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Denver Post screws up

I saw that headline in the paper this morning and I definitely did a double take. I doubt it's Dater's fault because the columnists usually don't write their own headlines, or at least don't check the final version. Dater probably sent it to the editor with the headline "Jones earns top six position" or something like that, and the editor decided it needed to be more specific.

Number 3 is Shatty, 25 is Colby Cohen. Hopefully we see some of this from both of them soon enough...

Number 3 is Shatty, 25 is Colby Cohen. Hopefully we see some of this from both of them soon enough (or as soon as Shatty gets called back up)


Help with my (serious) fantasy team

OK, so here's my roster. My league is very competitive, so I can definitely say that Datsyuk isn't going anywhere unless I get something really awesome in return. C Stamkos C Datsyuk LW Marleau LW...


What would you like to see change in the NHL?

Rules or otherwise. Here's what I'd like to see: 1 It would be cool if teams would switch it up a little on their jerseys by wearing their white jerseys every once in a while at home. It's pretty...


Avs/Blues game from somebody who was there

So I saw the Avs in action for the first time this year against the Blues tonight. Got my first look at Cohen, Shatty and the rest of the rookies. I'll tell you what I noticed from them. We'll see...

I thought Matt looked like a paid assassin getting ready to go on a job here. But the real reason...


I thought Matt looked like a paid assassin getting ready to go on a job here. But the real reason I'm posting this is to ask what happened to my fanshot from earlier. And how come there haven't been any comments on fanshots for like...3 days. MHH is looking like a black hole right now.

Kari Lehtonen's new mask

My take: A very wise move by Lehtonen. Now his mask will be able to roundhouse kick pucks away from the goal when they're close to his head.


Another Avalanche Marketing Failure

So I meant to post this yesterday but completely spaced it.  I was watching the Rockies game on Monday on TV, and before the game they were listing off the sponsors, just as usual. But I was...


NHL11 complaints and glitches

This'll be my last NHL11 thread. Promise. But I have too much to say to jam it into the old thread... OK, so here's what I've noticed so far: 1. The Pre-Unipron Avs jerseys are still screwed up....

I just found this. I could't resist sharing.


I just found this. I could't resist sharing.


The Official NHL11 Discussion Thread

Mine was preordered but because I didn't want to shell out for the $20 same day shipping, it won't be here til later this week. So for anybody who has it already, MY question is, what's your...


TV Schedule Discrepancy...

I was just flipping through the headlines on the Avs website and I saw that Altitude and Altitude 2 are broadcasting 76 games this year. Great, I thought, they're actually going to butt out and let...

Just because it never gets old.

Just because it never gets old.


"If the Avs were tied..." Scenarios regarding new tiebreaker rule

OK, so here's what would have happened in 2009-10 and in 2006-07 (When the Avs missed the playoffs by one point) if they had been tied with Calgary in both situations. I'll start with this season....


Who else got their season ticket gifts?

A gigantic hockey stick spatula and an Avalanche grilling apron, complete with Reebok piping. Who else finds themselves wondering how much the Avs wasted on this stuff? I mean, the spatula is made...


I have come to the realization that I am currently hockey-deprived

I came to this conclusion after getting just as pumped up for tonights replay of Game 7 of the 01 finals as I would for a current game. Although, in my defense, I knew the NHL Network would have...

The Shoulder Patch Playoffs Are Here! VOTE! VOTE!

OK, in the round robin stage, you guys jumped the Avs all the way from 7th in the group to 3rd, giving us one of the 4 playoff spots for group A. But we're up against Johnny Canuck in round 1 of the playoffs, and they're one of the favorites to win the tournament, so VOTE. Let's see an upset! The poll will be up tomorrow (Monday) morning at that link!

Avs Rebrand Concept

Read the first post so you get what he's doing, then go find the Avs, about halfway down on page 5. I like that he brought back the mountains but did them differently than the old jerseys. It's distinctly new, but it brings back what was possibly one of the most unique (good unique, not bad unique) jersey elements in sports. The home and aways do seem to feel a little blank though, so maybe some black "pit stain" patches could be added. Other than that, I like them all. Especially the thought of using the foot logo as a primary on the 3rd jersey. Although for that to work, they would have to bring back Howler.

Random thought from my head: Who else misses John Kelly?

Sorry, Mike, but every time I think of a Joe Sakic goal I still think of John Kelly's "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" Afterthought: How come Mike Haynes has gotten so much.....calmer.....since coming to TV. McNab slipping horse sedative into his coffee? Perhaps. Probably the only thing strong enough to do the trick.

Vote Avalanche in the Shoulder Logo Tournament!

Well you guys seem pretty much dead during the off season, so I'll give you something to do. Vote up the Avs Shoulder Patch in the ToSL! They are currently 7th out of the 10 logos in Group A of the tourney, getting beaten even by Florida's monstrosity that is the stick and palm tree crossed over the sun. It's somewhat embarrassing. I wish I had brought this to your attention sooner. Just something to bide your time while the Mr. Sherman is taking a nap in his office chair.

Thoughts on Canucks new jerseys?

Apart from the extremely awkward-looking photoshoot, I like em. Too bad the NHL's gonna make them add a nameplate.

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