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23 year old student at UNC Charlotte. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Die hard fan of the Panthers and Bobcats.

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  • NFL Carolina Panthers
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Panthers at Patriots Defensive Preview


Carolina takes on a Tom Brady led Patriots team in their dress rehearsal game. What'll it take for the Panthers defense to get the upper hand on Brady and co.?

Panthers vs. Chiefs Defensive Preview


The Panthers take on a Chiefs team coming off a 41 point show. Can a trip to Carolina slow them down?

Panthers vs. Bills: Defensive Preview


A breakdown of what we can expect to see when the Panthers defense takes the field.

WR help could be on the way for the Panthers


As it stands right now, the Panthers have the weakest WR corps in the NFL. Fear not though Panthers fans, help may soon be on the way.

CSR Friday Open Thread


Your place to discuss the goings on in the NFL and the Panthers.


Bobcats Preseason Open Thread

Here's an open thread to talk about the Bobcats preseason game. I guess we can just use this thread for all the preseason games if no thread goes up on the main page. Rec this so it stays up at the...


49ers vs. Texans SNF Open Thread

Time to forget the sorrow of our game and watch a game that likely has no bearing on our season whatsoever. So far Matt "Pick-6" Schaub has thrown an interception returned for a touchdown in the...

Potential Ben Gordon for Kris Humphries Trade


Apparently the Bobcats and Nets are discussing a potential trade bringing Humphries here in exchange for Ben Gordon.


Know Thine Enemy - Carolina Panthers

Hello fans of the San Diego Chargers, You may or may not have noticed, but you play the Carolina Panthers this Sunday at 1:05 (4:05 for us). I come from Cat Scratch Reader to provide a place for...


Know Thine Enemy - Carolina Panthers part deux

Greetings Falcons fans, I come from Cat Scratch Reader, here to put up a thread to take any questions you may have about our team. If you hadn't noticed, we haven't done so hot since our hard...

Newton Doing More Good in the Community


Cam speaks at Randolph Middle School as part of his foundation's new School Pride Program.


Know Thine Enemy - Carolina Panthers

Hello Bronco fans, I come from a land far far away known as Cat Scratch Reader, the Panthers SB Nation Blog. As you probably know, our two teams are set to square off this Sunday in what will be...

Dunlap Working with MKG to Fix His Shot


Coach Dunlap approached Kidd-Gilchrist in the offseason about fine tuning his shot and removing the hitch. MKG has been very receptive to the teachings and is working very hard, despite the frustration and discomfort change brings.

Referees Fired from Lingerie League for Incompetence Now Working NFL Games


From the LFL: "Due to several on-field incompetent officiating we chose to part ways with with a couple crews which apparently are now officiating in the NFL." It's from Deadspin. Make of it what you will.

Bobcats Preseason Schedule Announced


2 games against the Hornets (1 in Charleston) and a game each against the 2 conference champions with the game against Miami being in Raleigh. First game is October 7th against the Wizards. Only 49 days to go.

Rich Cho's Database- A One Stop Shop


Some insight into how Rich Cho's database works. Really good stuff. Also a couple of paragraphs further revealing MJ's willingness to hand over the reigns a bit.

Brandon Roy Planning NBA Return


Looks like Roy is going to give the NBA another shot. Anybody interested in giving him a look assuming he doesn't cost a fortune?

Somewhat OT: Dwight Jones Quits Football


I know a lot of people on here were calling for us to draft him or at least pick him up as a UDFA. Looks like it's a good thing we didn't. If you wanna see what Texans fans have to say, here's the article on Battle Red Blog.

Sean Payton suspended for 1 full year. The Saints are fined $500,000. The Saints docked 2 second...


Sean Payton suspended for 1 full year. The Saints are fined $500,000. The Saints docked 2 second round picks.

Per Adam Schefter on ESPN

Janoris Jenkins Has Changed His Ways


I put this link up in another thread. I'm putting it in a Fanshot so more people will see it. This quote from the article pretty well illustrates his attempts to better himself: "I tell everybody now if you’re going to come around me and smoke weed, I can’t hang around you," Jenkins said. "We’re friends, but while you’re smoking marijuana, I can’t hang around you."

Newton In Hawaii


Cam talks about what his experience in Hawaii has been like thus far and talks about this past season and what he expects out of himself in the future. He also says he has absolutely no problem sitting behind Brees and Rodgers on the depth chart (what an egomaniac). And there's some stuff about Andy Dalton too.

Drummond Wants to Stay in School


If he holds true to this, it'll really shake up draft boards.

Football Outsiders: Herschel Walker + Peyton Manning = Cam Newton


The link is just to Pat Y's article on ESPN mentioning that. The article itself is for ESPN Insiders only, but if you click the link you can read the first few paragraphs. Basically, there has been no player like Cam Newton in the history of the NFL, and Football Outsiders says that it's fair to compare him to a young Herschel Walker as a runner and to a young Peyton Manning as a passer.

Cam in the Community


I apologize in advance for this coming from the Charlotte Observer and our beloved Joe Person. But I just wanted to share the fact that Cam is starting to make his presence felt in the community. It really is shocking to me looking back at all of the question marks and blatant attacks on his attitude and personality.

Players and Owners Reach Tentative Deal


Hopefully the lockout is finally over

Panthers Moving in Right Direction


Good little article about the direction the Panthers want to go in and Hurney's mindset in building this team. And my favorite part of the article: "[Beason] is said to be ahead of schedule in his rehab."

Thomas Davis Not Ready to Retire


Thomas Davis wants to stay and play in Carolina, even if it means taking a pay cut. I really hope to see him get back from this. If anybody can do it, its TD.

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