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I've been a Braves fan since I moved to Atlanta as a kid in the mid-1980s. Many of my childhood memories were narrated by Skip & Pete (many of the others had something to do with the Simpsons).

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
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A Closer Look At The Braves' Win Streak In Kris Medlen Starts


The Braves have won Kris Medlen's last 16 starts, dating back to 2010. This post places that streak in its historical context, and examines what it means for Medlen and the Braves.

The 2012 Braves: Kings Of The Slugfest


The Braves are a perfect 10-0 in slugfests this season, which is easily the best record in MLB. Indeed, the Braves could post one of the best slugfest records in baseball history. (slugfest = both...

Tommy Hanson And The Horrible, Terrible, Actually Kind Of Good Day


Yesterday, Tommy Hanson had a game for the ages, walking 7 and giving up 7 stolen bases (a rare combination). Even more incredibly, he allowed just 1 run in 5 innings. Here are some stats to put...

Three-Pitch Strikeout Rate Leaders & Trailers


Which pitchers and hitters have the highest percentage of their strikeouts ending on just 3 pitches?

The Braves' Chipper Jones And The Best Final Seasons


Comparing Chipper Jones' 2012 season so far to the best final seasons by hitters throughout MLB history.

A Deeper Look At Braves Pitchers' Batting Average On Balls In Play


The Braves' BABIP is quite high, but this is actually entirely due to balls hit on the infield. They've been quite successful preventing runs on balls hit to the outfield.

That Stat Was... 4-Pitch Unintentional Walk Percentage


The answer to Sunday's "Name That Stat" Riddle is revealed...

Name That Stat: What Do These Players Have In Common?


A baseball statistics riddle: given the top and bottom players in an unknown metric, can you guess how the players were ranked?

Chipper Jones And Other 40-Year-Old Hitters In Braves History


In honor of Chipper Jones' 40th birthday, a look at other 40-year-old hitters in Braves franchise history.

Strike Them ALL Out: The Braves' Bullpen Dominance


The Braves' bullpen did something very rare on Saturday night. Well, rare for teams other than the recent-era Braves, anyway.

The Braves' Offense Is Balanced And Productive


A quick look at how the NL's #1 run-scoring offense has been sharing the wealth.

Hitting Homers In Bunches: A Look At Rates Of Multi-HR Games


Despite similar overall HR rates, Corey Hart and Carlos Quentin have multi-HR games much more often than Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton. Is there a reason for this?

Do The Braves' Starting Pitchers Need To Go Deeper Into Games?


The Braves' rotation has done a poor job of pitching deep into games so far in 2012. How much of a problem will this be for the team going forward?

The Braves' Opening Day Lineup Was Interesting


The Braves had 3 22-year-olds in their Opening Day lineup, something that had been done just 3 times in the previous 28 seasons.

How Handedness and Age Affect Speed


A look at the differences between right-handed, left-handed, and switch hitters as they age.

How Many Home Runs Will The Braves Hit In 2012? (Part 2)


Some thoughts about how the Braves' opponents and the ballparks that they play in might affect the team's 2012 home run total.

Triples And Steals: Two Types Of Speed


A look at which hitters are skilled at hitting triples (but not stealing bases) and vice-versa.

Chipper Jones Facts: He Stole Bases, Too


In honor of his retirement announcement, a look at one of the lesser-known aspects of Chipper Jones' greatness: his excellent stolen-base success rate.

How Many Home Runs Will The Braves Hit In 2012? (Part 1)


A look at the projected 2012 home run totals for the Braves' regulars and key bench players.

Number of Durable Hitters and Team Success


A look at how the number of durable hitters influences a team's success in the regular- and post-season.

The Best Names In Braves Franchise History, Part 5


The conclusion to my series on the funnest, coolest, and strangest names in Braves franchise history. Covering 1991 through 2011.

Number of Innings-Eaters and Team Success


A look at how the number of 200-inning-pitched starters correlates with a team's success in the regular season and postseason. With infographic.

The Best Names In Braves Franchise History, Part 4


Part 4 in my series on the coolest, strangest, and most fun-to-say names in Braves history. This post covers the period from 1966 to 1990.

Extreme Ages Among Hall Of Famers


An infographic look at the oldest & youngest Hall of Famers, as well as other age-related Hall of Fame extremes.

The Best Names In Braves Franchise History, Part 3


Continuing my series on the some of the most distinctive, ridiculous, and just plain excellent names in the long history of the Braves franchise.

An Infographic Timeline of 1,500-Strikeout Hitters


A mega-sized infographic exploring the rise in high-strikeout hitters over time.

The Best Names In Braves Franchise History, Part 2


Part 2 in my series on my favorite player names in Braves franchise history. Covers the years 1907-1935.

The Players Who Have Hit 8th (& 9th) Most Often Since 1919


Part of a series on the hitters to make the most starts in each batting order spot, this post examines the 8th (and 9th) spots in the order.

The Best Names In Braves Franchise History, Part 1


Fifteen of the best names from the first 31 seasons of the Braves franchise, from 1876 until 1906.

The Players Who Have Hit 7th Most Often Since 1919


Having tackled the hitters most associated with the 5th and 6th spots in the lineup, we turn to the 7th spot.

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