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I've been a Braves fan since I moved to Atlanta as a kid in the mid-1980s. Many of my childhood memories were narrated by Skip & Pete (many of the others had something to do with the Simpsons).

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
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The Players Who Have Hit 5th Most Often Since 1919


Which hitters in MLB history have batted 5th the most often?

Braves Offense Position-By-Position Breakdown: Left Field


In the final post in the series, I examine the Braves' LF situation, where no change in personnel should still mean an improvement in 2012.

Braves Offense Position-by-Position Breakdown: Center Field


The Braves went through 3 main center fielders in 2011, and none of them were good. 2012 is looking better, though.

The Players Who Have Hit 6th Most Often Since 1919


Inspired by SB Nation's Jon Bois, an exploration of the players who hit 6th the most in their careers.

Braves Offense Position-by-Position Breakdown: Right Field


How did the Braves' right fielders stack up to the rest of the NL in 2011, and how will they do in 2012?

Braves Offense Position-By-Position Breakdown: 3rd Base


Chipper Jones just keeps on going. How did he and the rest of the Braves' 3rd basemen stack up in 2011? And what should we expect from the Old Man in 2012?

Braves Offense Position-By-Position Breakdown: Shortstop


The Braves' shortstops were terrible at the plate in 2011, but just how terrible were they? Also: what can Braves fans expect from Tyler Pastornicky in 2012.

History's Greatest Compilers: Hitters


Which hitters were the greatest "Compilers"--in other words, the players whose peak value was low relative to their career value?

Braves Offense Position-by-Position Breakdown: 2nd Base


How did the Braves' 2nd basemen stack up to the rest of the NL in 2011? Will Dan Uggla bounce back in 2012?

Braves Offense Position-By-Position Breakdown: 1st Base


How did Freddie Freeman compare to his peers in his rookie season, and how will he do in 2012?

Braves Offense Position-by-Position Breakdown: Catcher


Infographic: How did the Braves' catchers stack up with their competition in 2011, and what is the outlook for 2012?

History's Greatest Compilers: Starting Pitchers


Pitchers with relative high career value but relatively low peaks are often called "compilers." Who are the greatest compilers in MLB history?

The Hitters Who Spent The Most Time At The Plate In 2011


One hitter was at the plate for over 15 hours, cumulatively, in 2011. Who was it?

How Bad Was Dan Uggla's Defense In His 1st Season With The Braves?


Before the season, I tried to get a sense of how Uggla's defense would translate to Turner Field. The results? Pretty much what I expected (maybe a bit worse).

Traditional Managing Index Results: 2011 NL


Identifying the most "traditional" managers in the NL using intentional walks and sacrifice bunts. One man runs away with the title.

Traditional Managing Index Results: 2011 AL


Rating each American League manager's style using sacrifice bunts and intentional walks. Who's the most traditional?

How The Braves' Jason Heyward Works The Count, Revisited


A graphical look at how the Braves' Jason Heyward performed in different counts in 2011.

Pop Quiz: The Real First Names Of MLB Players & Managers


Think you what players' real first names are? Find out with this 50-question quiz.

Late Bloomers & Imports: The Best Players To Debut At 28 Or Older


These players didn't get to MLB until they were already past the normal peak age, yet they had productive careers.

David Ross: One of the top Part-Time Players of all time


I wrote an article for Beyond the Boxscore about the best part-time players of all time. Ross ranks 6th among catchers. Former Braves Tony Graffanino and Charlie O'Brien also made the lists.

The Most Valuable Part-Time Players of All Time


This post identifies the players with the best total WAR in seasons with 300 or fewer plate appearances.

Active Players Who Have Worn At Least 8 Different Uniform Numbers


Which active players have cycled through the most different uniform numbers? (Hint: Tomkos)

The Cardinals' David Freese Had The Best 3 Consecutive PAs Of 2011


David Freese didn't just have a great World Series; he had by far the best 3-PA stretch of any hitter in 2011.

2011 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Jason Heyward


Thing we learned in 2011: as it turns out, Jason Heyward is mortal. But even as a mortal, he was still valuable.

2011 Atlanta Braves Player Reviews: Center Fielders


The Braves rotated 3 players through CF in 2011. Did any of them manage to break the team's streak of lousy CF play over the past few years?

Rating Hitters By Passiveness And Aggressiveness


Which hitters are the most passive, most aggressive, and most passive-aggressive in MLB?

The Most Specialized Relievers Of 2011 (By Length Of Outing)


In the Age of Specialization, these pitchers are the most specialized. Short men, long men, and "only an inning, no matter what" men.

Dan Uggla Trade Tree


How the Braves turned Adam LaRoche and 5 minor leaguers into Dan Uggla and Arodys Vizcaino. A trade tree made with bubbl.us. WAR used is Baseball-Reference's version.

Measuring Pace of Games Using Time Per Pitch


If each game had the same number of pitches, which teams would have the fastest and slowest games?

Fly Ball & Line Drive Depths Against 4 NL Playoff Aces


Examining how far balls were hit against four aces: Roy Halladay, Zack Greinke, Ian Kennedy, and Chris Carpenter.

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