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Want to access all 17 weeks of NFL coverage on your computer and mobile devices? If so, Amazon has a great deal for you that includes NFL Madden 25 and access to Sunday Ticket MAX regardless of your television provider.

I apologize for my relative inability to type or properly formulate sentences at the moment, but I thought this deal really was too good to pass up on and too good to not inform my fellow Windy...


The Curious Case of Jovan Olafioye

Suffice to say, I'm a firm believer that our number one priority has to be the offensive line. It's more important than a better TE, it's more important than a middle linebacker of the future, and...


Offensive Line Free Agency: Gosder Cherilus may not be back with the Lions next year

Per Rotoworld Detroit has 2011 first-round pick OT Riley Reiff waiting in the wings for a starting spot along the line, and veteran LT Jeff Backus is under contract for next season. The Lions...

"I love [Rex Grossman] — he's Mr. Unpredictable. He can be terribly unpredictable, but that's what...


"I love [Rex Grossman] — he's Mr. Unpredictable. He can be terribly unpredictable, but that's what I like about him. He's like a trainwreck with balls..." - Mickey Rourke

Yahoo! Sports

Real Talk: Olin Kreutz

"Olin Kreutz is being shown the door over 500k? What an outrage!" This is the refrain I'm seeing repeated ad nauseum in the open threads and elsewhere. Why is this an outrage? He's a 34 year old...

The Difference Between Rivalry And Hooliganism: Green Bay Packers / Chicago Bears Edition


Some words of congratulation for our biggest rivals, and a quick look back at the rivalry between the Bears and the Packers.

How Devin Hester's contract compares to other #2 WRs


Devin Hester Overpaid? Not a chance. Proof that Hester is actually a good deal in today's NFL.


I've created a Monster...Of The Midway

This is almost completely unrelated to the Bears as a whole, so I'll be relegating this to the home of quality posts, otherwise known as the sidebar. I hope you guys don't mind me cluttering up...

NFL Playoffs: Reports Of The Death Of The 4-3 Defense Have Been Greatly Exaggerated


A look at the use of the 4-3 defense, compared to the 3-4, and it's effect on the 2010 NFL playoffs.

Week 17: Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Quick Recap


A quick look at the Week 17 contest between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

2010 Pro Bowl Roster Announcement - Open Thread


2010 Pro Bowl Roster Announcements - Four Chicago Bears Make The Team - Full Rosters Inside

The Bears And The Playoffs: What Chicago Needs to Do to Win the NFC North


The Chicago Bears playoffs chances are starting to solidify in Week 15. We take a look at three of the most likely outcomes.

Blood From A Stone? NFL Owners Cry Poor, Players Cry Foul, And Fans Stand Anywhere But The Sidelines


A look at what the labor dispute means for football next year, as well as thoughts about the NFL's stance in labor talks, and it's relation to the fans coming into the stadium.

Garrett Wolfe Fined $7,500 For Horse Collar Tackle


Wolfe was fined for his tackle on Rock Cartwright during the Raiders return. Although many thought it was a somewhat questionable call, due to the rules change in 2006 the inside of the shoulder pad irregardless of direction of tackle constitutes a horse collar tackle.

Looking for the Bright Side of the Chicago Bears: Pre-Season Game 1


A quick look back at the Chicago Bears first preseason game, and the good things that could be found within it.

Is Kahlil Bell Destined To Be The Odd Man Out Of The Chicago Bears Running Backs?


A quick look at the possibly forgone conclusion of Garrett Wolfe making the Chicago Bears final roster over Kahlil Bell.

The Chicago Bears Have The Best Linebackers In The League.


A look at the Chicago Bears Linebacker group, and why they are the best group in the league.

Brian Urlacher Will Not Enter The Hall Of Fame Without A Super Bowl Ring


A overview of the differences between the Chicago Bears' Brian Urlacher and the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis, and their respective paths into the Football Hall of Fame.

Julius Peppers Isn't The Only Lineman Headed To The Pro Bowl This Year


A declaration that Tommie Harris will be going to the Pro Bowl in 2010 for the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Roulette - The Aftermath


A final look at the Chicago Bears wide receiver group as chosen by the fans, and the final vote for the 7th ST/WR slot.

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Roulette - Round 4 - Droppopotamus Rising


A look at the Devin Hester experiment as a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears. Also, the final round of voting for the Chicago Bears wide receiver roulette.

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Roulette - Round 3


A look at the Chicago Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox, as well as voting on who else should remain on the Bears roster.

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Roulette - Round 2


The second round of the Chicago Bears Receiver Roulette, along with a write up on the first round winner Devin Aromashodu.

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Roulette - Round 1


The first of a few quick polls to determine who the Chicago Bears fans would like to have as our wide receiver group.

The Chicago Bears will win the NFC North for the 2010 season.


The Chicago Bears will win the NFC North for the 2010 season, and a few reasons why.

You Make The Call: Where should the Chicago Bears play Danieal Manning?


A poll gauging the fan opinion of what position Danieal Manning should play for the Chicago Bears long term.

When is Enough Actually Enough in Free Agency?


A quick look at the free agency plays the Chicago Bears have made the past two years, and whether or not they should make any more?

2010 Game Changers: Chris Williams


A look at one of the bigggest game changers coming into the 2010 NFL season for the Chicago Bears: Chris Williams.

Open competition? The Leading Candidates at Left Guard for the Chicago Bears


The Chicago Bears have a hole at LG they need to fill before the season starts, and they think the answer is on staff. Do you?

Sometimes the Job of a Sports Writer is Tough.


A bit of meta-discussion about Brad Biggs's piece involving Chicago Bears wide receiver Rashied Davis.

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