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Clippers sign Maalik Wayns to 10-day contract, according to report


"The 6'2, 21-year-old guard scored 2.5 points per game on 24.2% shooting from the field in 21 games with the Sixers -- which equated to a PER of 1.5 and a true shooting percentage of 34.2 -- but he produced well over nine games with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers in the D-League. During his stint with the Vipers, Wayns played 22 minutes per game and scored 12.4 points on 44.6 percent shooting and 38.2 percent accuracy from beyond the arc to go with 3.0 assists and 2.8 rebounds."


(Onion) Locker room issues: Blake Griffin caught Chris Paul throwing lobs to Lamar Odom

Looks like there could be drama happening in Lob City. Apparently Blake Griffin is heartbroken after finding out Chris Paul has been throwing lobs to Lamar Odom. Did I hear somebody say menage...


The Sterling Lounge: Week of 11/05

Welcome to Clipsnation, the Sterling Lounge edition. Your host is PVMike, the one with the blue sweater vest. If he doesn't greet you at the door, please report him to his manager and the matter...

Kenyon Martin would sign with the next team that calls


Get 'er done, Neil! No really though, I'd still much rather have Kenyon than Ryan Hollins. I enjoyed his ferocity from last season and it's nice knowing he wants to win and won't accept anything less of it.


The Sterling Lounge: Week of 10/15

Following up on the legendary twistedwrister, somebodies got to open up a thread for everybody this week. Last week we had special guest appearances from Koshu and dooder, much thanks to our live...


ESPN's ranking of Clippers players

I'm going to post the rankings of ESPN's ranking of each player on the Clippers in this thread. The final tally is in. A few things to note is that Kobe has moved up a spot, but is still only #6. ...


Just some random thoughts and a late lightbulb...

[Note by John Raffo, 09/26/12 9:10 AM PDT ] Thought this little ramble deserved a little front page love. Enjoy citizen JackduhSun's musings on the joy that is having Chris Paul on the Clippers.... ...

2k13 Cover featuring Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and yours truely, Blake...


2k13 Cover featuring Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and yours truely, Blake Griffin. http://www.sportsgrid.com/nba/nba-2k13-cover-players/

"Clippers night" at Dodger stadium


The title is a bit misleading as it has nothing to do with Clipsnation, but for those that are Clippers-Dodgers fans might enjoy this. I'm thinking of attending, but it seems like it's only in one section (RF Pavilion.) Any other Clipsnation citizen considering attending?


My magical season...

This season just didn't feel as magical to me as it could have...I know, I'm nitpicking right now. We just came from one of the best seasons in the history of Clipper universe. We acquired a true...

Chauncey Billups' sage advice helps inspire Clippers


Some quick quotes "Injured point guard Chauncey Billups has returned to the Clippers' bench for the last five home games, and L.A. has won all of them. 'Just giving little words of wisdom is definitely well-received,' assistant coach Robert Pack says." "When a man is subbed out, he often pulls him aside and offers words of advice. He has told Chris Paul to be more aggressive. He has advised Randy Foye on when to shoot. His suggestions seem to be working."

Neil Olshey downplays likelihood of Clippers making a trade


"We're not going to give up our remaining assets unless it makes an impact acquisition. Otherwise we're just being mediocre." "The needle will move more once we accept that this is our team," Olshey said. "While we are a work in progress and we're trying to win a championship, we're [only] going to make good moves." Making a deal now, Olshey suggested, "takes away your ability to get better next summer, when you really need to get better. [So] why would you do it?"

A bit more information on the Clipper Darrell feud(Yahoo)


I'll admit as much as Wetzel attempted to balance out the article, the article was skewed in favor or Darrell Bailey. But me posting this isn't in an attempt to claim who's right and wrong again (we all know that the Clippers have the right to protect their franchise name and that the Clippers organization has done a terrible job in handling this), what I would like to bring up is the amount Bailey has claimed to have made ($7,500 in 18 years.) Now I'll admit that Bailey's word isn't the most honest, but nor is the Clippers. Somewhere in this article though, there has to be a middle ground though...right?

Bulls lead Butler suitors


Here is the situation from what I've seen over the web: (to add onto the article) From teams that are offering Butler an estimate of 5 million: Butler prefers Bulls over San Antonio From teams that are offering Butler an estimate of 7 million: Butler prefers LAC over New jersey. From what it says in the title, seems like thus far, Bull's is leading the race for Butler.

Report: Chris Paul says he will not extend with Clippers, Warriors [doesn't mean he won't resign though]


David Aldridge at NBA.com reports: "Chris Paul will not commit to signing a contract extension after this season with either the Golden State Warriors or Los Angeles Clippers if he is traded to either team by the New Orleans Hornets, citing the potential financial hit if he were to do that rather than becoming a free agent and signing a new deal with a new team next summer, according to league sources. That has left potential deals with both teams in limbo…. The Clippers, for example, are very reluctant to include the unprotected first-round pick from Minnesota they currently own in any deal with New Orleans — which is understandably holding out for the maximum amount possible in exchange for its franchise player — under the current scenario."

ESPN: Chris Paul, Dwight Howard trade ideas


ESPN INSIDER but a glimpse for those who don't have insider and a few speculations are as follows First trade: "Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu, and Courtney Lee to the Clippers; Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan, Terrence Williams, Brian Cook, Minnesota's unprotected 2012 first-round pick and a future Clippers' first-round pick (2014 or later) to Orlando; Chris Kaman, the Clippers' 2012 second-round pick and a future Clippers' first-round pick (2016 or later) to Houston." Description "The Magic will push hard to get Eric Gordon out of this trade, but I believe L.A.'s offer wins even without Gordon. Jordan isn't quite as good as Lopez, but the draft picks and prospects the Clips can add to this deal are better. Also, Jordan would have to agree to a sign-and-trade to Orlando for this deal to work; there are worse places to end up." Second trade: "Chris Paul, Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza to the Clippers for Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Kaman and Minnesota's unprotected 2012 first-round pick." Description: "As with the Howard deal above, New Orleans will lobby for Gordon and the Clips will resist. Also, as with the one above, Jordan would have to agree to a sign-and-trade...But the real problem for the Hornets is that this deal is only second in the Clippers' "

Griffin Vs Griffin. Keep messing Europeans hair up Blake!


Griffin Vs Griffin. Keep messing Europeans hair up Blake!

Memphis Rookie Vasquez Eyeing Ankle Surgery


"Memphis Grizzlies rookie point guard Greivis Vasquez has an ankle injury that the team's doctors are expected to evaluate this week. The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that Vasquez, a 6-6 player out of Maryland, might need surgery." What a blow to Vasquez. Is this a bigger blow to Vasquez or Memphis? Vasquez still isn't signed and could his hurt his stocks even more with Memphis? Or could this hurt Memphis in the long run because Vasquez won't be on the floor to transition into the game quicker?


A Thank You to djturtleface

Dear djturtleface,Thank you for your dedication here at Straight Outta Vancouver as a writer! I feel as if some SB bloggers don't get enough credibility for what they write, and you my man, seem...


In attempt to redefine how we draft:

In an attempt to redefine whom we draft in this years draft, I want to add that I am not up to date with this years draft as many of the people here in Clipper Nation was.  The last two years, the...

Scott, Vinny Del Negro, and Brown possible candidates for Clippers coaching job. "If James speaks...


Scott, Vinny Del Negro, and Brown possible candidates for Clippers coaching job. "If James speaks favorably about Scott, it could put him more in the mix there. But James is unlikely to sign with the Clippers." "Vinny Del Negro and Mike Brown. Two coaches that were fired after their teams were eliminated from the playoffs, they're reportedly in the mix for the Clippers."


Clippers still eying Brown


Berger writes: "The Clippers, according to sources, remain hopeful of persuading Larry Brown to leave Charlotte for L.A., but pressure is expected to mount on Brown to tell the Bobcats' brass definitively if he's staying or leaving so the team doesn't get shut out in the search for qualified replacements."

Dunleavy cut ties with Clippers for good!


The Los Angeles Clippers and General Manager Mike Dunleavy today have severed ties. Neil Olshey, presently the Clippers’ Assistant General Manager, will assume the duties created by Dunleavy’s departure. -Facebook


Who was your favorite "one and done" Clipper?

Previous to this comment, citizen penguin35 said something that made me think "oh man, I remember that guy."  "…at least we extended Rick Brunson’s career!"  That's right, Rick Brunson, wasn't that...

Sophomore 20: Lopez the new No. 1


Theres no surprise that EJ is our prized gem in this organization. Maybe we overrank our players as many fan does. In this case, Gordon is #9 on the list behind players like Ersan Ilyasova and Jason Thompson. He's also behind Westbrook who's #5. "Gordon's game is improving in almost every aspect. He's becoming a bulldog on defense, fighting for every inch and averaging 1.58 steals per game. And on offense he's getting to the paint more -- and finishing -- which makes him a more effective player. On some nights, he looks like the Clips' best player." What do you guys think? Does #9 do him justice behind guys (in this order?): Brook Lopez, Marc Gasol, Jason Thompson, Ersan Illyasova, Russel Westbrook, Anthony Randolph, Ryan Anderson, and Danilo Gallinari?

MDSR is OFF the Hot Seat According to the Sporting News, Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy was close...


MDSR is OFF the Hot Seat According to the Sporting News, Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy was close to getting canned a few weeks back, but a strong 4-1 showing in the team's last five has team owner Donald Sterling emphasizing he wants to see Dunleavy work with a full healthy roster before he makes a decision on his future. Jax, your also going to love this "2009-10 Coach of the Year Predictions Dunleavy gets one nod "


Minny's pick is ours to keep. Sorry Rubio!

I remember after Ricky Rubio was drafted, there was many people in LA hoping that we could swap the Minny pick they owe us with Rubio.  Well, being an ESPN Insider, it seems like Kahn doesn't plan...


"Kaman would apparently be very happy to get traded to the Detroit Pistons"

I'm not sure how legit  this article from Detrot News (posted on Yahoo) is but here's the link: h...

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