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Indians sign 7th rounder Robbie Aviles


He receives a $150,000 signing bonus as well as $200,000 which is for college if he ever decides to go to school. He's also scheduled to have TJ surgery right out of the gate.


Carlos Santana injured

Fouled a ball of his left leg and immediately collapsed to the ground. He had to be helped off the field by his teammates and is obviously out of the game. No word yet on how severe it is....

Minnesota Twins and statistical analysis (or lack thereof)


Just came across this interview with Minnesota's assistant GM Rob Antony. Apparently, the Twins are one of the last teams to bring someone in to solely focus on statistical analysis. It contains quite a few peculiar comments ... such as: "With Blackburn we looked at him and his body of work over two seasons. He averaged 200 innings, been a .500 pitcher both years and his ERA has been 4.02 or 4.05 or something like that. You look at him and then say okay, if he does that for the next three or four years, what would he make each year? Now it becomes a business decision of if you go year-to-year, what would he stand to make in arbitration next year and if he backed that up where would he go the next year? You start putting down the numbers and all the comps that he has and you base it off of if he just does what he has done. You don’t project that he is getting better – although we believe there is more in there. Instead of being an 11-11 guy, we believe he could easily be a 15-9 guy." Now I hate the Twins even more.


Lofgren traded to Brewers for Omar Aguilar The Indians and Brewers made a deal that would keep Lofgren in Milwaukee's system. As an Indians fan it's good to see him getting a chance, but...


Best place for HS and college stats

Now that both the high school and college season has started, I want to keep track of some of the draft eligible players. So far I've been using D1baseball for college box scores, but I can't seem...

Indians payroll chart for 2010 and beyond


Done by Tony Lastoria. Just thought I'd share this everyone. Payroll looks really good for the next couple of years. Obviously things will change with possible extensions as well as FA pickups and/or trades, but there's a lot of flexibility after this season.

Baseball America's top 100 prospects list


Includes 5 Tribe players: #10 Santana #31 Chisenhall #44 Hagadone #64 Knapp #65 White Their lack of faith in Rondon is disturbing. He'd be in the top 50 if it were up to me.

2010 Cleveland Indians draft preview


Andy Seiler has posted a draft preview for the Tribe, looking at the past 2 drafts and trying to figure out what to expect in June. It's a good read.

Indians sign Mike Redmond


Terms of the contract haven't been revealed yet, but Castro reports it's first major league free agent we've signed. So no Toregas as backup. [UPDATE]: Anthony Castrovince (same link) is now reporting that the Indians will be paying Redmond a base $850K salary with $10K more for each 10 games he starts, capping at 70 games (Ryan).

Indians sign Mark Grudzielanek to a minor league deal


I like the move. Gives us out backup middle infielder (though he hasn't played alot of shortstop). Still a good defender at 2nd base.


BA's Cleveland Indians top 10

top 10 Kipnis and Brantley are ranked really high, but if Kipnis sticks at 2nd then it may be justified.   Thoughts?   TOP TEN PROSPECTS 1. Carlos Santana, c 2. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3b 3...

BA's Cleveland Indians top 10


1. Carlos Santana, c 2. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3b 3. Nick Hagadone, lhp 4. Nick Weglarz, of 5. Michael Brantley, of 6. Jason Knapp, rhp 7. Carlos Carrasco, rhp 8. Hector Rondon, rhp 9. Alex White, rhp 10. Jason Kipnis, 2b Agree, disagree?

Indians sign Shelley Duncan, Austin Kearns


Both signed minor league deals. Duncan's B-Ref and FanGraphs page: B-Ref FanGraphs Austin Kearns: B-Ref FanGraphs


Kevin Goldstein BP prospects chat -- including some Tribe questions

Randy (Cleveland): Kevin, Looking forward to Cleveland's List. Did Lonnie Chisenhall move up your personal list this year? What's his ceiling? Kevin Goldstein: Not going to give away too much, but...

Brown won't be called up, but Romero will?


Very strange move. I'm not the biggest fan of Brown, but his play does merit a look this month.

Jason Knapp to make organizational debut tonight


He'll start for Lake County tonight according to Tony Lastoria.

Joe Nelson not an option anymore


I know Shapiro had some interest in him and Nelson apparently had included Cleveland in his "top 4". Do you think we'll traget any other relievers?


BA's Cleveland Indians top 10 prospects   1. Carlos Santana, c 2. Matt LaPorta, of 3. Nick Weglarz, of ...

BA's Indians top 10 prospects


Interesting list -- Santana no. 1, which is somewhat expected, but Rivero, De La Cruz and Brantley cracking the top 10 is a surprise to me. Also, Chisenhall and Weglarz were higher than I expected. The biggest top 10 MIA is Hodges. After ranking 4th last year, he completely fell out of it this year, though it shouldn't be because of performance. Perhaps BA has some concerns about his ability to stay at 3rd, thus reducing his value. I guess Rondon just fell short of the top 10, but I'm sure he's in the top 15. I was also surprised by their 2012 lineup with Peralta playing 2nd base. If he's able to do that, then I wonder if the Tribe FO will try it. If you look at the top 10 and consider which guys are behind them, then it's obvious how deep the farm system is. We may not have the sexiest top 5 or anything, but we can compete with anyone as far as our top 15/top 20 goes.

Jeremy Sowers Prospectus Q & A


Pretty cool interview in which Sowers is talking about politics and over-thinking on the mound.


Dennis Nosco

Let me start by saying I have no idea who this guy is other than some posts he's made here and his articles on the So perhaps someone can inform me about him. I just felt the...

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