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Report: Bucks trade Salmons, Maggette and 10th pick for Jackson, Udrih, Livingston and 19th pick


The Milwaukee Bucks have acquired Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston, and the #19 pick in the 2011 draft in exchange for John Salmons, Corey Maggette, and the #10 pick.

Bucks will pass on Fredette


This will probably be accompanied by cheers from some...

"The only one I really didn't care for him [to go to] is Milwaukee. I'll be honest ... it came out...


"The only one I really didn't care for him [to go to] is Milwaukee. I'll be honest ... it came out all wrong. [Utah general manager] Kevin [O'Connor] knew about it ... We called them, and it was because in next two weeks I had a feeling we were going to see each other extensively, so there's no reason for that [interview]."

---Max Ergul, Enes Kanter's agent.

Herb Kohl won't seek re-election but reaffirms commitment to Bucks


Senator Herb Kohl won't be seeking re-election in 2012, but he maintains he's as committed as ever to keeping the Bucks in Milwaukee.

Report: Sampson to interview with Rockets


Daryl Morey is not short on interviewees for the head coach position, and Kelvin Sampson is apparently on his list, along with the likes of Sam Cassell and Jack Sikma. No doubt Morey will be looking for someone who matches his admiration for advance statistics, or at least is willing to comply with them, something Adelman apparently didn't do.

More people go to Bucks games than watch them on TV


The Milwaukee Bucks' struggles translated into declining TV ratings in 2010/2011.

The New Economics of the NBA


Obviously as a small market team, there are increasing concerns about whether the Bucks can compete with the big boys in New York, LA, Chicago, Miami, etc. This article focuses on why a player might leave from a small market to a bigger market, from an economic standpoint. Check out the equally excellent 2nd part as well, which details the problems with the NBA salary cap.


NBA Playoffs Thread

Why not?  No Bucks this time around but the Playoffs are still there for you.  As of this time It's Kurt Thomas....Err, Bulls vs. Pacers on ESPN right now. Pacers surprisingly hanging tough. No...

Warm to idea of playing in Milwaukee?


Part of a four part series by J.A Adande about the plight of small market teams in the NBA. Here he takes a look at the Bucks and their situation, but I highly recommend you read the other 3 parts as well.

The Future of Many Bucks Officials Unclear


Many of the Bucks' coaches and staff members could be out of work come July.

Remember those old Fox shows, "When Animals Attack?" The 2010-11 Bucks are "When Advanced Metrics...


Remember those old Fox shows, "When Animals Attack?" The 2010-11 Bucks are "When Advanced Metrics Go Wrong!!!!" They traded for an already overpaid Corey Maggette (an efficient scorer on paper, which apparently made him underrated as long as you never, ever watched him); overpaid Drew Gooden (an efficient rebounder and high-percentage shooter who holds the unofficial record for "most times a player made his coach roll his eyes and look at the scoreboard" since 2000); and took care of John Salmons (who had his inevitable post-contract year swoon). Everything made sense on paper. Which would be fine if this were baseball. But it's basketball: a sport in which five guys have to mesh the right way (a process that often defies statistics), and also, they have to collectively give a crap about the sport and each other.

Bill Simmons on the Bucks troubles. Quite frankly, pretty spot on.

A New Era of Draft Discussion is Born (Post-Playoff Hopes)

   Since the  last thread was pushed away, and because the Bucks just finished the dirty job of digging their own grave, I thought this would be as good of a time as ever to start fresh. Draft...

NBA players’ union leader takes bold stand


David Stern knows where the bodies are buried, y'all.

TrueHoop at MIT Sloan Sports Analytical Conference


For those that don't know, the Sloan Sports Conference is a conference dedicated to sports analytics founded by Rockets GM Daryl Morey. It's forum for anything from statistical analysis to sports philosophy. The ESPN NBA blog TrueHoop did a great job of capturing the conference. One of the more interesting (but somewhat common knowledge) concepts introduced at the conference is the "Mediocrity Treadmill" which basically says that getting a low seed in the playoffs is bad for the future of a team and breeds mediocrity. The Bucks and 76ers are given as examples of these teams. You can see all the articles about the conference on the sidebar to the right.

Andrew Bogut misses practice with ribcage pain, Bucks sign Earl Barron


With Andrew Bogut missing practice due to a rib problem, the Bucks signed journeyman center Earl Barron to a 10-day contract.

Larry Sanders recalled from D-League.


Well that didn't take long.

Goals for the Rest of the Season


Here we go again. As of February 24th, the Bucks stand at 22 wins, 35 losses.  Last year at this same time, the Bucks were 26 and 28, and fresh off the acquisition of John Salmons.  This team...

Hornets "Inquired" about Maggette


Apparently things never took off, though.

Business Insider Interview with Assistant GM Jeff Weltman


Great interview with Bucks assistant General Manager Jeff Weltman, who if you might recall the Bucks almost lost to the Suns last summer.


Draft discussion. (It had to happen sooner or later)

 It wouldn't be a Milwaukee Bucks season without hoping that the ping pong balls roll your way, amiright? If the lottery were to start today, the Bucks would begin with the 9th worst record in the...

In honor of the Bucks not giving us anything else to talk about, I present to you the official...


In honor of the Bucks not giving us anything else to talk about, I present to you the official Corey Maggette flowchart™. Copyright Speedy 2011.

We Win.


We win!  Only 24 attempts!

#FearTheDeer Twitter Notes - January 30th 2011


Hey!  Remember me?  Yes, laziness and other things have gotten in the way, but finally this series makes a triumphant return.    While this season hasn't been very awe inspiring (Maybe in the awe...

Foot problems continue to plague Gooden


Hate to say it, but could see this coming a mile away.

Putting the Bucks' Injury Woes in Perspective


Injuries have been a major component of the Milwaukee Bucks' disappointing start thus far, and the numbers show the Bucks have indeed lost the most games due to injury of any team in the league.

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