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User Blog

Hey everybody! I was just wondering if anybody was planning on going to the game tomorrow. I'm a...


Hey everybody! I was just wondering if anybody was planning on going to the game tomorrow. I'm a Jets fan from Peoria, Illinois and was wondering if there was anywhere Jets fans would be meeting before or after the game. Let me know here or send an email to jus1944@sbcglobal.net!


Blackhawks "W" Flag

Okay, I don't think anyone here has brought this topic up and it might not be the right time to raise this issue but I'm going to go ahead and right about it anyway because I like to live...

Looking for the Walkoff Call From Hughes/Santo


Well, I think we can all agree that Rami walking off last night was definitely the highlight of the season so far. I know the Cubs website probably has Len and Bob's call but I would love to hear Pat Hughes call on the play. I was in a bar (go figure) and couldn't hear either. Maybe you BCB'rs can help me out. Or maybe you could just tell me how he called it. Like; Ramirez smacks a drive deep left field this ball's got a chaaaaaaaaaance GONE!

OT: Hank White Walks Off


This is from a few days ago, I'm surprised no one has linked to it yet. Good for Henry, I always liked him and his sweet forearm tats, not to to mention the mullet.

Maddux's 31 To Be Retired By Peoria Chiefs


The ceremony will take place before a game on June 11. Prior to the game, starting at 5:15 Maddog will hold an autograph session. Tickets are $60 (10 for the game, 50 for the autograph) and will only be on sale this Saturday from noon till 2PM. Only 200 will be available. The extra $50 will be split between two local charities.


Layoff Soriano

I mean layoff as in "leave alone" as opposed to "terminate" Now that we are clear on that I must confess that I am not a stathead and was never a particularly good baseball player, so maybe I'm...


OT: BCB Meet-Up at Home Opener?

I am writing to everyone today to pose a question. I know that like myself, a lot of you will be attending Opening Day at Wrigley Field. I was wondering how many of you would be willing...

OT: 17 yr. old Cubs fan has perfect bracket @ CBSsports.com


Kid's got Purdue winning it all. Alright Al, you need to get a hold of this kid and have him project results for the NL Central!

Terrible Call Gets Ovechkin Ejected (Says Deadspin)


Don't know if someone over there has a soft spot for Ovi or, if they simply don't understand what constitutes a hit from behind. Not drinking the kool aid here, if Campbell had done that to Ovi, I'd be saying the same thing. Most of the comments (on the link) are in disagreement with mighty Deadspin.

Team of Destiny/First Playoff Game


The link is to an article from the Boston Herald. I just wanted to drop in and say that my dad is a life-long Jets fan. He has never been to a Jets game. He grew up in Wilkes-Barre PA and moved to Illinois when he was 13. I've been here in Peoria Il my whole life and grew up a Bears and Cubs fan, so I can somewhat relate to what it feels llike to watch your team lose year after year. Anyways, I convinced him to get tickets to Sunday's game in Indy. We'll be the only two Jets fans from Illinois, sitting in the corner of the endzone. If the Jets truly are a "team of destiny", my dad and I will be there to see it. I am so excited its ridiculous. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy Wells honored for JDRF fundraising


St. Louis JDRF names Randy Wells "rookie of the year" for fundraising efforts


Let's Get Physical

Sorry for the Olivia Newton John reference, I hope that song doesn't get stuck in your head like it is in mine.I also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I just had some quick thoughts on the...

Rampant Speculation for your Wednesday morning


Johnny Damon. If he does come to Chicago, I think he should bring back the beard.

The Hawk's got this guy's vote


I have a good feeling this year might be the year for Dawson.

Wrigley Field Ice Rink


I found these photos on a blog by some guy here in Peoria. Looks cold but fun.

Ice In His Veins


This article is from 2005. It is a pretty in depth look at Byfuglien's upbringing and first games as a Norfolk Admiral. After reading it, I have a better understanding of why Buff is the way he is. Hope you enjoy!

Another Mike Cameron trade waiting on MB move rumor


This time from a Yankee writer, I like how he says "if the Yankees are willing to spend on Holliday" when are they not willing to spend on players?

Aisle 424's argument for the Hawk


Pretty good rant, arguing for Dawson's induction. Especially the bit about "Yellonesque" quotes, and BBWAA hating America and children if they dont vote him in.

Further efforts on getting the Hawk into the Hall


Get your tweeting fingers ready, not sure if this will help or hinder the Hawk's chances but I guess it's the thought that counts

Jason Bay....WTF?


Not sure what this is all about, I think you can file this under probably not gonna happen.

Last Chance to Dance?


Bleacher Nation's Tab Bamford tries to give Cub fans a reality check. What say you BCB'ers?


It's Gotta Be the Uniforms

Last night I went on a little bar tour here in Peoria and tried to keep a close eye on the Hawks. I don't know about you guys but it seemed to me that the Yotes physically dominated our boys last...

Can Cub Fans Forgive Bartman?


Paul Sullivan talks about an upcoming ESPN "30 for 30" episode that disusses the Bartman episode. With Our Fearless Leader stating "there are no curses" and attempting to put the past behind us, is it time for Cub Nation to release some kind of formal statement of forgiveness? I don't know if this is truly necessary but I have always felt really bad for the guy and I know there are others. Thoughts?

Jumbotrons, Renaming Wrigley, and Crane Kenney


Here is a highly opinionated article by Andy Dolan, worth a read. So BCB'ers are you in support of renaming Wrigley, installing a jumbotron in the park, or firing Crane Kenney?

If i had to root for a Yankee, It'd be this guy


Good story, too bad he plays for the evil empire


Go...... Dodgers?

Sitting here a little over a year since the Cubs were swept out of the playoffs by the Dodgers I never thought I'd be rooting for them to win it all. That is, until Jim Thome was traded from the W...


Pie in the Face

Ill make this short and sweet. This offseason were gonna be short on cash (thanks Milton!) So why not bring Felix back? He's a black guy (i think) and this could prove to all the naysayers that Cub...


We Should Clone Derrek Lee

For everyone out there who may already be considering what moves the Cubs should make in the offseason here's some food for thought. Of the cubs eight regular starters, (and for fun we'll include...

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