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I've been a Braves fan since I moved to Atlanta as a kid in the mid-1980s. Many of my childhood memories were narrated by Skip & Pete (many of the others had something to do with the Simpsons).

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
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The Braves Walk A Lot, And That's A Good Thing


The Braves may lead the NL in strikeouts and homers, but they're also 2nd in walks. The more they've walked, the more runs they've scored.

Batting Strikeout Tracker: Through 50 Games


The Braves continue to match the MLB record-holders K for K, even as they struck out a bit less in the past 10 games.

Batting Strikeout Tracker: Through 40 Games


The Braves are striking out more than ever, but they aren't quite keeping pace with the MLB record-holders.

Batting Strikeout Tracker: Through Game 30


In the third 10-game period, the Braves' strikeouts increased somewhat, though they still could not keep pace with the MLB record-holders.

Batting Strikeout Tracker: Through Game 20


The Braves' strikeout pace falls off a bit in the second 10-game period, though it's still much higher than the franchise record pace.

Braves Strikeout Tracker: Through 10 Games


In the first update to the strikeout tracker, the Braves are only 3rd in MLB in strikeouts, but they're still on pace to shatter the franchise record.

A Brief History of Braves Teams to Start 5-1


This is the 7th time (since 1901) a Braves team has started 5-1. Here's a look back at the previous 6 teams to do so.

Introducing the 2013 Batting Strikeout Tracker


The 2012 Braves set a franchise record for team batting strikeouts. The 2013 team added several high-strikeout hitters. This season, we'll be tracking the team's progress toward a new franchise...

Could This Be MLB's 1st All-20/20 Outfield?


With their rare combination of speed and power, Jason Heyward, Justin Upton, and B.J. Upton have a decent chance to achieve an MLB first.

Extending Andrelton Simmons


The chances are very good that Andrelton Simmons will be at least a solid regular. Extension talks are probably a year away, but it might be a good idea to lock him up now.

Extending Mike Minor


Mike Minor has shown some promise so far in his major-league career, but is that enough for the Braves to risk extending him through his arbitration years?

Age And The Salary Curve


The Braves are in a good situation--most of their payroll is devoted to players who are under 30.

Extending Craig Kimbrel


He owns the highest strikeout rate in history, but can a case be made for offering Craig Kimbrel a contract extension at least through his arbitration years?

Extending Kris Medlen


If future Kris Medlen is going to be anywhere near as dominant as 2012 Medlen, the Braves would do well to sign him to a long-term extension. Such a deal carries significant risks, however.

Extending Freddie Freeman


Many fans are predicting that Freddie Freeman will break out soon. If the Braves feel the same way, they may want to lock him up to an extension now, before his value skyrockets.

Extending Jason Heyward


With Chipper Jones retired, the new face of the Braves is their 23-year-old phenom, Jason Heyward. What would it take to keep Heyward in Atlanta beyond his arbitration years?

Extending Martin Prado


Martin Prado will be a free agent after the 2013 season. Assuming the Braves would like to keep him beyond next year, how much should they offer in a contract extension?

10 Possible Left Field Stopgap Players


If the Braves opt to acquire a player to hold down left field for just a year, who might they choose? Here's a look at some possibilities, ranging from implausible to "very plausible, but not that...

Durbin & Martinez: Fungible Righty Relief


The Braves' right-handed relievers, aside from Craig Kimbrel of course, were not exactly spectacular in 2012. More like "adequate." Their future outlook is wildly different, though.

Paul Maholm: A Solid Addition


The cost was high to acquire Paul Maholm from the Cubs, but he did perform about as well as could be expected for the Braves.

Michael Bourn: The Braves' Best CF Since Andruw


Despite a second-half slump, Michael Bourn posted solid offensive numbers in his first full season with the Braves. He also brought huge value in the field and on the bases.

David Ross' 2012 Season: Another Excellent Year


For the fourth straight year, the Braves' David Ross combined excellent defense with above-average offense to maintain his title as the best backup catcher in baseball.

What Happened to Brian McCann in 2012?


A look back at Brian McCann's 2012 season, the worst of his MLB career. What went wrong, what went right, and what can the Braves expect in 2013?

Facts About Craig Kimbrel's 2012 Season


Now that the Braves' regular season is over, we can tally the final numbers for the astonishing Craig Kimbrel. Here are a litany of impressive feats that he accomplished this season.

Braves Wild Card Game Strategy


Barring an end-of-season miracle, the Braves will be hosting the NL's inaugural Wild Card Game. How should they construct their roster, and what other moves should they make to maximize their...

Putting Chipper Jones' Last Year In Context


With Chipper Jones entering the final regular-season week of his career, let's compare his swan song stats to those of other great players in MLB history.

Chipper Jones' Best Games Against The Mets


With Chipper Jones' career winding to a close, here are his 10 best performances against his favorite opponent, the Mets.

More Kris Medlen Facts


Since moving back to the starting rotation, Kris Medlen has put up staggering numbers. He's only pitched 104 innings so far in 2012, but his season rate stats, like ERA, FIP, and home run rate,...

Chipper Jones Just Keeps Topping Himself


Chipper Jones' walkoff home run on Sunday was the single greatest play of his long career, by Win Probability Added. It was also one of the most valuable plays in recent Braves history, and in all...

Craig Kimbrel May Be The Toughest Pitcher To Hit... Ever


Craig Kimbrel is on pace to have the lowest hit rate in MLB history. That's just one of many records that the Braves' dominant closer is challenging this season.

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