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Mariners, Padres, Sort of Baseball


Nominally baseball!

Minor league coaching staffs announced


Pitching coach Cibney Bello! Coaches Manelik Pimentel and Francisco Gerez! Andrew Lorraine! Mike Kinkaide! Brent Johnson (still!)! Howard Johnson (new!)


Friday Morning Music Thread

We haven't had an open music thread for a while now, so I'm taking the reins.Most people probably regard the summer as prime concert season, but I find that when the weather is more agreeable,...

M's Announce Minor League Awards


Stefen Romero is unsurprisingly the Player of the Year. Carter Capps is semi-surprisingly Pitcher of the Year. Brandon Maurer is most improved. Brad Miller is Heart and Soul [neither of which include glove lol]

M's sign Brazilian southpaw Luiz Gohara


The guy that everyone thought was our target on the international market, who has been eligible for two weeks, is now under contract. Hardly anyone has seen him, but he had stretches where he hit 94 mph on his fastball, as a 15-year-old. Wheeee!

2012 Mariners Pre-Draft Prospects as the Moons of Jupiter


Let us learn about many of the Seattle Mariners' top prospects in a novel and unusual way. Let us also learn about the many moons of Jupiter. Let us learn.

Mariners sign 2nd-round pick 3B Joe DeCarlo


Perfect Game Twitter account: "‪#Mariners‬ have agreed to terms with 2nd-rdr and 3B Joe DeCarlo for $1.3M (pick value: $806,000). Will sign in next day ‪#mlbdraft‬ ‪#UGA‬ signee" Oof. The M's also signed supplemental round LHP Tyler Pike for about $480k over slot.

Tackling Some Questions In The Minor Leagues


A guest post from minor-league specialist Jay Yencich, exploring the Mariners' minor-league system in great depth and detail.

From at this very moment. So why is this relevant you ask? Because Cow Catcher is on the...


From at this very moment. So why is this relevant you ask? Because Cow Catcher is on the DL. Carlos Peguero is leading the Rainiers offense from the DL.

Minor League Rosters Out


Ohhhh yes.... Jeff's note: Taijuan Walker, James Paxton, and Danny Hultzen are officially opening in double-A. So is Francisco Martinez, further clearing up the potential triple-A third base logjam. Stephen Kohlscheen is opening with single-A Clinton. Can't forget about Stephen Kohlscheen.

Peguero optioned; nails pulled out of various fandom coffins


Also, Furbush is gone. Seattle Mariners‏ @Mariners #Mariners option LHP Charlie Furbush and OF Carlos Peguero to AAA Tacoma to set 25-man roster.

Greg Johns: Mike Cameron has been selected to throw out the first pitch for #Mariners home opener on April 13.


If he's not coming back as a player, this works for me.


BA's Top 10 M's Prospects

I still like reading these because I think that it's neat that Conor got a job working for them, and now gets to write these lists every year. Here's what he came up with: 1. Jesus Montero, c 2...

M's sign Dominican LHP Asencio


No videos, but Asencio was an outfielder up until fairly recently and based off the Mariners track record with such guys, people are going to compare him to Rafael Soriano. He's not. He's taller, lighter (at this stage), younger, and left-handed. It's like you're not even paying attention.

Catricala, Walker Named Minor League Players of the Year


Here are some other names: PLAYER DEVELOPMENT STAFF OF THE YEAR: Randy Roetter (AZL Mariners Athletic Trainer) Level Team Player Pitcher AAA Tacoma Alex Liddi (3B) Blake Beavan (RHP) AA Jackson Vinnie Catricala (3B) Andrew Carraway (RHP) A High Desert Danny Carroll (OF) Chris Sorce (RHP) A Clinton Stefen Romero (INF/OF) Taijuan Walker (RHP) Short-A Everett Jabari Blash (OF) Jose Campos (RHP) Rookie Pulaski Jamal Austin (OF) Angel Raga (RHP) Rookie AZL Mariners Phillips Castillo (OF) Yunior DeJesus (RHP) Dominican DSL Mariners Janelfry Zorrilla (OF) Domingo Brazoban (RHP) Venezuelan VSL Mariners Felipe Burin (3B) Isliexel Gonzalez (RHP) I thought about feigning outrage, but these all seem defensible. Weird.

Greg Halman, Gone at 24


Matthew suggested that I fanshot this, so here we are. This is what I said in the other thread: "This is what I'm able to manage at the moment. Halman’s a tough topic for me because he embodied so much of the ups and downs of watching prospects and was one of the first ones I really, seriously followed." Over the past eight years or so, when I've been talking prospects with the people I know who are passionate about the subject, like JH, or marc w, or g_moneyball over at Mariner Central, or Churchill, even people I've met at USSM/LL events and fellow players (!), I think Halman's been the guy that has come up the most as a topic of discussion. That makes it all the more difficult to figure out what to say about it all.

Elias Rankings Getting the Boot


@Ken_Rosenthal New rules take effect next winter. Elias rankings gone. Top FAs subject to comp if teams make them qualifying offers north of $12M. #MLB


OTFPOTD 9/12/11 - Science! Edition

The old post from a few days back got pushed off pretty quickly without filling up, so I'm taking the initiative to start a new one.  I am so proud of me.   Science seems to be trending today in my...


Alternate Realities: the #2 Pick This Year

As I've said before, leading up to the draft, I had three different posts I had been spending my evenings writing up with the expectations that one of the three top hitters was going to end up with...

The 2011 Draft: Many Names, One Pick


I don't know if Jeff/Matthew were planning on doing any sort of draft preview stuff, and the pieces that tarheels1 and Humbled Fan were posting seemed more focused on the mock draft at Minor League Ball, so this is what I have on the names in the first round. Nothing about it is groundbreaking, but I tried to be fairly comprehensive. (toot toot)

Oh, look, RHP Jose Flores is gone.


There goes our plan to collect all the Jose Floreses in organized baseball. The Indians apparently could not stand to risk such a monopoly.

M's Add Generically-Named Pitcher in Rule 5


We now are just one Jose Flores away from world domination. Also, Nate Adcock, who was part of the Snell trade, got picked too. Guess where he's going? The same place all former Mariners eventually go. Haha, Royals.

M's sign Dominican SS Esteilon Peguero


$2.9 million. Very good bat/pitch recognition. Probably moves either to second or third long-term. This is the fourth-highest bonus on record for an int'l player, but he was also regarded by some as the top player on the market.


BA's Top 10 M's Prospects for 2011

Now being written by former USSM writer Conor Glassey, who will be hosting the chat later.  Here's the non-subscriber intro link where he talks about how horrible last season was.

Going Over the Ten New 40-man Additions


By now, I think everyone's accustomed to me typing way too many words on prospects that are far from sure things, so I'll just let this one stand on its own. You may want to sit down though. ("toot, toot," as Jeff might say)

Kelley's Surgery Goes Better Than Expected


We all remember when Shawn Kelley went down in June, right? Well, maybe not given how many other things went wrong. At any rate, the loss of command was obvious and they rested him for a while before examining a second Tommy John surgery as a possible option. As it turns out they didn't really need to do that because there were only minor issues with the previous surgery to be fixed. This isn't exactly analogous to just clearing up the problem by removing scar tissue, but it probably will move up the recovery timetable all the same.

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