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The 13 point death score


DO NOT overlook the Fins


R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Find out what it means to me (Rams Fan)

2-2 and it feels like a SB win. It's been that long. These Rams play 'em close and tough. Even last week was closer than the score indicated. These guys are doing it on pure tee belief in...


Fish playing possum. Won't take bait.

Blasted off the field by the upstart Colts and their new Peyton Manning? Followed by a fairly convincing win against KC? Then creamed by Tony Romo for 198 yards in less than one half? Ha! The Fish...


Just not gonna get all pumped up yet

Done it too many years in a row. I was sure last year we were gonna win between 8-10 games with Bradford, Jackson, Long, JL, etc. Then BOOM total fail. I'm not gonna get all disappointed this...


I see Ramhock is history

Ok. Now why not drop some of the other authors that go for months at a time without even logging into the site, let alone contributing anything interesting?? At least Ramhock posted. This site...


2012 is gonna be hell in the NFC

I've been watching pro football for awhile now. I look forward to this fall and what I hope will be a totally different Ram team with capable leadership and a winning attitude. However, I cannot...


Ghosts of Rams' Past

I enjoyed both the NFC and AFC Championship games, even though I wanted the Patriots to lose. However, I was haunted by similarities to previous Ram games and playoff appearances. The Ravens...


What do we have that's good on the Rams?

I'm by no means an expert here. Played a little Jr. High ball some years ago and have watched a lot of pro football. But now that the Rams season is over, I've done a little thinking and research,...


Christmas wish list for 2012 Rams Organization - humor in somber times

After reviewing our current organization and roster, I'd propose trying to get the below guys to play for us. Rumor has it most of them are happy to help out the poor and unfortunate in tough...

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