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Gopher Coaching Search: Bloggers vs Paid-Media

Through the 10 day search for a new men's basketball coach at the University of Minnesota, the opinion from the paid media that Norwood Teague wasn't giving out enough information became abundantly...

Gopher Football: Spring Questions, Fall Answers


A look at questions facing the Minnesota Gophers football team this spring that won't get answered until the fall.

Off-Topic... Super Bowl: Who ya got, and why?


It's the last weekend of football for awhile, so who are we at The Daily Gopher, along with others, cheering for?

Uneducated Hockey Mind: Friday night thoughts


Some thoughts from someone who doesn't know a lot about hockey on why the Gopher Hockey team may be struggling on Friday nights.

Gopher Football: A look at some departing Seniors


With another Gopher football season drawing to an end, it's time for the yearly discussion of players whom we know are leaving the program. Sometimes it's a bitter thing to see a player leave...

The last Nugz of 2012 - 12.31.12


The last Nugz of the year, y'all.

The Morning After: Bowl Game Thoughts


Yes the Gophers lost. Yes they lost in typical Minnesota fashion. But I enjoyed watching the Meineke Car Care Bowl, and I refuse to feel bad about it.

A Look at Minnesota heading into the Meineke Bowl


A look at the Gophers season, what it means that they made a bowl game, and some thoughts on how they'll fare against Texas Tech.

Bowl Game Thoughts: Let's Speculate, Shall We?


While Texas Tech fans believe that Gophers pass defense can't be that good because the B1G doesn't throw the ball, what kind of defenses did Tech face to gain their No. 2 passing offense ranking?

Rival Blogger Q&A: Bowl Edition


In the bowl installment of the rival blogger Q & A we learn that no tears were shed over Tubberville leaving TTU, that the Red Raiders might be even MORE pass happy in the Car Care Bowl than they...

Would You Rather...? Gopher Football Bowl Edition


The Gophers are going bowling, and while there's a bit of dread in knowing that means our offense will have to take the field again in a month, it's still Gopher football! Call off the apiarist.

Golden Nugz - 10.22.2012


So. Much. Negativity. Could we possibly find something positive to talk about?

"Come see me. I'll show you how damn tough I am."


"Come see me. I'll show you how damn tough I am." - Coach Kill

Rival Blogger Q&A with Bucky's 5th Quarter


In this installment of the Rival Blogger Q&A we learn why Stave plays and O'Brien (sort of) doesn't, that some Wisconsin fans also don't like Bert, that the Badger defense has some vulnerabilities,...

Golden Nugz - 10.15.2012


Your "We Lost to Northwestern" Hangover Nugz.

NWestern Preview: An Interview with Lake The Posts


In this installment of the rival blogger interview, we learn what it means to "Lake The Posts," that the NW folks feel pretty strongly that how they played against PSU is an outlier, and that maybe...

NWestern preview: Q&A with Sippin' On Purple


In this interview with Rodger Sherman we find out how NWestern is using two QB's, how the their coaching staff inexplicably went away from using Kain Colter in B1G play, and what (allegedly) should...

Golden Nugz - 10.11.12


Happy Ten Eleven Twelve everybody!!! How fun! I bet there's lots of people having weddings and marking the day with counting things. Speaking of counting, just two days until we get back to Gopher...

The Gopher D still makes them a bowl team


The Gopher defense was much better against Iowa than anybody wants to believe, and is the reason the Gophers will be a bowl team this season.

Golden Nugz - "David After Dentist" edition


How was a college football weekend without any Gopher football? "I didn't feel anything."

An Interview with The Bye Week


A fictional interview regarding the Gophers upcoming date with the bye week.

The Gophers were never a Top 6 B1G team


Why the (other) OTE writers should have calmed down about the Gophers.

TDG Golden Gopher Football Power Rankings - week 4


The TDG staff votes by secret ballot, the votes are tallied, and we take a look at who we think are the Top 10 players this week on the Golden Gopher football squad.

Where I engage in some hate-filled emails... for your reading pleasure


Over at Off Tackle Empire, Mike Jones and I exchanged some, um, friendly(?) barbs about this weekend's retention of Floyd of Rosedale. You may enjoy it.

Minnesota Football: How Max Shortell changes the Gopher offense (NOT a QB controversy piece)


A non-QB controversy look at the facts of how Max Shortell changes the complexion of the Gopher offense.

Minnesota Football: An interview about Western Michigan with Brandon Fitzsimmons of Hustle Belt


An interview looking ahead to the Minnesota Gophers battle with Western Michigan, with MAC and Broncos blogger Brandon Fitzsimmons.

Golden Nugz - 09.10.12


Your daily nuggets from Gold Country.

B1G Week 2 in the Non-Con: What I Want


A look at what one man wants to see from the Big Ten as they face week 2 of their non-conference schedule.

Minnesota Football: An interview with Allen Lessels of the New Hampshire Union Leader


An interview with Allen Lessels of the New Hampshire Union Leader, who covers the UNH Wildcats, about New Hampshire's upcoming meeting with the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Minnesota Football: A college football hangover, areas of adjustment & bright spots.


A look at some positives and negatives from the Minnesota Gophers win over the UNLV Rebels.

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