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Marion Trade Agreed To By Memphis, Toronto, Dallas


UPDATE: Now it looks like Orlando is involved due to Toronto looking for a sign & trade with Hedu Turkoglu. Look for the smoke to clear on Thursday. Both the Associated Press and ESPN are reporting...

The Damp Bombshell


Have the Mavericks set themselves up as the prime player in the James/Wade/Bosh 2010 sweepstakes?

"What Do We Do Now?" Open Thread


Trade scenarios. Draft picks. Outline our weaknesses and holes that need filled. Leave your comments below.

What Is Wrong With You People?


Should Mavs fans really be okay with a second round exit?

Two Ways To Win Tonight


A preview of game five between the Nuggets and Mavs.

Quick Look At Game Two


Preview for game 2 of the Mavs vs Nuggets series.

Jake's Mavs-Nugs Series Preview


A preview of the Western Conference Semifinals matchup between the Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets.

Sunday Evening Donut Holes


More observations from game one, and some thoughts on what to expect moving forward.

Are The Mavs Really Peaking?


A closer look at the Mavs final ten games to see if they really are playing their best basketball of the season.

A Tale Of Two Defenses: Mavs v. Spurs


Analysis of the Mavs defense compared to the Spurs.

Did The Window Just Open Again?


Just last week I had resigned myself that the Mavericks were a mediocre team and had to immediately start assessing the season from the perspective of rebuilding, rather than fighting for a title....

Time To Rebuild


First of all, let's not get all lost in the glow of beating up on the Warriors. The Mavericks have proven nothing beyond the fact that they can be inconsistent at this point. My last article I even...

Are We Miami Or Are We Cleveland?


Here we are at the halfway point in the season, and the Mavericks have provided little glimpse as to who they really are other than horribly inconsistent. A look for any kind of season-long trends...

The Good, The Bad, And The ugly


The Good While the Mavs offense and defense are both not nearly as good as they have been in years past in terms of efficiency, they are still above average. Currently, Knickerblogger's stats page...

The Myth Of The Mavs' Improved Defense


A deeper look at the Mavs defense this season.

Who Is Devin Harris?


John Hollinger compares Devin Harris to Kevin Johnson in his Per Diem piece today. I don't think that's accurate. With his drive and dish, drive and score, and drive and pop range of moves, I think...

I Can't Get A Handle On This Team


I've watched the games, and I've examined the stats. I've waited and waited for some kind of trend to show itself, but I can't wait any longer. We're 16 games into the season, and I still don't...

Blogger Northwest Previews


Denver Nuggets Jeremy: Pickaxe and Roll Nick Sclafani: The Nugg Doctor Minnesota Timberwolves Derek Hanson & Staff: TWolves Blog Andrew Thell: Empty the Bench wyn: C...

Central Blogger Reviews


Chicago Bulls Nels: Give Me The Rock Matt: Blog-a-Bull Cleveland Cavaliers Rock: Waiting For Next Year FTS: Fear The Sword David Friedman: 20 Second Timeout Amar...

The Great Smokescreen of 2007-2008


Let's get this out right away: The Mavs are much better than just about anyone is giving them credit for. While they aren't a lock to win the Southwest Division, let alone the Western Conference,...

Southwest Blogger Previews


Dallas Mavericks Jake Kerr: Mavs Moneyball Houston Rockets grungedave and UofTOrange: The Dream Shake   Memphis Grizzlies Joshua Coleman: 3 Shades of Blue New...

Mavericks Blogger Preview


As mentioned in an earlier post, Jeff over at Celticsblog has gathered together bloggers from across the country to write previews of their teams. We are all using the same format, and here is my...

Atlantic Blogger Previews


Jeff over at CelticsBlog has gathered some of the leading blog writers across the country to write previews of the upcoming season. We will, of course, be taking part, but the series is starting...

Jermaine O'Neal Possibilities


With Rick Carlisle in the building, Bill Ingram over at Hoopsworld floated the possibility of a Mavs trade for Jermaine O'Neal of the Pacers during the summer. The centerpiece of his article was...

Carlisle Shores Up Some Weaknesses


While it is trendy to bash Avery Johnson, there is no doubt he is an excellent young coach. Johnson definitely has weaknesses, however, and, looking ahead, it is important to identify Avery's...

An Important Carlisle Endorsement


The one Mavs opinion I was interested in hearing of Rick Carlisle as coach of the Mavericks was Jerry Stackhouse, and David Moore printed that today in the Dallas Morning News. What's so...

Nearly Unbelievable Quote Of The Day


From ESPN's coverage of Mike D'Antoni's situation in Phoenix: Sources close to the situation have maintained for days that D'Antoni does not want to continue coaching in Phoenix if he must...

The Night Avery Johnson Lost The Season, The Team, And His Job


It was December 6, 2007, and for a Mavs team reeling from its worst stretch of the season it was just one more blow. At home against the Denver Nuggets the Mavs were sliced and diced by Allan...

Optimistic Stat-Of-The-Day


Home teams, so far in these playoffs, are 15-4. Being down 0-2 after two road losses doesn't seem quite so bad when you see that the Mavs are far from alone. And when you consider that three...

An Unsolvable Problem?


In the last week of the season, including the home finale against New Orleans, one of the real nagging concerns I had was with Dirk's ankle. Dirk showed that he can still get it done on the...

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