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Arno Wallard, small race, good coverage

Iivestream here ( Works with Firefox) with (Dutch) commentary has been going for hours. No big names, but some family names. Pretty countryside--polder,...


Seatpost diameter in Japan Mech?

Truth: there are umpteen different seat post diameters. Truth: Japanese rental bikes have seatposts that are too short, by a good 8 inches, for even a mid-sized Dutchman's legs. Dicey idea: rather...

"1000x more sensitive" doping test for steroids, amphetamines, "other" drugs.


that will "radically alter the detection window" for quickly-metabolized agents. How soon will it be approved / in use? What-all compounds can it be adapted for? Will any riders drop out of races in anticipation to get cleaner...or will they figure they'll be popped retroactively, regardless?

funny impersonator does Cancellara


and other riders (but the Cancellara is in English, the others mostly Flemish). Especially funny near the end (so to speak).

Add to sicklist: contador out of CI, add your own


After the chilly, soaking, icy races of the early season, we're gonna need a list.

Jalabert hit by car


Multiple fractures, serious condition, but conscious and "not in danger." Sounds like it was a head-on collision.

Garmin out of Tour de Med, bikes stolen


Garmin has become the most recent bike-theft victims. 17 bikes stolen from their truck in a hotel parking lot. We see quite a lot of this, no? TIBCO in November comes to mind. Now, I don't know that the bikes were loose within the trailer. I don't know that there was no extra alarm. And I don't know that the truck/trailer was emblazoned with the team logo. But I have to wonder about all of the above. Heck, legal or not, mightn't it make sense to have someone sleep in the truck, with the bikes?

Boonen in hospital, recovering from scrape gone septic


Link is Gnomed version. Short summary: Should be fine / caught soon enough. Scraped his elbow, got infected, started to go systemic, caught before things got as serious as they did with Wellens. To be determined if he will be in shape to ride Qatar.

The shoe drops: Verbruggen admits UCI tipped off riders


This is the real story, or at least the tip of the iceberg. And we do have a debt to Lance, if the thought of what he might yet say prompted this disclosure (or if he was trying to yank Hein by the short and curlies, and Hein decided that the faster route would be less painful.) it's been alleged damn near forever. It's hard to see how it could NOT have happened, given the sheer volume of testing. We can argue whether it saved lives (possibly) saved face (certainly) reduced the intensity--but not the pervasiveness--of doping (perhaps) or mostly preserved omerta (that, too).

Riders cresting top of Hill #7, roll-out after, and the scene at/after the top of Hill #8...


Riders cresting top of Hill #7, roll-out after, and the scene at/after the top of Hill #8 (Sycamore). This is before the 37 percent hill (Hill #9, Canton Ave).


Vino4Something: 2010 LBL ready to hit the fan.

While not news to us (and a reliable snark topic), the Vino payoff story has become more juicy. Seeing this is the most interesting time for someone to make more public / add details to the...

kickstarter: steel volagi


this caught my fancy. Reputable company, wants to do steel. Good price for what should be a very nice frame. Of course, it's all vaporware until they get enough money pledged. 5 days left.

lovely Moulton article with handmade factory viddy links


Also some nice very penny farthing and "penny double farthing" bike and trike footage in the final video (must be fun!)

You will never ride as many miles as Freddie Hoffman


I ran into him as he was checking into a hotel in State College this evening. As an update to the link above, he's well into his third "lap from the earth to the moon and back." It's hot, so he's riding in gym shorts and a T-shirt, not sweatpants and sweatshirt. His bike is currently set up at 115 lbs, loaded. He's now ridden to (or in) alaska, as well as crossing the lower 48 countless times. He's raised over $1,000,000 for charity. Novartis gave him a personal tour of their labs, in honor of his fundraising for cancer research (he's also very into microscopes). His motivation is sad, but he's just really likable, interesting to chat with, so if you see him in your neighborhood (and really, it could happen to anyone in the USA), ride alongside and say "hi."


on the ground, Tour of Poland Stages V and VI

If you like scenery, start with stage V or just read on (actual race stuff is after the jump). If you like "scenery," the stage VI pre-race goofiness and brief race videos should make you smile. ...

Bartali saved jews in WWII / HuffPo review of new book


I've always been a Coppi fan, but... "Risking his own life, he sheltered a local Jewish family in an apartment purchased with his cycling winnings. He also began to smuggle counterfeit identity documents around Tuscany and Umbria, enabling numerous Jews to conceal their true identities and avoid deportation to a concentration camp."

Addison Lee boycott (england)


showing great restraint in only calling for a boycott, IMHO.

Ullrich banned, stripped of post 5/2005 results


I remain unconvinced that this will make the record books more fair. But if this means the Fuentes thing will (finally) finish playing itself out? About time for that.

Zeke Mosquera ban details, out until Nov 2013 (in italian)


Can't call it unexpected. For Chris' sake, I'll hope that Vaca is just suffering from multiple doping "freelancers." Though that was Gerolsteiner's line too, and it didn't save their bacon. Also a pile of otherwise unnotable Iranians. Meh.


Remember bigwheels? You need/your pledge needed NOW.

I had an original BigWheel(TM) which I loved as much as anyone could love anything with wheels.  I want one of these.  It's on kickstarter.  They need to get another ~20K in pledges by midnight...

Sastre retires


Not a shattering surprise, but sad all the same.

One way to recruit for a national race


Filipinos only, open qualification rounds to get onto regional teams, regional teams compete in the national race for a nice prize. Not a bad way to boost cycling and do a talent search in a large, fragmented, spread out nation. (Sounds like in practice, pre-existing clubs and pro teams take the top slots in most areas. But still, interesting process.) Race site here. (And some great territory they are riding, mountains, coast, lava, tropical forests, cities, near fantastic diving. See pix from the qualifying rounds.) Bit sad that there's no international division, but I see the worth of doing it as they're doing it.


Bottomfeed here. Doping and other unmentionables open thread.

This is a "dear god can we keep it out of the live posts no matter how many reputable sources are engaging in broad hints" thread.  Someone look like they have fresh legs when everyone else dies?...

Pix, viddy stage 2 and 3, USA Pro Cycling, now with functional links


in case the link doesn't work in the title, here it is again. We were on the first steepish section of Independence pass, which is all our sea-level bodies could handle. With us were 2 other families from the same part of Iowa as Ames, where Pieter lives... and Danny Pate's aunt and uncle, who were really nice. Pix are from the phone-cam. Eh, you can read the numbers. Sorry for the gated link, it should now be open. Ditto this one from the time trial (more detailed post to follow once Pieter uploads his pix).

Why clean(er) matters


OK, I don't entirely buy that there are now no deaths attributable to doping (just because there are no dead young cyclists with EPO in their systems). But even if a very large percentage of the very very few "unusual" deaths of the last few years were in some way doping related, the death toll is still way, way better than it was in the past.

Caveat comestor. More Chinese clen etc. stories


I know we're not "food safety cafe." However, the lead item in this story is about Clen (used it such mega doses as to send people to the hospital). And whether you live in the antipodes, the US or Europe, more and more of your food--some of the stuff that now says "made for" rather than "made in" your country--is being sourced and/or packed in China.

lots of new bike-friendly legislation (various US states)


USA today highlights some new 3 ft passing laws, tracking of "dooring," etc. It's a good day when "dooring" enters the lexicon for USA Today readers, with a description that places blame correctly ("when motorists carelessly open doors and cyclists crash into them").


a random "keep it out of the live threads" thread, with no new doping info.

I came darn close (or stepped over the line) as live threads trailed on for a long while after the ends of stages.  I was not alone.  So think of this as the "outside" (or the little room out back)...


Ongoing CA weather watch (SoCal wet, cold, windy off & on thru wed.)

Here's the SoCal special weather warning, if you find others, post 'em. I figure if it's from the (public) weather service we can post stuff in full as a public service. Issued by The National...

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