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I am a rabid Ole Miss fan. I follow almost every sport that Ole Miss participates in, except volleyball and softball. I also try to keep up with SEC sports in general as much as possible.

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Ole Miss/ Southern Provide Rain Delay Entertainment


Our baseball team, along with Southern's team, decided to make the rain delay extremely entertaining. I give the nod to our team for better gags, but will let y'all decide for yourselves. Enjoy.

Collierville, TN Football Player


I know this type stuff is typically not posted on Red Cup, but my sisters friend Trey, who is a 15 year old football player, went to the hospital at the end of February and was very sick. He was just diagnosed about two days ago with Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer. He and his family could use any prayers that could be sent up for him. I know Coach Freeze has tweeted him and is praying for Trey. So please keep him on your mind and in your prayers if you feel so inclined. #prayforTrey

Ole Miss Beats No.11 Kentucky


Ole Miss made the highlight of the night with the tough win over the Kentucky Wildcats. Chris Warren and Reginald Buckner also made ESPN's Top Ten plays for Febuary 2,2011 at No. 3 and No. 6 respectively.Chris with his game winning 3 point shot and Reggie with his monster block of an attempted dunk in the second half of the game. Good job Rebels lets take this momentum and keep winning!

DT Shackelford and Korvic Neat Injured


To add to our woes DT Shackelford (ankle) and Korvic Neat (hamstring) are both listed as injured and questionable for the game verse Fresno St. This is not good we really need Shackelford as he has been one of the bright spots on our defense with 11 tackles and 2 sacks. Korvic Neat has been good for a freshman getting 2 receptions for 16 yards and running for 21 yards on 6 carries, most of this racked up against Vandy. Lets hope they both get better, because we could use their talents with the upcoming schedule.

Dexter's Punt Return


Dexter takes it to the HOUSE on a 94 yard punt return against the San Diego Chargers. It is the longest punt return in Kansas City Chiefs history.


A Tale of Two Halfs

I am writing this as an attempt to put together my thoughts and the seeming thoughts of the rest of the Rebel nation on our game yesterday. I think is best to analyze the game from the perspective...

Pride of the South


A little Pride of the South trailer with the playing of From Dixie with Love to get you pumped for Rebel football tomorrow. It is a great listen if nothing else.

Justin Bell Commits to Ole Miss


Justin Bell of Callaway became our newest commitment for our 2011 recruiting class. This gives us two O-linemen from Callaway. Justin Bell as 3-star commit and his friend Aaron Morris a 4-star recruit, who committed to us last week. Looks like we will have a great offensive line for years to come. This gives us 19 commitments now.

Rival's Recruiting ranks sneak peek


Here is a sneak peek of the recruiting ranks that are set to come out next week. Ole Miss is ranked as #10 in the nation right now by Rivals. Only Alabama #2, LSU #3, Florida #8 , and Georgia #9 are ranked higher as far as SEC teams go. Yes these rankings will change a lot between now and February, but it is great to see Ole Miss and Houston Nutt doing so great on the recruiting trail early on.

Arkansas is Crazy Again


It appears that the University of Arkansas and the lunatics of their fan base have gone off the deep end again. Bobby Petrino called out Renee Gork during a press conference for wearing a Gators hat. A day or so later she was fired from Hog Sports radio after Petrino and the fan base showed extreme anger about her choice of headgear. Yes she made a mistake, but it should have only resulted in a reprimand not firing (unless you are in Arkansas).

Powe's Story


I know many of you are somewhat familiar with the trials that Jerrell Powe has gone through, but here is a full length story from CBS Sports on everything he has overcome to become the great football star he is now.

A Comparison of Masoli's Struggle


The Oregonian's Steve Duin does an exceptional write up on what Masoli and Ole Miss have at stake. He also writes about what redemption and perseverance can mean. Give it a look, you won't regret it.

Forbe's Best Colleges Rankings


Here is a fan post I posted on TSK showing the national ranking of colleges in the SEC and how they compare to each other. This rankings are done on the basis of quality education, student achievements, and student experiences. Ole Miss is the 5th highest ranked SEC school.


Forbe's Best Colleges

In a slight break from sports material, Forbe's release their rankings of the best colleges in America today. As usual Vanderbilt is among the best in the nation. However only 2 SEC schools were...

Tig Barksdale No Longer a Rebel


Apparently Tig Barksdale will no longer be a rebel so that he can deal with personal issues. I wish him the best in future endeavors. I don't think this will impact our team for this year as he was seen as a non contributor till next year.


Ole Miss APR

  The NCAA released APR data for coaches and this is how Ole Miss stacks up against the nation and the previous year: Coache's Name Sport Naional APR 2008-2009 Ole Miss...

Th Story Behind Taylor Hashman's Injury


As I am sure some of you know that Taylor Hashman has been in the ICU at the Med in Memphis since Saturday. His injuries apparently resulted from Taylor being punched in the face and then his head striking the ground. My thoughts and prayers are with him, as I hope yours are too.

Jeremiah Masoli's Website


Apparently Jeremiah Masoli has a great PR team working for him. From my brief overview of the site it tells the story form his perspective and points out the numerous errors made by news media in their reporting, some of which has led to story retractions.ED: If a guy has a PR firm working for him, you know he's trying to clean his image up in earnest. I don't think there's any doubt that Masoli is trying to get himself ready for the NFL or even growed up life in general.

Ole Miss Preseason Preview


An interesting look at the keys for success for this season. This preseason site also has us ranked as the 41st overall team in the nation.

Nuttin but Recruiting


I know this is super early in the recruiting cycle, but the Rebels are seem to be going full steam right now with getting Mississippi recruits.


A little History

via Monument to the 11th Mississippi at Gettysburg   On May 4, 1861, the students and professors of the University of Mississippi did what many brave Americans...

The Latest Baseball Bracketology


According to ESPN's bracketologist, Ole Miss has now earned a regional hosting paired with national seed Louisville. If we can maintain this position, we have a chance for a good rematch against Louisville and possibly revenge.

Baseball RPI


With our recent sweep of Mississippi State and current 10 game winning streak, the rebel baseball team has garnered an R.P.I. rank of 17. This is a great move up for the team. If we can keep winning especially against Arkansas regional hosting should be at hand.



I stole this from Team Speed Kills. Its a statistical look at SEC Football for 2009 in conference play. Ole Miss has the best offense for this past year statistically.

I think this is appropriate for Dexter McCluster's walkout music!


I think this is appropriate for Dexter McCluster's walkout music!

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