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Rational take on Alex Oriahki


This is an article by Aaron Torres. I suggest you follow him on twitter and his blog. He has a great view on how true UConn fans view AO's departure.

Nothing done yet, but lots of Hockey East rumors flying around


Here's a story from ctnow saying that UConn has in fact joined the Hockey East. This is a false report however! Either way it does prove that talks are getting serious.


UConn very close to officially being Hockey East member!

Daily Campus hockey beat writer on twitter Tyler Morrissey ( https://twitter.com/#!/TylerRMorrissey ) is saying that UConn is about to announce joining Hockey East. Nothing official, but it looks...

UConn Applying to Hockey East


Interesting move seeing that the school is heavily invested in a new basketball practice facility, baseball stadium, softball stadium, and soccer stadium. I hope it works out though, because BC can't avoid us in the Hockey East!

Pat Forde Loves Us, He Really Loves Us!


Read this article by Pat Forde on Yahoo about UConn's proposed self penalties instead of 2013 NCAA ban. He manages to not just attack Calhoun and our basketball team, but pretty much our entire school. He talks about the rules and owning up to your faults by pointing out USC. Want to talk about owning up and being fair?? How about the NCAA uses the apr scores from the kids who are actually on the team and the most recent and relevant scores.

Why is it taking so long to raise $ for basketball facility?


UConn, according to the WSJ, is in the top 10 for nba salaries by school with over $600 million. I'm just really curious as to why our most famous alumni haven't chipped in and got this facility already built? I would love to hear your opinions!

UConn Finally a College Town


http://www.storrscenter.com/ The link to the main site. It seems as though Mansfield/Storrs, CT might be shedding at least some of it cow country feel. Construction is finally beginning on a downtown right across from the fine arts school and EO Smith HS. The fact that UConn doesn't already have a college town is really odd and always leaves visitors with an unispired visit. Yes, the campus is great and has made leaps and bounds, but without a virbrant town to attract faculty, students, and visitors Storrs will always remain cow country. The rural country feel that we have all come to love will remain, but this necessary boost in energy and business from a central college town will take the campus life to another level and expand upon UConn's incredible success. I hope you guys will explore into this further beyond my links as it will provide a great incentive for alums and guests to come and enjoy what UConn has to offer.

Omar Calhoun Commits to UConn: Continuing a great week


Here's the link to the story: http://www.zagsblog.com/2011/06/10/omar-calhoun-to-uconn/#more-53447 It seems like Coach JC and company are really picking up a lot of momentum lately. This, among other things, bodes well for other 2012 recruits to come in and is also a positive sign as far as JC's future. Let the good times roll....Go UConn Baseball!

Unfair Shake!


This is an article from the Daily Campus and it explains the whole debacle with UConn's student section at the Final Four. Im a student so I was disheartened to read all the bashing about our fan support. The Fact that Hathaway gave students from other schools free tickets and didn't set up packages for students to go the the final 4 is ridiculous. Anyways read it and tell me what you all think.

In an unprecedented move Kirk Herbstreit has picked the University of Connecticut Huskies to win...


In an unprecedented move Kirk Herbstreit has picked the University of Connecticut Huskies to win the big east. Now this can either be good in that were finally getting the recognition we deserve or it could be bad in that he jinxed us because herby sucks!



Inspired by your wager and upset by the lack of hate for the backwoodsmen to the north I will express my hate. How can any self respecting University of Connecticut Huskie fan show respect for a...



I agree that this will be a hard fought battle to the end tonight. But, all i cant think about with this Husky team is what if or what could be. As meach had reffered to in his preview tonight...

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