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Nix hired Chan Gailey last year, drafted defensive tackle Marcell Dareus this year, and has built a talented offense around lightly regarded players such as quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, running back Fred Jackson, receiver Stevie Johnson, tight end Scott Chandler and receiver David Nelson. The Bills have responded with a breakthrough season so far, and are 5-2 and tied with New England for first in the AFC East. -- Kudos to Ted Thompson, Green Bay general manager.

Break It Down: Redskins’ offensive meltdown


Great break down. Shows why John Beck is terrible and Bills fans shouldn't be overly confident our pass rush or defensive issues are solved. Simply put: The Redskins are bad and John Beck is worse than bad.

PFF: Deep Passing (Spoiler Alert: Fitz sucks at it)

Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to be an intriguing story for the Bills, but he has completed just four of the 17 deep shots he has attempted this season and has gone deep on just 8.4% of his drop-backs

For Fitz, fix is simple

"Make the throw," he said. "Part of it was throwing it off my back foot and just not stepping into it getting out there. I can make that throw off my back foot as well though. It’s just not making the throw. Unfortunately it happened twice and it’s something that I have to address, fix and not (let) happen again."

Charting The Buffalo Bills Offensive Passing Game

Six weeks of the NFL season is behind us and the Buffalo Bills are 4-2 heading into their bye week. They've won some games against some really good opponents and have been competitive in every...

‘D’ can’t live on takeaways only

"If you rely totally on (takeaways) you’re going to be in trouble before it’s over with because you don’t get them all the time," Chan Gailey told "So we have to continue to improve our overall defense. We’ve played some pretty explosive offenses though and I think as time goes on our defense will continue to get better. But there’s no rule anywhere that says we can’t set a record for turnovers. We can do that. I hope it keeps going."

Color Me Skeptical

So far this year has been kind of weird for me.  During the off season I felt like I defended the Bills saying they weren't as bad as people made them out to be.  Now they are sitting at 4-1 and I...

McGee ready for slot work

"I’m anticipating it," said McGee of the nickel corner role with respect to Sunday’s game. "I’m not too sure how they’re going to do it with me coming back, if I’ll be at corner or slot or playing both, but I definitely expect to do that because coming in that was my role."

Bills to appear on NFL Replay - again!

For the third time in five weeks the Bills will be part of the NFL Network’s ‘NFL Replay’ series tonight (Tuesday).

TorellTroup Getting ready for practice. Gotta wear the big cast on my hand lol. Nothin will stop me

Bills DT Torell Troup, who sustained a cracked bone in his hand plans to practice this afternoon after getting fitted for a cast. That according to one of his recent posts on his twitter account. TorellTroup Getting ready for practice. Gotta wear the big cast on my hand lol. Nothin will stop me Head coach Chan Gailey said Wednesday night that while Troup will play with the hand injury down the line, he didn’t expect him to play this Saturday in the preseason opener. Troup told he wants to play against Chicago. "I have no clue yet. I’m just going to see what the coaches say," Troup told "Hopefully I can play. You know I want to play."

Why Fix The Bills' Defensive Line First?

Ed. Note: Another good, front page worthy FanPost that I greatly appreciate seeing on a busy day for Matt and I. Nice work, J2. - BG The question as to why Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey have decided to...


The Aaron Williams Pick

Aaron Williams was the 34th pick in the 2011 NFL draft.  The Bills had a whole day to re-watch tape of Williams and make their decision on picking him so you know that they liked him as a player.   ...


The Moats Plan

I wonder fellow Rumblers if the plan to move Moats to the inside has been the plan all along.  I know that I was perplexed on the idea of moving him inside but he really is a "tweener" for that OLB...


J2's Own Community Guidelines

In light of Brian's A Few Thoughts  post I wanted to append a few items that I think are noteworthy - or items that I think can help make this blog run a little smoother. I hope this isn't taken...

I just think this is sweet looking


I just think this is sweet looking

Lightning Strike Likely Cause Of Fire Which Destroys Home Of Jason Peters


I'm not sure if this is funny, I mean, I'm pretty sure it is since no one got hurt. So yeah - i'm going this is funny route. Waddya think?

Statement from Ralph C. Wilson Jr.

"I am happy that the players and the owners have reached an agreement. This has been a long, arduous process for everyone. But in the end, we have a deal that is fair to both our players and the teams and, at the same time, protects the integrity of our game heading into the future. And that is extremely important as we move forward. To our fans, I say thank you for your patience and your understanding during these past four months. So with this great news today, it is time for all of us to focus on the 2011 season and look ahead to Training Camp. I’m excited about the direction our team is heading as we enter the upcoming season and I know our players and fans share in that excitement."

NFLN: Owners pass resolution - up to players.

Looks like the owners are being explained the CBA by league executives right now (6:41 PM Eastern). Players will hold a conference call at 8:00 PM Eastern and vote as well. This could be...

TMQ: Virginia Tech helmet research crucial


I've always been an advocate for safer helmets and now it looks like Virginia Tech has data to back certain helmets and to get rid of others. This is a long read - but it's very informational and I hope that the Bills and the rest of the NFL follow in Virginia Tech's footsteps. Good for Virginia Tech and good for TMQ who has long championed safer helmets. Shame on the NFL for their "hands off" approach - simply stupid.


How The Lockout Will Ultimately Help The Bills

I know that this post is going to probably burn a lot of people.  Heck - I don't like it any more than you do - but it's what I think and you guys know that I put down what I think on this site...

If you click here - you can see a larger picture of the turf. This side isn't finished but you get...


If you click here - you can see a larger picture of the turf. This side isn't finished but you get a much better idea of what it will look like when you click here - or up there - or here.


Buddy Nix - Will He Ever Get Us A Franchise QB?

I wouldn't have the slightest clue - but Buddy Nix probably knows how to find a Franchise QB better than any of us do.   During the past 2 drafts in which Buddy Nix was at the helm the Bills have...

Rookie Depth Chart Battles: Kelvin Sheppard

Thoughts: Sheppard landed on a team that lacks great defensive talent and depth. The Bills have been working to improve their overall talent for a few years and are making strides. The first thing Buffalo needs to figure out is a defensive identity as last year they rotated between a 3-4 and 4-3 alignment. It appears they are leaning towards running a 3-4 system.

Buffalo Bills NFL Draft WarRoom - Mocking The Draft

Mocking the Draft wants to introduce you to a new article series taking a closer look at each team's draft workings. The WarRoom articles will give you a glimpse at the recent draft history and the decision-making structure of each NFL team.

"Don’t cross the Moats" became very popular after Moats’ breakout game against the Vikings last...

"Don’t cross the Moats" became very popular after Moats’ breakout game against the Vikings last season in Week 13 when he knocked Brett Favre out of the game with a blistering hit from behind. Moats took that phrase a step further getting it emblazoned across his entire back with a giant tattoo. Take a look.

Kelly watching Fitz

I’ve been working out with him the last couple of weeks," Kelly said. "What stands out is just how he is so efficient and so accurate with his throws. Ryan was on almost every pass. It’s good to see that there were eight receivers there and they were all working out and want to get better. I know you have to have that continuity between the wide receivers and the quarterback, and they looked like they were on the same page to me."

Formation Analysis: Empty Backfields

Total use of empty backfields was up in 2010, from 3.8 percent of plays in 2009 to 5.0 percent of plays in 2010. The team that used the most empty backfields was quite a surprise: Buffalo. Yes, the team whose strongest position going into the season was running back used nobody in the backfield more than any other team. They weren't particularly successful either. In general, empty backfield plays are very successful, with an overall 16.6% DVOA. Buffalo, however, had just -3.7% DVOA. The Bills were also a bit of an aberration because they were the only team that used empty backfields more than eight percent of the time and didn't make the playoffs.
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