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Billy Butler's Adjusted Approach

Over the last three seasons, Billy Butler has been the most dependable and productive hitter for the Kansas City Royals. Despite his prowess as a hitter (and owing to a pretty wicked positional...

I decided to put this together from the conversations being tossed around in the game thread the...

I decided to put this together from the conversations being tossed around in the game thread the other night. Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks to everyone who participated (and whose words I used).


Reviewing the Royals' Top 20 Prospects

During the off-season, the great John Sickels over at the SB Nation blog Minor League Ball posted his list of the Kansas City Royals' Top 20 prospects coming into the 2012 season. Mr. Sickels'...


"The Royals Lose" Article Template

Royals Lose Again, [Insert Score], on (choose one) Bad Start/Relief Effort/Defensive Miscue by [Insert Player(s)] Well, not much to say about this one. The Royals lost today/tonight on yet...

Game Postponed: Twins' Recent Performance To Blame

We've seen it before in Kansas City. Mired in a six-game losing streak, and Old Father Mother Nature Time decides to extend a courtesy, a one-day reprieve from an afternoon of failure. Kinda weird to see it from the other side.


Ned Yost: The Issues and The Hope of A Better Tomorrow

Let's be clear here: there are probably no fewer Royals fans today than there were ten days ago. If there are, then, well, okay. I can understand why. It's not as if they were viciously and...


He is [Blank], Although He is [Blank]

Perhaps the most asinine thing about baseball public relations is the insistence on selling every piece of flaming garbage like they are the second coming of [insert name of great player at flaming...


OT: For Walking Dead Fans...

...especially for those who haven't read the comic series, I think you are going to really enjoy season 3 if it resembles the comics as much as season 2 did. Here's a list of reasons why:1. The...


Unraveling the Cain Enigma

Continuing the trend of Spring Training questions, I've been wondering how well Lorenzo Cain has to perform this season in order to win our approval. There are a lot of mixed opinions on how...


Could David Lough Be The Next Mitch Maier?

Afloat in the ether as we are in Spring Training, focused so intently on the upcoming date for Opening Day and the birth of relevant baseball, a friend of mine approached me and asked if I...

Two things: 1. When I first saw this at KCRoyals.com, I thought maybe this was taken right before...


Two things: 1. When I first saw this at KCRoyals.com, I thought maybe this was taken right before it hit him in the face. 2. Rationally, that is not the case. which led me to my second thought: "What the hell is he bunting at?"

I just realized who it is that Scott reminds me of.

I just realized who it is that Scott reminds me of.


Greg Holland: MLB Pitcher, Country-Western Virtuoso

There are very few us who could manage two careers. In truth, very few us are able to manage a singular career amidst our other interests. It's hard to find the time to work with all of the...


Maier Vs Dyson: The Battle of Wits Has Begun

With the recent announcement of Yost's semi-tentative "don't hold me to this" remark of having a four-man bench, the talk has turned to who the possibilities are for those four seats. One of them...


Does Anybody know of a SLG% formula...

That adjusts slugging to incorporate stolen bases?


The Projected Royals According to Bill James

The Super Bowl has ended. Whenever this occurs, it makes me feel like the baseball season is officially under way. I don't get into college basketball, so the two weeks between Super Bowl Sunday...


FanPosts: The Top 15 of 2011

To Newcomers, Hail and glad tidings! Welcome to Royals Review. I'm glad you have come here. There are many exciting things for you to read and to learn while you are here. For instance, did you...

Hitler Reacts to Re-Signing Betancourt

Merry Christmas! The audio track is latent to the video, and it gets worse as the video goes along. Tried to fix it, but the software I used kept jacking it up. Sorry.


Beltran Goes Pujols, signs for most money. Cardinals fans don't seem to care this time.

I was wondering what the reaction to the Beltran signing in StL would be in the wake of Pujols. Maybe it's just me, but it seems a little hypocritical for them to decry Albie moving on, calling...


Coping With A Fractured Reality: The Royals Re-Sign Betancourt

I went to lunch with a friend today. Well, "went" is an inaccuracy. We went and picked up some Five Guys and went to a church event where they were watching Elf. It's a decent enough Christmas...


OT: Lazy, Dog-Dangling Monday Open Thread

So we have been somewhat bereft of viable discussion topics in the past few days, and particularly this weekend. Other than re-hashing the prospect of trading Billy Butler, and debating whether or...


A Word on the "Lefebvre to Twins Radio" Rumors

Talked to a source close to the situation who said that Lefebvre had yet to receive a renewal on his TV contract in a "timely manner" and for lack of job security, talked to the Twins because, hey,...


Royals' 25-Man: If The Season Started Today

Rotation Paulino Chen Hochevar Sanchez Duffy Bullpen Soria Broxton Holland Crow Collins Coleman Teaford/Herrera/Wood Lineup Gordon LF Cain CF Hosmer 1B Butler DH Moustakas 3B Francoeur...


Tony LaRussa's Master Stroke: Retirement

So much of baseball, or at least the way baseball is covered, is driven by perception.  Some players are seen in a certain light, and they will be cast in that light forever.  And such as life,...


Royals End Of Season Awards Part 5: Rookie of the Year

If there is one thing the Royals had plenty of this year, it was good, solid (sometimes great) production from a plethora of rookies who made their debuts this past season.  The largest area of...


Royals End Of Season Awards Part 4: Reliever of the Year

Arguably the most successful all-around aspect of this Royals season was the work they got out of the bullpen on a consistent basis.  If the Royals managed to get a lead by the 7th, it was safe...


Royals End Of Season Awards Part 3: Pitcher of The Year

After getting a couple of the obvious ones out of the way, we move into more uncertain territory; Pitcher of the Year.  I have gone back and forth on this, whether to make it exclusive for...


Royals End of Season Awards Part 2: Defensive Player of the Year

Well, part one went about as you may expect.  So, let us push on to our second award of the year: defensive player of the year. The results for this and the future awards may presumably be less...


FanPoll: Royals End of Season Awards Part 1: Offensive Player of the Year

As we wait out the postseason, across the beam of the horizon sits the affable crystal trophies to be handed out to various Royals players for their contributions to another vacuous, somewhat...

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