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A New Yorker who happened to randomly come to becoming a Jaguars fan. Not much else to know about me except that I am obsessed with the NFL draft year in and year out and am hoping to see a new GM in Jacksonville prior to next year's draft.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA New York Knicks
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  • NHL New York Rangers
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New O-Line coach??

I was not planning on posting for at least a month, but I noticed today that Philly fired Juan Castillo as their DC. If I am not mistaken, he was/ is quite a good O-Line coach. Given the lack of...

Let me preface by saying I could not get on a computer since Sunday and have been developing my thoughts since then. I am also going to point out that as usual I could not see the game and so all...

Alfie’s post regarding the length of Gene Smith’s rope really has gotten me thinking the past few days. While I think Shad will give Gene at least another year after this one, I think I have...


Thoughts of one Jaguar fan today

GAAAAAHHH!!!! This team has regressed on defense and is the same terrible offense with the same terrible Blaine Gabbert at the helm. Time to start looking forward to drafting a new QB in NFL Draft...


Jagsrok9008's thoughts on 9/11

by Jagsrok9008, Big Cat Country Sep 5 2012, 5:02p

As we hit the 3.5 hour mark until the 2012 NFL season is underway, I figured I would quickly put together my outlook for this coming Sunday. I will admit I am not incredibly well versed in the V...

Season Predictions on the Eve of Opening Day

Over the past 2-3 days I have gone through every game on the NFL schedule this season, and predicted the winner. Before I put the results, a few things worth noting. If I envisioned two teams...


How I think fans should feel now that MJD is back **EDIT

MJD is back, and based on the childish bickering in the comments for the press conference post, I think there is a lot of confusion as to how fans should feel right now. On the one hand, you have...

As much as I hate the man, I am very grateful to James Dolan, President/CEO of Cablevision (and unfortunately owner of the Knicks and Rangers), because he finally reached an agreement that got me...


My take on what is reasonable to expect from the 2012 Jaguars

As I read through Vicbow's "A Losing Season Would Be OK!!", it dawned on me that while it is not OK if this team has a losing season, it might not be entirely unreasonable to expect a losing...


Still Early Season Prediction

A couple of weeks back I was bored and mocked how I saw the season playing out. I decided t do another as camp opened, and I figure to do one more as the preseason concludes. A Couple of points to...

This was nice to read


I am expecting to get in trouble for linking to Bleacher Report, but considering this very website gets a shout out in the article, I think an exception could be made.


WAY TOO EARLY Season Predictions

I was quite bored this evening so I decided to very quickly predict the outcomes of every single game this coming season and see how whacked out the results turned out to be. Let me just say some...

ESPN: AFC South Predictions


Clayton has 6-10 Kuharsky says Jags probably should do a it better and maybe even finish ahead of the Titans


My issue with college football

Before detailing my issues with college football, let me preface with the fact that I am NOT a college football fan. I view college football primarily as the stepping stone for high school ...

I think this is a nice gesture by the Buccaneers


On a different note, is it only by me, or have the fanshots officially moved to the left side of the page? I liked them where they were.


Jagsrok9008's WAY TOO EARLY Draft Grades

I know it is early to really grade but here is my quick grading of the Jags' 2012 NFL Draft PICK PLAYER COMMENTS GRADE 1.5 Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State I have had ample...


Some Thoughts on the Eve of the Draft

Some very good discussion has gone down on the site in the past days as we near the draft, and a lot of it got me really thinking. I also have been looking around the twittersphere and have read...

2 Round Mock

I put this together in a relatively short amount of time. I think this is a pretty realistic potential draft. TRADESSeattle moves up for Tannehill (7 and 101 for 12 and 43)Jets move up for Ingram...


Another Jags mock and an unrelated question

The following mock is probably extremely unrealistic, but it is a bit different and I like some of the guys I have going - Tannehill falls to 7 and Seattle moves up for him, swapping firsts and...


Can the Jags really afford to do it?

I was thinking about the (unlikely in my opinion) possibility one of those premier players in the draft manages to fall to 7 because Tannehill finds his way into the earl picks. The question that...


"A Bunch of Mocks" Take 3

Not going to name names, but I was prepared to do another edition of my "A Bunch of Mocks" series and I discovered a few days ago someone went ahead and posted a bunch of mocks under the heading...

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