that's not too shabby.

2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Guards and Centers


Urbik and Wood were both #1 respectively for their individual positions. Maybe skewed because of lack of playing time (injuries) and Chan's get the ball out ASAP scheme.


Alex Carrington To Get His Mojo?

After the announcement of the Bills switch to the 43 one player immediately stuck out in my mind. Although the prospect of Dareus and Williams in the middle is awesome I have been wondering if...


The Bills Not-Need Needs

There are 3 positions that the Bills probably won't look to upgrade this off season but really should, one way or the other. They are positions that are typically referred to as o.k. or "set" by...


The Trade Fred Jackson Thread

Know what's more insane than someone saying that the Bills should trade Fred Jackson? Someone saying that the Bills should trade Fred Jackson that's what. Good thing for you, the reader, is I am...


Bills Poised To Have A Good 2012 Season

The salary cap was created in order to create parity in the NFL - which it has. What hasn't changed since the salary cap is how many coaches get fired. Every year it seems like a third of the...


Pass Wacky Bills To Continue Pass Wacky Ways

I was reading and a new article that Chris Brown wrote called "Bills 1st half figures reveal identity". I figured it'd had some good information in it (which it certainly does)...


A Couple Of Things J2 Looks For In A QB

There is really no hard and fast rule on things you look for when drafting or looking for a QB. However, there are things that I look for that would sway me one way or the other in selecting a QB...


A Few Positives During This Slide?

I had some random thoughts, being the optimist that I am, about our current slide and how going forward the Bills could be better off. As agonizing as this debacle of a season is to watch there...

Apparently Buddy and Chan are that dumb - sigh....

As the 2011 season winds down for the Bills the media is already begin to focus more attention on the 2012 NFL draft. Head coach Chan Gailey had a pretty pointed response when asked if the team would consider drafting a quarterback in the first round. "You can talk to (Bills GM) Buddy (Nix) about that kind of stuff," said Gailey. "But I don’t believe that’s anywhere in the thought process." Now it’s unclear whether Gailey meant it’s not part of the thought process because there are three games still left in the regular season or it’s not part of the thought process in terms of an early draft need. I would tend to believe it’s the former. Either way based on Gailey’s comment on Monday that he has no questions about Ryan Fitzpatrick as his quarterback, that is probably a more telling answer.

Should The Bills Bet The Farm For Andrew Luck?

O.K. - hands up - who is sick of watching the Bills? I've been watching this team forever (hyperbole - 23 years) and this is the first season in which i've just stopped watching games. The...


Happy Turkey Day People

Ahhh Turkey Day - sorry for all you folks out of the country (CBF where are you?????) - but this is one of my favorite holidays.  Save for Columbus day because Chris obviously found the United...

Hairston lining up with 1′s

OL Chris Hairston is looking ready to roll at left tackle this week. Hairston is working during the individual position portion of practice as the starting left tackle. Its the position he manned after Demetrius Bell went down with a shoulder injury in Week 4. Hairston has not played in the last two games for the Bills due to a high ankle sprain suffered in Week 6 against the Giants.
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