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EXCELLENT fanpost on "how much we should take from OTAs and mini camp" EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS

This post was made by someone I HIGHLY respect among the football community at SB Nation. His name is slotmachineplayer, and he is a pats fan. HOWEVER, the guy is super intelligent, has a great...


Jack's Mock Draft 2.0

Back in January of this year, I posted a mock draft and it was fairly well received. I said I was going to do one after some of the free agency noise has died away for us, so here it goes. THE...


Is an OT at #5 really such a bad idea?

For a while, I thought the top 5 pick deserves to go to IMPACT players. Skill position players who make huge impacts in games that get special attention from the other team, whether that be double...


All this complaining is completely pointless

I could not figure out a better title, and I am very tired right now. I'll be making two points in this article: one about franchise QB, and the other about the rebuilding So a lot of...


All Defense Philosophy

This is an all defense post, where I will explore getting some defensive free agents as well as drafting defense. I'll be using over the cap as my source, and according to them, Oakland has an e...



This has nothing to do with football, but I have tried multiple facebook pages, and survey monkey, and I still have only 8 (if I am generous) people who have participated. I wish to have at least...


Patriots Cap Situation- and what it means for free agency

According to overthecap, we have about 6.5 million to spend this year. I'm sure everyone here knows that when you have that low amount to spend, you are going back to the bargain basket to sign...


Jack's Mock Draft v1.0

This will be my first mock draft of the offseason, and I will make a mock draft after the combine, and right before the draft. 1st Round Pick: David Yankey, OG Stanford or Travis Swanson, C...


Mind over Matter

The Patriots are heading to Mile High against the best offense to come alive since the 2007 Patriots, for a chance to head to the superbowl. Though I should say the #1 seeded TEAM in the AFC, and...


Jack'sAxe Mock Draft v1.0

This is a non-trading mock draft, one pick per round. I'm sure we would get Comp. picks this year as well, but I want to keep it simple. NOTE: Make sure to read my descriptions and...


If we want a franchise QB, we have to draft one in Round 1

There are QBs after Round 1 in this draft that I do like, such as Mettenberger and Garapolo. However, statistically, the chances of us finding a franchise QB are GREATLY increased in the first...


Jack's Mock Draft v0.5

A mock draft this early, with no free agency yet, is merely an exercise of scenarios which would look nice. I'll only include the prospect and my initial thoughts on him though, and I'm doing up to...


This Blog has become a Warzone

I believe you all know what I'm talking about with the title. We have experienced this the last few weeks, where someone posts something and it becomes this gigantic argument that has already been...


Is QB the most needed spot to draft?

This is not a post about whether or not McGloin is our starting QB, nor is it a post about which QB we need to draft or look at. This is a post about the expectations when drafting a QB. Most...


This is what I call, a good loss.

I never thought that such a thing can exist. How can there ever be a loss that is considered a good one? The question persists, "What makes a loss feel good?" The answer to that question is...


The official Matt McGloin Meme post

For the sake of conserving the best meme in the NFL, I would love it if everyone posts up as much meme's as possible in this post so we can conserve the awesomeness of the awesome legacy of the...


This is comical

Upon reading the comments of the Buster's list this week, I believe most of our attentions could be understandably directed between two subjects: 1) Pryor is not a buster 2) Levi is an...


Ask a Pats Fan

Hello all! Week 1 has passed by, and we are both still wondering the identity of our teams. I mean we all have an idea, but after week 1, who knows what can happen (pats had a top 3 defense in...


Ask a Raiders Fan

Entering his 2nd season, Dennis Allen is a guy who is on the hot seat, so to speak. Many here are looking for slight improvement over last year's 4-12 record, and give us something to believe in...


Signs that you are a Pryor Hater

After being a member for a long time, I have concluded the following as reasons why you may be a Pryor Hater. Beware, you could have any one of these symptoms: 1. You think Pryor needs to...


Draft Picks and Expectations

There is no doubt in my mind that I am extremely excited about this upcoming season. From preseason, to the off-season, I am an avid football fan from beginning to the end, observing wins and...


Theory on why WRs in the past haven't worked out.

After many years of hoping to draft the next great (or at least good) WR since Branch and Givens, the Patriots may have struck gold with Dobson and Boyce (and even Thompkins, but he is an UDFA)....


Raider fan here. Question about Nick Roach

There are some Raider fans who believe him to be the savior at MLB. The way I see it, he is a cover 2 LB who could fit in our system, but since I can't find any video, I can only go off of stats,...


Some thoughts on the inevitable rise of the Oakland Raiders

There are so many changes this offseason for me, that I would have to take the unknown and spin it in a more positive spectrum. Levi just did a great job breaking down each position and comparing...


Did we actually improve our WR corps?

This is a half pump up post, and a half serious one. The WR group this offseason has been one of, if not the biggest, storyline in regards to training camp and possible roster for the season....

A Look at the Patriots Offense w/o Hernandez

Pats have dominated with the 2 TE attack since 2010. Now, they will likely be without Gronk for a few weeks, and now Hernandez has been released after getting arrested. It's really an...


DL Patriots Pump Up.

Since almost every other site has a user who over sells there team, I'd figure I'll do the same. It's the offseason. A time where everyone gets optimistic about their roster, and positions....


Who wants to join the Pats Pulpit Draft War Room?

I volunteered myself to pose as the GM of the Patriots for this upcoming SB Nation Mocking the Draft. This is going to be a huge event, so naturally there are a list of things I need to bring up...


And the award for best sleeper WR in the draft goes to......

Courtney Gardner, Sierra College via media.scout.com I was looking around on twitter feeds, and I noticed someone said something about a WR named Courtney Gardner that looks really...


Reaction to Welker leaving the Pats

I'm not going to hide it. I'm angry. Angry and pissed off that the Pats let Welker go because of a difference of ONE million per year. Brady restructured his contract so we can sig our guys. Well?...

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