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Why Jaguars should NOT draft OT at #2


*DISCLAIMER: sorry it's "messy". Tried cleaning it up but can't via mobile phone.* Even though we have a good idea it's still anyone's guess who the Jaguars are taking at #2 overall if they indeed stay there. Is it Dion "the Swiss Army knife" Jordan? Is it Ziggy Ansah? Even QB Geno Smith can't be ruled out. But, there IS one position that i think SHOULD be ruled out ENTIRELY at the #2 pick. Offensive Tackle. Here's why: Whenever you pick in the Top 5 and even Top 10 your team usually has A LOT of holes and that's none truer than the Jaguars. A matter of fact, some may say it would be easier to list what the Jaguars DON'T need. *The Jaguars 3 most glaring needs are QB, DE, and CB. Yes, in that order. We all know that this a QB driven league and with out a QB that's your Biggest need. Is there a QB in this draft though worthy of the #2 selection? It's very debatable but many would say no. *So, then you look to your 2nd biggest need: a pass rush. Whether that comes from a Defensive End like Ansah or a do-it-all Linebacker/DE Dion Jordan. Both are worthy of a Top 10 selection. Jordan more so than Ansah because Jordan is more "polished" whereas Ansah is raw, athletic freak who is just waiting to be molded. So i think there is where you find your guy with the #2 selection. *CornerBack is also a need for this team because 1) they have no depth on the roster and 2) This is a passing league and can never have enough quality cover-corners. So why not a guy like Dee Milliner? He would be the first CB taken in the Top 5 since Charles Woodson, who Milliner is not. And consider even more importantly that he does NOT fit Bradley's scheme. Milliner does better in zone where as Bradley likes to use a more physical, man-to-man coverage. *And finally to the Offensive Tackles. Is it a need for the Jaguars? Absolutely. Is it such a need that it's worth the #2 pick? absolutely Not. There's quite a few reasons, too. Consider that the #2 pick really should be spent on Premium, game-changing positions (QB, pass rushers). Right Tackle is Not. *Everyone knows we have Eugene Monroe as a staple on the left side and has gotten better each season. It is true that he is in the last year of his deal but ultimately the Jaguars will get something done and if there are breakdowns in negotiations they can always slap the Franchise Tag on him. -It is also true they could always let him walk and have either Joeckel or Fischer as a replacement. But then what are you really accomplishing? You just have a temporary fix at the RT spot for 1-2 years. -People have mentioned moving Monroe over to the right side. Again, you accomplish nothing because after this season or the next, if you tag him, he's gone in free agency still creating a void on the right side. -Good, solid starting RT's can be found in the later rounds of the draft. There are also still 3-4 starting RT's sitting in free agency to be had at a reasonable price. -My last and final point, and one frankly I'm surprised people haven't brought up. Say you do draft Joeckel/Fischer at #2 AND you keep Monroe, kicking your newly drafted tackle to the Right side. What happens to them in 4 years when there contract is up? Do you overpay for them to keep your offensive line in tact? Do you let them walk, Again creating a hole on the right side? I know it's 4 years away but still something to keep in mind. I still think the selection will be Dion Jordan, as it should be.


Dion Jordan was asked about Jaguars on ESPN

by Jags85, Big Cat Country Mar 20 2012, 5:54p

I know those who are fans of Tebow are just licking their lips with the thought of Tebow wearing #15 in Black and Teal. For those who are apart of this Mania, i'm sorry you have to read this but...

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