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Its Always Fun to Pretend You're A GM...Here's My Shot

I've been calmly watching the Giants' season shift from "top WS contender" to "choke team of the year" to "We're still leading the division?!?!" With every shift in this season my views on what...

Considering the future of the 49ers roster

Everyone on NN knows that rosters are impossible to project. Free agencies, trades, drafts, injuries, declining production, improving production, contracts, salary caps and more get in the way of...

49ers roster predictions

Fooch's Note: It's a quiet Friday, so go to town with roster predictions! This was first written before Marquardt and Breslin were waived. Current Roster Players currently on roster: 90 ...


Initial Reactions to the Post Draft Roster

Undrafted Free Agents are already being signed (Morgan Breslin, DE/OLB, USC / L.J. McCray, S/KR, Catawbaa). We already have 86 players on our eventual 90 man pre-season roster. But I'm looking at...


One Fan's Perspective of the First Two Days of the Draft

Nobody can ever say that Baalke doesn't have a very different way of evaluating a draft and putting together a roster. Having spent a great deal of time (WAY too much time) preparing for a draft...


Final Draft Picks from 2014 SB Nation Community Mock Draft

22 – CB Jason Verrett, TCU - moved up to pick 22 in order to take one of the top CBs. We felt there would be a run on CBs in the 20s and we wanted to be on top of it. We were right. We were torn...


Round Three - SBNation Community Mock Draft 2014

Had two more picks in the third...picks 94 and 100 (pick 77 traded as part of an earlier move up). At this point we felt we were drafting BPA within certain positions. We felt we needed more...


Round 2 - SBNation Community Mock Draft 2014

Lots of trading going on...and lots more trade talk. In the end we traded up a few spots to take Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt. Once again, the run began. As WRs started flying off the board. ...


Round One - SBNation Community Mock Draft 2014

Several trades highlighted the first round. Including one from our team. We moved up from Pick 30 by trading Picks 30, 77, 170 and 242 to Philly for Picks 22, 162 and a 2015 4th Round Pick. Then...


2014 SB Nation Live Seven Round Mock Draft

If you're interested in joining out team, let me know. Although I have a draft board I think we'll need to work together on finalizing our board. We'll also need to prepare some various draft...


This May Be THE Worst 49er Mock Draft I've Ever Seen

No offense to the actual person who did this mock for Bleacher Report. It could have been any site. But this is easily the worst I've ever seen. They supposedly say this is POST Free Agency...


Fanspeak Upgrades Their Mock Draft Game

For those of us who are mock draft enthusiasts (or as EBNF would call me...mock draft OBSESSED), Fanspeak has been a great deal of fun this off-season. Even though there have been contentions over...


Post Combine Charts and Needs Lists

The chart below will help you create a wish list and design your own mocks. I've broken it down by what I perceive as the needs we'll be looking to fill. I left out QB, because I don't like the...


Matt Maiocco on Boldin and Dawson

Matt Maiocco writes that Boldin and Dawson are likely to resign before they hit Free Agency. It seems Boldin loves it here, in no small part because of us fans. I hope Matt right. I can see...


A First (actually second) Look at the 2014 Off Season

This is a very important off-season for us. It is the first year where we have to take serious consideration to the important contracts coming up for renewal within the next couple of years. ...


In a somewhat perfect offseason

The season's not over yet, but I think we have enough data to be able to make our suggestions for who to keep, who to release, who to try to extend, restructure and target in the draft. Who To...


A Pre-Post Season Pre-Season Pre-Mature Look at the 2014 Draft

Yes, this is utterly and completely pre-mature. But I had some free time and thought I would enjoy a little early hopeful wishing. Yes, I know the rankings will change. Yes I know the needs will...


What Will or Should the Giants Do This Coming Off Season

The off-season is still at least two months away. But with the Giants barely hanging on by the skin of their teeth, perhaps it is a good time to discuss three things. What went wrong this year? ...


General Predictions for 2013 Season

On defense, I see the team sticking largely with their veterans early in the season...not wanting to lose important games due to youthful miscues. They will integrate Lemonier, Carradine, Harylson...



We all know nicknames are a familiar and traditional part of baseball. Sometimes it can even go to some major extremes. Even Abbott and Costello knew just absurd and extreme the art of nicknaming...


UDFA Wish List

Now that the Draft is over....there are still many good players who went undrafted. Do we take a fly on any of them? I think so. Here's my wish list. Don't want them all...but any from this...


What's Left on Day 3

Unlike some people, I am all for taking picks so long as there is still someone left who could improve our team...either as a starter, a backup, a depth player, a special teams player or for the...


Final Shot @ Having Some Fun Before the Real Thing

Okay, so we all know how vain and futile it is to try to predict almost any stage of the NFL draft. The first draft day trade, like a domino effect, changes everything. But for goodness sake,...


Good SB Nation article on H-Backs and the Draft

It is worth noting that in accordance with what our offensive packages require and what we already have in the form of TE (V. Davis), that obtaining a TE like Eifert or Ertz doesn't exactly fit...


Fan Mock Infinite.0

Okay, here we go again. So much fun thinking of the possibilities. It is impossible to obviously consider all the possibilities. The dynamics are way to immense to project. But that's never...


Two Draft Scenarios

There are primarily two directions most fans think the Niners will go during the draft. Some feel we should use our 14 picks to either move up in this draft or add higher round picks next year (or...


Niners' Offseason 1.0

Trade Alex Smith - Clear $9.5m in Cap Space - DONE Release David Akers - Clear $3.5m in Cap Space - DONE Release Parys Haralson - Clear $2.8m in Cap Space Release Mario Manningham - Clear $4m in...

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