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I am a passionate martial arts practitioner and striking analyst. I write for BloodyElbow and my own website

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Greatest Knockouts of the 1950s: Part 2


Jack Slack and Zombie Prophet team up to share with you some of the finest finishes of the 1950s.

Jimi Manuwa's Face Breaking Double Threat


Jimi Manuwa looked phenomenal in his UFC debut at UFC on Fuel. Utilizing a double threat Manuwa was able to herd Kyle Kingsbury into his hard punches, scoring an impressive stoppage against a...

The trouble with Stefan Struve


Stefan Struve has an 84 inch reach yet is continually out boxed on the feet for the majority of his fights. Jack Slack takes a look at what Struve doesn't do that he perhaps should.


Greatest Knockouts of the 1950s Gif-tacular

Hey guys, I wrote another boxing piece with the assistance of Zombie Prophet, our resident gif master, so I thought I'd bring it over! Hope you don't mind clicking the link and as always all...

Greatest Knockouts of the 1950s


The 1950s are considered part of the Golden Age of Boxing and a great many spectacular knockouts took place during the decade. We look at a few from fan favourites such as Rocky Marciano, Archie...

How Gilbert Melendez Out Boxed Tatsuya Kawajiri


Gilbert Melendez has some of the best boxing in Mixed Martial Arts. Jack Slack breaks down why it proves so effective.

Is Jon Jones' Reach An Unfair Advantage?


The meeting between Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort was in many ways one of the strangest bouts in recent years, but in most ways was exactly what I and most others expected. Aside from Vitor...

Jon Jones' Toolbox - Spinning Elbows

Jon Jones' spinning elbows have become infamous and appear in almost all of his fights. Jack Slack breaks down how Jones does it ahead of his UFC 152 meeting with the Brazilian middleweight, Vitor...

Finish of the Week: Peter Aerts' High Kick

Jack Slack examines the striking technique of kickboxing legend, Peter Aerts.

Killing the King: Jon Jones


UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones has looked unbeatable in all his Octagon showings. Jack Slack analyses the weaknesses in Jon Jones.

Andre Ward Vs Chad Dawson: A Technical Perspective

Andre Ward knocked out Chad Dawson in emphatic fashion in their recent boxing match. Jack Slack examines how Ward was able to land so freely.


Ward Vs. Dawson: A Technical Perspective

Hey guys, Instead of this week's Finish of the Week I wanted to take a look at Ward vs Dawson because it was simply sublime. Hope you don't mind clicking the link and as always all feedback is...

Judo Chop: The Strengths of Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort has been given little to no chance against the UFC's Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones. Jack Slack examines some of Belfort's strengths and why you might want to re-assess his...

Judo Chop: The Weaknesses Of Vitor Belfort


Vitor Belfort fights Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title at UFC 152. Jack Slack examines some of Belforts weaknesses.


Finish of the Week: Mike Tyson's Shift

Hey guys, I wrote another piece on a boxing match and the last two boxing pieces that I wrote were so well received that I thought I'd bring this one over too! Hope you don't mind clicking the link...

Judo Chop Finish of the Week: The Mike Tyson Shift

Mike Tyson was one of the greatest boxers in heavyweight history. Jack Slack breaks down one of Iron Mike's signature moves.

Jon Jones' Toolbox - Oblique Kick

Jon Jones meets Vitor Belfort at UFC 152. Jack Slack breaks down one of Jones' favourite techniques - the Oblique Kick.


Elementary Striking Table of Contents

Hey guys, just finished the wordy portion of Elementary Striking, my second book, and will be commencing photography this week. I wanted to share some of the contents with you - more stuff will...

Judo Chop: Chuck Liddell's Overhand and Left Hook

Chuck Liddell modernized striking in the UFC and MMA in general, Jack Slack examines some of the Ice Man's offensive skills.

Finish of the Week: Glover Teixeira vs Marvin East

Glover Teixeira takes on Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson at UFC 153. Jack Slack examines Teixeira's destruction of Marvin Eastman.

Why Machida Was Right, Jones Was Wrong, And Belfort Is Intriguing


Jon Jones now meets Vitor Belfort at UFC 152. Jack Slack examines why Lyoto Machida was right to turn down the title fight, Jones was wrong to turn down Chael Sonnen, and why Vitor Belfort is an...

Fight Like Dos Santos: The Left Hook

Junior Dos Santos is the best boxer in MMA. Jack Slack shows you how to throw your left hook like the UFC Heavyweight Champ.

Judo Chop Finish of the Week: K-1 Classic


Jack Slack examines a kickboxing classic with a brutal finish in this week's edition of Finish of the Week: Jerome LeBanner vs Mike Bernardo from K-1.

Judo Chop: Defusing the H-Bomb


How will UFC champion Jon Jones attempt to counter Dan Henderson's volatile right hand? Jack Slack speculates over the Jackson's MMA gameplan.


Finish of the Week: Ray Robinson vs. Gene Fullmer

Hey guys, Been a while since I posted here but Examining Joe Louis went down so well that I thought I'd bring this one over. Finish of the Week is just something that I introduced to talk about my...

Judo Chop Finish of the Week: Sugar Ray Robinson


Sugar Ray Robinson's finish of Gene Fullmer is the prototype for countering the right hand swinger. Jon Jones could have great success against Dan Henderson in their title bout with his left hook....

Judo Chop: Donald Cerrone's Switch Kick


At UFC 150 Donald Cerrone knocked out Melvin Guillard with a beautiful switch kick to the head. Jack Slack breaks down this technique and Cerrone's history of using it.

Judo Chop: Frankie Edgar's Signature Takedown


Frankie Edgar possesses some of the best takedowns in the lightweight division despite being a small lightweight himself. Jack Slack examines how Edgar sets up his brilliant takedowns.

Judo Chop: Out-Striking Frankie Edgar Again


Ben Henderson and Frankie Edgar will meet for a second time at UFC 150. Jack Slack examines how Henderson beat Edgar the first time and whether he can do it again.

Judo Chop FOTW: Dan Henderson & Rocky Marciano


Dan Henderson and Rocky Marciano share the same right hand led style. Jack Slack examines Marciano's most memorable performance.

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