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OT 9/27, Cripes, someone has to do it

Here we are, I suppose.Stream of consciousness prompts:-I've been spending the last half hour or so wandering though Accidental Mysteries, which is a collection of photographs collected by a...

Carmen Fusco to be fired at end of season, report says


Fusco was the Director of Professional Scouting for the M's, and is getting the axe in part because no one in the front office did a Google search on Josh Lueke's charges.

Mariners sign 16th-round pick LHP Jordan Shipers


$800k, the same amount they gave to Taijuan Walker as a supplemental-round pick.

Sickels reviews his '10 Top 20 M's Prospects


Talk amongst yourselves, or talk over there?


OTFPOTD 8/5 An "I Don't Have a Title" Edition

Right so that one got up to ~1300 and we need a new place to gad about, don't we?   Here are some silly prompts!   1) Since a lot of people have been talking or referencing nostalgia lately, what...

Revisiting the '09 Mavericks Hitters


Joe Dunigan! Alex Liddi! Carlos Peguero! Gratuitous use of numbers! Methodology discussions! Self-promotion!

Dickey almost throws a perfect game


Complete with pitch face, though Dickey's pitch face sans facial hair just makes him look like he's missing a chromosome or two.

Loafie Wants a Gold Glove


Pravda reports. Of course there are these quotes too... "Third baseman Jose Lopez sent a text message to his friend and former teammate Adrian Beltre the other day. It said, "Hey, give me the Gold Glove." Beltre returned the text: "You can have one of the two I have." Lopez laughed. Hey, maybe he can get his own Gold Glove. " ------ ""He is committed to being the best third baseman he can be," Mariners coach Steve Hecht said after a 30-minute session with Lopez prior to a Mariners game against the Royals. "Adrian would want you to hit bucket after bucket of balls at him in Spring Training, and Jose is doing the same thing. "It's great. It really is. I just keep hitting balls to him until he says 'stop.'" That has been about 100 balls on the days the Mariners take early batting practice. " I think it's fantastic that he seems to care about it so much.

Ragball: Spring Training is Serious Business


It's times like these I think that it's good to remember, in spite of injuries, in spite of various players seeming to underperform, in spite of all the questions I can ask about the construction of the 25-man, I still kind of love this team. "Milton Bradly managed one team and wound up throwing first base. Chone Figgins managed the other team and engineered a late trade - catcher Adam Moore for 7-year-old Teven Griffey. Ichiro Suzuki swung right-handed. Casey Kotchman played shortstop, Mike Sweeney left field and at one point Eric Byrnes stormed off the field calling the proceedings 'a mockery of the game!'" ----- "The Mariners staged an odd ragball game on the half field in Peoria, with rules that included running from home plate to third base - not first - after a hit, batting from the opposite side and bribing umpire Josh Bard. That last part was key: Bard ruled a Franklin Gutierrez home run did not count because Gutierrez hadn't stepped on home plate - after he clearly had. And, with Bradley's team ahead, 7-2, in the final inning, Sweeney hit a solo home run - then called in five pinch-runners and circled the bases for a six-run home run."

Mike Carp optioned to Tacoma


Someone cares, certainly, but no one should be surprised in this. More cuts probably on the way after we get done with the last split-squad game of the Cactus League season.

They probably could come up with a better picture of Byrnes, but this does have some "write your...


They probably could come up with a better picture of Byrnes, but this does have some "write your own caption" potential. It's from an article on him in the Everett Herald

Fangraphs: Moore Analysis


Bryan Smith, reputable prospecting type, discusses Adam Moore and proposes that he could be a 2 WAR catcher, and has a 1 WAR "floor". Incidentally, that was roughly what I was aiming for in the Annual, excepting the fact that I opted to use more traditional metrics in an effort to make it "accessible."

USSM: March Minor League Roundtable


marc w, JH, and I spend 3500 words talking about breakout candidates and player development issues. I'm as overwhelmed by this as anyone. Cue Matthew saying I write a lot in 3... 2... 1...

Poz Likes M's in the West


He also lists Felix and Lee as the top two 1-2 in the division (not surprised), Figgins as the best third baseman, and Ichiro as the best right fielder, and Hunter over Gutierrez in center, which is, uh....

Out of [Left-handed] Options


Some people seem to be confused as to who on the M's is out of options and who isn't, so I did the research. Marvel, everyone, as I use nearly a thousand words to come to conclusions many were on board with already.

'10 M's Media Guide .pdf available


Credit to Churchill on this. Try not to crash his server. Now compiling my list of int'l signings previously unreported.... Looks like the M's signed players from Curacao, Colombia, and South Africa which I wasn't previously aware of.

The '09-'10 Offseason and Player Development


Remember the Kirby Arnold article from the other day where he was talking about the training camp the M's are running for their minor leaguers right now? Well, I finally got around to writing about it, after figuring out how best to frame it. (toot toot)


BA's Top 10 Mariners Prospects

Remember when we were saying that you could start pretending the lists were legit once BA's came out?   Well, here we go...   1. Dustin Ackley, of/1b 2. Michael Saunders, of ...

Rosenthal: Long-term Felix deal being discussed


The Mariners have initiated long-term contract discussions with right-hander Felix Hernandez, but the two sides are far apart, according to a major-league source. Hernandez, 23, is two years away from free agency. He is happy in Seattle, the source said, but willing to continue going year-to-year in arbitration and then seek a CC Sabathia-type contract on the open market. Sabathia signed a seven-year, $161 deal with the Yankees last winter. The average annual value of that contract is $23 million. The Mariners are believed to have offered Hernandez a four-year contract in the $45 million range. Such a deal would cover his final two years of arbitration and first two years of free agency. Hernandez earned $3.8 million last season and finished second in the American League Cy Young Award balloting. His salaries in arbitration could rise to $7 million next season and then $10 million in 2011. Add two free-agent years at $23 million, and his goal in a four-year deal likely would be above $60 million. He also could seek a longer term — say, six years — and a total package of more than $100 million.

Chapman fires agent, hires Hendricks bros.


A bit surprised, considering that his previous agent had been touting him as a left-handed Strasburg (inaccurate) and suggested he could get a $60 million dollar contract. Why not just go with Boras and get double that? Also, considering the other guy, no name that he is, had been negotiating for months now, that kind of… sucks for him. The Hendricks Bros represented Roger Clemens and Jay Buhner, along with current guys like Andy Pettite and Kendry Morales. I would say that if you were holding out hope that the M’s were going to do something here, that might be diminished now. Personally, I think he’s interesting, but not worth nearly as much as he wants. He’s not polished enough to deserve it.

'09 40-man Preview Extravaganza


(toot toot) I'll field questions in either place if I have to. Dave and I are getting into a debate with a third poster over whether it makes more sense to add marginal prospects because there's nothing else in our system that's nearly ready.


It's Friday, 10/23/09, and we need another OTFPOTD

The recent OTFPOTD has exceeded the critical mass of 1000+ posts.  I was going to save this one for Monday, but eh, I've never done one of these and I'm way overdue anyway.Possible Questions:* Fall...

Onion: Sabermetrician Claims There is No Such Thing as Baseball


You can tell it's an Onion article because, at the end, the Sabermetrician watches a game.


Mavericks Play 21-inning Game

The High Desert Mavericks just won against the Stockton Ports.  It took them twenty-one innings.  The game laster about hours and forty-five minutes.  It was suspended at five hours and fourteen...


Ichiro Gets Seven Hits in One Game

Ichiro Gets Seven Hits in Minors Action   Mariners right fielder Ichiro Suzuki was the leadoff hitter for both teams in a five-inning Rookie League intrasquad game on Thursday afternoon in...


Burke Non-tendered

Press Release The catching depth on our 40-man makes this not so surprising, and I think Zduriencik has enough sense to go with Clement.  Johnson is also a possibility, but I can't see them...


Dickey Time is over

The TNT Blog says that the M's moved R.A. Dickey off the 40-man today, and he has a right to refuse assignment to the minors in order to become a free agent.  The M's also took off Sean White,...

Heartened by my recent success (loosely terms) at MSPaint, I present to you the thought that goes...


Heartened by my recent success (loosely terms) at MSPaint, I present to you the thought that goes through my head every time I see that damned meme.

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