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Season Ticket holder for the Blazers, Used to have Ducks season tickets, Live in North Portland and usally watch away games at Toms Pizza on Lombard

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
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User Blog

Thoughts on Outlaw and Blake so far?

Hey Clipper fans! Blazer season ticket holder here just wondering what your impressions are so far of Steve and Travis. I was very sad to see them go and was curious to see how other fans view them ...

Thanks for the Support


Thanks for the Support

The injury to Oden was of course a terrible thing to have to go through agian. I'm sure like me, you all have a feeling deep in your gut that wont go away. I just wanted to take this time to send a BIG thank you to all of you fans from other teams blogs that stopped by to show your support. It sounds weird, but it really means a lot to me and I'm sure it means a lot to everyone else. This isn't a basketball thing, Its a human being thing. Thanks again everyone who stopped by, the world needs more people like you.

Northwest Division Breakdown! Guess who is on top!


Finally some good new, and I completely agree. Its nice to see some positive stuff once in a while!

Free Agent Tracker!


See who is left, who has been taken and who is left out in the cold! Great Site for movement info!

How do you think HeDon't looks in the Black and Red?


How do you think HeDon't looks in the Black and Red?

A picture is worth a few words


A picture is worth a few words

Easy way to follow free agents and where they are headed


I think this is a interesting page, they list ALL 2009 free agents. They also have additional information including RFA or UFA, age, old team, new team and old and new contact. Check it out!

Shaq hates on the Blazers


The SI.com link tells of Shaq not wanting anything to do with coming to the Blazers. He claims we tried to get him at the deadline and he vetoed it, but Blazer officals say that we never had interest in Big Daddy Diesel.

If you ever needed a reason to like Bill Walton, here it is.


Bill Walton tells his son that his 77 Blazers would take the 09 Lakers in 4.

Yao done for the playoffs


wow, that sucks, mostly for rocket fans

More Trouble for the Suns


More Trouble for the Suns

ESPN NBA- G Jason Richardson arrested for driving 90 mph in a 35 mph zone with unrestrained son in the car

Whoever this guy is, he is my new hero


Whoever this guy is, he is my new hero


Aldrige out a week?

Just got this from Barrett, didnt even make the trip today...http://mikebarrettsblog.blogspot.com/2007/12/aldridge-to-miss-week.htmlT...


what do YOU think

I have been hearing people complain about so much things wrong with the blazers. I know they are losing and there are resons for it, but for some reason im not really upset or worried. I just would...



I have been browsing the Oregonlive post threads, and have noticed a few fans that have posted the idea that we are tanking. I, for one, do not believe we are tanking, but some very interesting...


Ok everyone, read this if your mad

We were not even predicted to go into the playoffs, we are 2 or 3 years away, but here are some teams that WERE supposed to make it. If anything, they have reason to worry so far, not us... Golden...


So you think your team is cursed (from truehoop)

Laker fans are feeling it: They almost had it all, and now they have a malcontent, some sidekicks, and no clear path to greatness.Phoenix fans are feeling it: They think they were robbed last year,...


Season Tickets

Hey whats up guys, I am a season ticket holder, and have been for 3 years. I was wondering if anyone on this site is also, and if you are, have you gotten your tickets in the mail yet? One more...


Video from Oden

For those of you who dont know, Oden just posted a Video blog on his yardbarker website. www.yardbarker.com, and if you log onto the Trail Blazerts website there is a little video message from him...


Your Top 5 (and how they wil compare)

Ok so heres the deal, name your 5 favorite CURRENT Trail Blazers in order. Next to their name, give them a score (1-10) on how you expect them to messure up to other great players who have held...

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