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Projecting the 2011 Mets: What Do You Think?

I'm trying to get a sense of where folks think the team as currently constructed is likely to end up. Are we contenders? Pretenders? Somewhere in between? I'm also fascinated by the idea of "the...

Rumor: Reyes, Beltran, and Mejia to D'Backs for Upton and Drew


Ah, Enticing Rumor.: Yowza. Considering I see Mejia's likeliest future as a good reliever after he can't quite cut it as a starter, this seems like a no-brainer. The Mets get Upton who, iirc, is signed for around 5/50 and even with the blip in 2010 has the first two years of a HOF career in the bank, and Drew's a solid SS who's starting to get expensive but hardly prohibitively expensive. Drew will get something like 7m, Upton's AAV is 10m, and that's Beltran's 2011 salary. So, the Mets are dumping Reyes' salary and Reyes and Beltran's production in 2011 for two guys who are likely to be a lot better than they will in 2011, plus five years total of the production of two good players at below market prices, all for Jennry Mejia. I've purposely avoided RTFA, but there has to be more to it than this unless Arizona is simply on some insane salary shedding experiment. I will miss Reyes, however. A lot. But, talk about a fresh start!


Carlos Beltran's Fate

I've been trying to get a handle on Carlos Beltran's projection for the 2011 season. What you think Beltran will be able to do on the field and how reliable you think your projection is has a great...


Mr. Alderson's Challenge

I won't have the time this week to write up more than what follows, but I'd really like to push the notion early this offseason, before fan opinion to the contrary gels, that the Mets can compete,...


The Wisdom of Jerry Manuel (with thanks to Phil Rizzuto)

When asked about Lucas Duda's future with the Mets Jerry Manuel replied as follows. The text is Manuel as quoted by at...


Wright and Reyes: We've Got Problems. Real Problems.

By writing this I understand I'm taking my life in my hands, but it's important for Mets fans to acknowledge that Wright and Reyes are giving many indications of no longer being the players they...


What the Hell are the Mets doing with Mike Pelfrey?

I had originally titled this piece, 'What's the matter with Mike Pelfrey?', but the answer to that is less knowable to me and therefore of less interest to me for the moment, than the questions...

Time for Ike Davis to Sit Awhile


From May 10th through tonight, July 26th, Ike Davis has put up numbers at the plate that might make Jeff Francouer blush. Davis's slash line over his last 286 plate appearances is a dismal 235/ .294/.420/714. Last year, the year Daniel Murphy's hitting convinced every last one of us his bat couldn't play at 1B Murphy was better than Davis has been this year since the league got a look at him. Murphy hit .266/.313/.427/741, so even if you want to take Davis's line for the full year, .249/.322/.442/.764, it's still only a shade better than Murphy's unfortunate 2009. There's no reason to be certain that Davis won't eventually learn to hit major league pitching. That he's halted his slide for the last three and a half weeks is a point in his favor. But what a lot of us forget is that when Davis was pressed into action early this year, after Murphy was injured and Jacobs and Catalanatto proved they could no longer hit major league pitching, Davis had *fewer than 300 PAs above single A ball* in his resume. While there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic about Davis's future, his serious lack of experience at the upper levels is not one of them. The Mets, currently 50-49, are in serious trouble. They need to play something on the order of 40-23 ball to have a chance at the postseason. That's not going to happen without significant changes, not to mention a significant amount of good luck. Among the changes the Mets CAN make are getting Thole 80% of the team's remaining starts, putting Dillon Gee into the rotation and seeing if he can swim, playing Havens at 2B whenever he's healthy, and see if Hessman's unfamiliarity to the league's pitchers will let him get lucky enough to rack up a 900 OPS over the next couple of months. I grant that since the beginning of July Davis has stabilized his OPS at right around his season number of 765, but that's not enough from a position from which the average NL team is getting production at a median OPS of 843. Consider, too there are seven teams getting a 900 OPS or better from their starters at 1B. The Mets need to roll the dice. Sitting Davis and playing Mike Hessman regularly is one of the things they need to try.


The Mets in 2012

Thanks to everyone who posted on my previous fanpost, The Mets in 2011, and to jgoltser for correcting my error and pointing out that Santana has $5m of each year's salary deferred for seven years....


The Mets in 2011

With all the fascinating talk and optimism and disagreements on this site about who, if anyone, to go after before the trade deadline, I felt obliged to add some cold, hard, and not terribly...

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