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Die-hard Cubs fan since I can remember. Learned how to read with the sports page spread out on my front porch. Grew up with the awful Cubs teams of the early 90s, so I will always have a soft spot for the Hawk, Ryno, Grace and Dunston.

Chicago Bulls season ticket-holder.

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Compliments for UC crowd?


Pacers blogger hoping Pacers fans will not be outnumbered by Bulls fans and hoping for atmosphere like the UC. "But this team has played its heart out for the past two games in front of a deafening, capacity crowd in Chicago. So now it would only be right for basketball fans to return the favor and go yell their hearts out for these guys on Thursday." "The [United Center] was rocking so loud that I had a difficult time talking to Bob Kravitz (that’s actually not a bad thing), who was sitting right next to me, at times. Now it’s time for Pacers fans to return the favor."


Maybe this Quade Guy isn't so bad after all

Quade talked with Paul Sullivan today about Fukudome leading off. I've always liked Fukudome in the leadoff spot, and he really is the best OBP guy on our whole team.  Follow the jump for Quade's...

Bulls 2nd Most Profitable Franchise in 2010


Unsurprisingly, the Bulls are the second most profitable franchise with an Operating Income of $51.3 million. The Knicks are in first place at $64.0 million. The Bulls also check in as the third most valuable franchise at $511 million, behind the Knicks ($655) and Lakers ($643). Bulls also have the 7th lowest Debt/Value ratio.

Cubs OF Matt Szczur will forgo NFL draft and play baseball exclusively


"Sources told us Matt Szczur/WR/Villanova has decided to forego a career in the NFL. The Cubs tripled their offer to Szczur." Excellent news, and a good sign regarding prioritization of player development for the Ricketts.

How to build a bullpen SD Padres-style


One of the biggest complaints about Hendry, is how he has gone about building the Cubs bullpen through free agency (Remlinger, Eyre, Howry, Grabow etc.) This is an interesting article about how the Padres are doing it. "The San Diego Padres have reportedly signed Chad Qualls to a one-year contract for about two million dollars in an effort to restore some of the bullpen depth they’ve traded away this winter. In signing Qualls, they are making a pretty big bet against the predictive power of ERA, considering he posted an atrocious 7.32 mark last year....... Since relief pitchers throw just a fraction of the innings that starting pitchers accumulate, they are subject to much larger seasonal variations. They don’t have time to regress to the mean in-season, and as such, you’ll see things like a pretty solid reliever in Qualls posting an ERA over 7.00."

Cubs May Move Gorzelanny


Cubs may move Gorz because of budgetary issues and an overflow of starting pitching. No mention of what they may look to acquire. May try starting James Russell!?


Did the Cubs give up too much for Garza? A sabermetric approach

We have discussed our opinion of whether or not Matt Garza was worth the package given up. I had mentioned that there had been some excellent studies done on the value of prospects. I thought I...


Why the Matt Garza Trade is a Bad Deal for the Cubs

The Matt Garza trade has elicited strong reactions from the Cubs fan-base. As indicated by the Bleed Cubbie Blue poll, a solid majority (57%) are in favor of the trade, while a vocal minority...

Fangraphs' View of the Cubs after the Carlos Pena Deal


More optimistic than I would have expected on the Cubs for 2011. "Even if Pena produces something between what he did in 2009 and 2010, he could produce value somewhere close to his $10 million salary. In 2008, when he produced a .374 wOBA and a positive UZR, he was worth $18.1 million in the WAR-to-dollars conversion. Even when his UZR turned negative in 2009 (and he produced the same .374 wOBA), he was worth $12.6 million. With a wOBA in the .350 range and some quality defense at first base, Pena could again cross that $10 million mark. But, again, the Cubs are gambling that he’ll be closer to that .374 mark with good defense. While the downside is considerable — Pena was worth just over $4 million in 2010 — even a modest bounce back could mean the Cubs getting even value. A full offensive recovery could lead to considerable surplus value. If Pena does recover, the Cubs could be just a few breaks away from contention in 2011. A healthy, powerful Pena, along with a recovered Ramirez, could help fuel the team’s offense. The pitching staff could also see some improvements in 2011. Each of the team’s five presumptive starters — Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Silva, Tom Gorzelanny, Randy Wells, and Ryan Dempster, had a FIP under 4.00 in 2010. These combined could lead the Cubs back into the picture for a relatively weak NL Central."

Kevin Goldstein's Top 11 Cubs Prospects


Basically a similar opinion to many on this site: "Impact talent? Not really. Depth? You betcha." Four-Star Prospects 1. Brett Jackson, OF 2. Trey McNutt, RHP 3. Chris Archer, RHP Three-Star Prospects 4. Josh Vitters, 3B 5. Hak-Ju Lee, SS 6. Chris Carpenter, RHP 7. Hayden Simpson, RHP 8. Reggie Golden, OF 9. Jay Jackson, RHP 10. Robinson Lopez, RHP 11. Brandon Guyer, OF Another interesting note is that he has Marquez Smith as our 13th best prospect. Probably somebody we shouldn't have exposed to the Rule 5 draft.

Cubs offer arbitration to Hill, others


Paul Sullivan reporting that the Cubs have offered arbitration to Koyie Hill. Unsurprisingly Cubs also offer arbitration to Marshall, Marmol, Soto, and Gorz.

Lilly signs for 3 yrs/$33 million


Wow. Even more than what the most die-hard Lilly-fan would have expected for Ted. Congrats to him. Hope he does well in LA.

Baylor Kick-Off Time?


What are the rumors about when the Baylor kick-off time is going to be?


Does Bleed Cubbie Blue overrate the Cubs future?

I have been reading a lot of posts raving about all the young talent in the Cubs farm system, and how the Cubs have the foundation in place to build a World Series contender for 2012 and beyond...

Kila: AAAA or underrated prospect?


Analysis of BCB favorite Kila Ka'aihue's MLB performance thus far.

Derrek Lee to the Braves. Cubs receive 3 minor league pitchers: RHP Robinson Lopez, RHP Tyrelle...


Derrek Lee to the Braves. Cubs receive 3 minor league pitchers: RHP Robinson Lopez, RHP Tyrelle Harris & LHP Jeffrey Lorick.

Per Jayson Stark Twitter feed (jaysonst)

Terrence Williams for Taj?


Apparently Terrence Williams might be the odd man out in New Jersey. This writer thinks the Nets should trade Williams for a Power Forward and lists Taj Gibson as someone that should be considered. Would people be in favor of this trade?


Is Courtney Lee available?

One name that come up yesterday was Courtney Lee. If Redick's offer gets matched by the Magic, or even if it doesn't, I think Lee could be a great fit at 2 for the Bulls. He has good length for the...

Theriot and the First Pitch


Theriot has regularly been pilloried in these parts for swinging at first pitch offerings. This article offers an explanation slightly different than the usual one offered around here (impatience). The author's basic conclusion is that Theriot isn't a good hitter when he gets behind in the count and pitchers are so unafraid of Theriot that they are pounding the zone. The result? Theriot feels like he has to swing at the first pitch. At the very least this adds another dimension to the Theriot discussion here and is food for thought.

What should the Cubs do?


Fangraphs Cubs' entry in a series concerning what MLB clubs should do before the trade deadline. Curiously, the verdict is hold at this point. Nothing too groundbreaking in this post, but interesting to get a national perspective nonetheless.

2007-2010 team win totals vs. Pythag record and PECOTA preseason predictions


Lots of talk recently has centered around projections both for this season and for future seasons. This is a compilation of the +/- results for PECOTA for the past three years. Draw your own conclusions.

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