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Daily Nugz - Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Who am I, and why am I here? Onwards Geauxfurs fans. Only 17 days (math?) until the first home football game, I don't have my season tickets in hand yet, and I live 5 miles from campus. Anyone...



A secondary violation from the Sean Henderson recruitment. Minnesota broke the rules and still didn't get the kid. Oh well.

Daily Nugz - April 21, 2010


Don't forget - the Spring Game is this Saturday at TCF Bank Stadium. Game time is 1:30pm. Here is tailgating information. I'd also recommend you bring along a pair of football cleats if you've got...

Daily Nugz - Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Joe Nathan, ergh. Well, at least the Twins have pitching depth. Rauch had 17 saves in 2008. If he can do a passable job, the Twins have enough batting and defense to win the division, especially if...

Daily Nugz for Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Quick, tasty Nugz: (1) Remember Eric Decker? He recently was interviewed. Read his thoughts here. (2) Womens' golf? Yes. Admit it - had you known you could travel to South Carolina in February...

Saluting a Champion - Gopher Womens' Hockey, WCHA Champions 2009-2010

Gophers Women, WCHA Champions 2009-2010.

Daily Nugz for Wednesday, February 17, 2010

(1) Uh, what the heck has happened to Down With Goldy? According to a post on Monday, they've turned into a Twins/Ohio State blog, which basically means DWG is now rooting for Joe Mauer and cancer....

Recruiting "Rankings" for the Big Ten


Notre Dame included! I think this is a fair method of aggregating all the information provided by the websites re: recruiting. And if it is fair, COACH EM UP BREWSTER.

Daily Nugz - Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I like Hemingway. Let's do that again: (1) Ten predictions for the 2010 season, courtesy of The Rivalry, Esq. (2) High school friend of JG2112, Nadine Babu at GopherHole, recently conducted...

Post - Signing Day, Pre - Spring Practice Depth Charts for 2010 - Running Backs

Gopher Running Backs in 2010? Hopefully better than 2009!

Post - Signing Day, Pre - Spring Practice Depth Charts for 2010 - Fullbacks

Previously: QuarterbacksAgain, we're reviewing the Gopher depth charts in anticipation of Spring Practice, and we're also adding in the new commits. First off, thanks for the civility in your...

Post - Signing Day, Pre - Spring Practice Depth Charts for 2010 - Quarterback

What? Already? Yes - Gopher Depth Chart for 2010 - Quarterback.

So You're Telling Me There's A Chance?


Remember - Sean Henderson didn't tell anyone of his college choice before the announcement yesterday. Undoubtedly, Tressel, Brewster, Shannon, Meyer and Kelly called Sean to remind him of the pending USC action, though, how would THAT get in the way of Sean's rapping career?

Daily Nugz - Wednesday, January 27th, 2010


Nugz, Hemingway style: (1) Minnesota has a Lackawanna JUCO pipeline. Here's Dwight Tillman. (2) Here's the official Gopher release from last night's victory over Northwestern. (3) Sunday is G...

And Yet Another De-Commit, and This One Hurts


WR Chris Hawkins has decommitted to TCU this past weekend. Evidently the Horton OC hire didn't resonate in Texas. By my count this is 11 de-commits. Not encouraging. Brewster has one uncommitted WR out there with an offer, Toby Durham. This is not good.

Your Daily Jedd Fisch Update? From "Probable" to "Likely"


The Seattle Times' Seahawks blogger now has Fisch "likely" going to Seattle to be ....... QB coach (notice Alex Gibbs on staff as well). Did Pete Carroll watch Adam Weber last year? If this is true, Brewster lied to Sid, and we're looking for a new coach. Again. There is too much smoke here

Fisch "Probable" Hire in Seattle


And the speculation keeps coming. Tim Davis is also being targeted by USC. This all despite Brewster's protestations to Sid this morning that his staff will stay intact for 2010. So, maybe more changes to the offense. Maybe it wouldn't be bad if, say, Mark Mangino was brought in to run the offense.

We can quit dreaming about beating USC next September


Dear God. Now that's a way to replace a coach. Look beyond the idiot who will be now coaching USC. His father is a fantastic coach who led a top 25 unit in his first year at TN (and we all know about Tampa defenses). Second, USC is going after Norm Chow for OC. Third, Ed Orgeron, the master recruiter, is returning to SC. What does this mean? First off, the Trojans' 2010 recruiting class is going to end up insanely well, and if Chow is in the fold I would suspect Seantrel Henderson will end up in LA. Second, 9/18 could be a disaster. Tennessee stayed within 10 points of Florida in week #3 this year. USC will have its array of talent, returning and new, and will play with improved offensive and defensive schemes. I fear the game will be ugly (uh, Brewster, Fisch and Cosgrove v. Kiffin, Kiffin, Chow and Orgeron. Nasty). Rats. Cheer me up in the comments.

Other than the practices, are these bowl games worth it?


I know Brewster loves bowl games because of the 15 practices. However, he might be the only one. Last year Gopher fans bought a grand total of 1,512 tickets to the Insight Bowl through the school, causing Minnesota to absorb a loss of over $400,000. Maybe we now know why Maturi can't buy Brewster out of his contract - he has to pay for unused bowl tickets.

Daily Nugz - Wednesday, December 9th, 2009


Tim Brewster wants a contract extension. His efforts at recruiting are likely being affected by the fact he cannot confirm to recruits he will be at Minnesota past 2011. So, he has his people c...

Kip Smith de-commits from Minnesota, commits to UCLA


Instead of Nugz today, you're going to get Morsels. The #3 kicker in the country, Kip Smith, has de-committed from Brewster's 2010 class and committed to UCLA. I can't blame a kicker for wanting to kick where it's warm, and who wouldn't want to live in LA for five years?

Throwing It All Away


Throwing It All Away

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