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Which side of the Chicago Bears will be better in 2010? Offense or Defense?


A quick look at the two sides of the ball for the Chicago Bears, and which will be better in 2010.

Chicago Bears/ NFL Draft 2010 - Round 2 and 3 Recap


A quick recap of the second and third rounds of the NFL draft, and the impact it has on the Bears and the rest of the NFC North.

Making the Tough Choice - Free Safety or Guard


The Chicago Bears will be on the clock in the third, which way should they go? Guard or Free Safety?

Dana White on Jim Rome Live right now.


Dana White giving an interview with Jim Rome right now, live.

Soldier Field: An Illustration of Insanity


A look at the issues surrounding Soldier Field, it's terrible turf conditions, and the insanity of the situation in relation to the Bears economic impact on the Park District.


Anderson Silva should not grace another PPV card.

Is Anderson Silva a deserving champion, and an extremely skilled fighter? Of course. I don't think anyone would argue to the contrary, but at the same time he has essentially waged war on any...

Releasing Alex Brown is the Worst Move the Bears Had to Make.


A quick look at why the Bears had to release Alex Brown, even if he is worth three million a year, and why Alex Brown would have had to turn it down even if they had.

Deep Thoughts from a Slow News Week


A quick smattering of views on the news of the week surrounding the Chicago Bears.

Nick Roach named prohibitive starter at SLB.


A quick look at the options the Chicago Bears have at LB after Lovie Smith announced Nick Roach would be taking the starter snaps going into the season.

O.J. Atogwe - A Gamble Worth Making


An indepth look at Oshiomogho Atogwe and his value in the NFL, and why the Chicago Bears and other teams should take a gamble on trying to sign him now.

Could D.J. Moore be a Free Safety?


A quick look at what makes a free safety a free safety, and could the Bears own D.J. Moore be a possible answer at the position?

Top Bears Targets - And why we may be better off missing on Rolle.


A look at the Bears current free safety options in Free Agency, and why missing on Rolle might be a good thing.

Making the Case: Anything but Offensive Line in the 3rd is a mistake.


A quick reasoning of why picking anything but offensive line with the Chicago Bears third round pick would be a mistake.

What Bears Wide Receiver Will Have a Breakout Year in 2010?


We take a moment to examine the wide receivers we have coming into the 2010 season, and into a Mike Martz offense. As well as examing the odds they have of a breakout year.

Should Weather be a Factor in the Super Bowl?


Weather: Should it have any impact on the most important game of the year?

Mr. Martz or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.


A brief look at the things Martz can do differently in Chicago if he hopes to make his stay long term.

NFL Pro Bowl - A Terrible Idea, and Possible Replacements.


A short discussion if why the NFL Pro Bowl is a complete joke, and what we could possibly replace it with.

The Anatomy of a Draft Bust


A breakdown of the anatomy of a draft bust, including a set of rules that if violated increase the risk of a bust.

How Much Hope Do You Have Going Into the 2010 Season?


A poll of the general Bears fan thoughts about their chances going into next season.

The Top Eight Positional Needs of the Chicago Bears


An overview of the positional needs for the Chicago Bears going into the off season.

Looking for the Brightside: Week 17


A quick look back at the final game of the year for the Chicago Bears, a nice little route of their fellow NFC North Detroit Lions.

The case for changing the modern football helmet.


A look at some of the different helmet options that could be used in the NFL, and a look at why they are needed in the first place.

Looking for the Brightside: Week 16


We take a look back at the Week 16 Bears vs Vikings game, and examine a few of the many bright sides in a fantastic Bears win.

Looking for the Brightside: Week 15


A quick look back on the bright spots in the Bears week 15 matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.


Long-Time UFC Sponsor Condom Depot Banned by Zuffa

Long-time sponsor of hundreds of UFC fighters has been banned from the Octagon.

Coaches or Offensive Line - Which is more important to replace?


A quick poll of the thoughts of the Chicago Bears community on our biggest need, new coaches, or a new offensive line.

Looking for the Brightside: Week 14


A quick look back the Week 14 game between the Bears and Packers, and the hope that can be found even in defeat.

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers - Second Half


A discussion thread for the second half of Bears vs Packers on 12/13.

A Rivalry Game At Its Finest: Bears vs Packers


A quick exercise and examination in the cathartic feeling one receives from knocking a rival out of the NFL playoffs, specially when you're the Bears, and they are the Packers.

Looking for the Bright Side of the Chicago Bears: Week 13


A quick look back on the bright sides found in the Chicago Bears's win over the St. Louis Rams in Week 13.

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