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I am interested in basketball from an analysis perspective. Primarily understanding the mechanics of what makes players successful.

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Current cap space (update: Sham)

Sham has released his numbers for the Bulls salary cap. I don't know how he does it, but he tends to be really accurate. He must have MI-6 spy on Reinsdorf.

Bulls' remaining cap space: $19,721,556 as of the morning of July 8th. This assume Boozer's deal...


Bulls' remaining cap space: $19,721,556 as of the morning of July 8th. This assume Boozer's deal to be $76mil / 5 yrs as reported by KC and additionally that Boozer signed a maximum ascending contract starting at $13,103,448. This factors in 5 cap holds at $473,604. So we have ~$22 million to sign 6 players onto a team that is already 5.5 deep (I think Johnson will break-out, but I won't bet on it).

Salary cap faq Previous post KC tribune article

Quick Cap Calculations + JJ rumor thoughts

I think most people who care have already figured these numbers out, but it's nice to have it down in print. I am referencing an old post of mine for some calculations. It's worth reading the last...

Who's whinier the Lakers or the Celtics?


An analysis of the complaining done after fouls in this year's NBA finals. The key table: Team Rate - 36% - Team Rate - 48% Kobe Bryant - 50% - Ray Allen - 73% Pau Gasol - 50% - Kendrick Perkins - 68% Derek Fisher - 38% - Rasheed Wallace - 65% Lamar Odom - 27% - Rajon Rondo - 50% Ron Artest - 23% - Paul Pierce - 36% A. Bynum - 15% - Kevin Garnett - 32%


Putting pre-draft measurements into perspective (height & weight)

Here's a link to my first of post of this series - The first step: Height   The general consensus critique was that people wanted to know where the Bulls players stood in regards to their height....


Putting pre-draft measurements into perspective (height)

  I have been wanting to write something up on the pre-draft measurements for a while now. The draft is usually the most entertaining part of the season for me; it even beats the playoffs, but that...

NBA combine video


ESPN 3 Beta has the streaming video

Doug Gottlieb Has an NBA Draft Big Board That Might Blow You (and himself) Away


I'll just quote the author's (Scott Schroeder) introduction: In short - it's a doozy. In awkward-white-dude love - Gottlieb has Luke Babbitt ranked ahead of Gordon Hayward. And Gordon Hayward ranked ahead of DeMarcus Cousins. And DeMarcus Cousins ranked ahead of Latavious Williams. Okay, so Cousins over Williams is probably excusable - but you get the point. In lessons of contradiction - Read the article we're talking about today and compare that to Gottlieb's musings on the same subject matter two weeks ago. At least he has all of his bases covered, I guess.

To young players, playing time is royal jelly


Terrific TrueHoop article. Modified the name because of a quote from David Thorpe contained within. It's about the significance of playing time on the development of players. He disagrees with the idea that "Players who produce get time, and players who don't produce sit." It's obviously not as simple as that, otherwise players wouldn't just switch teams and spontaneously play well. A critical point to this is work done by David Berri (a douche, but one interested in asking good basketball analytics questions) and Martin Schmidt. "In their new book Stumbling on Wins, David Berri and Martin Schmidt report that players drafted in the lottery earn more minutes than their production suggests they should... In short, those players get the royal jelly, and opportunities to learn on the job." As Thorpe explains, royal jelly is "what worker bees feed a chosen baby bee to make her the queen."


Why swapping a top-10 protected pick sucks

  As almost everyone knows, we traded John Salmons to Milwaukee to rid ourselves of his potential 2010 salary. We gave up two second round picks (2011 & 2012), to do so and we agreed to give...

Synopsis of 2010 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference


There's a series of links outlining some of the papers presented at the conference. -Bias in Officiating -The value of a blocked shot -How NBA teams use analytics -Performance enhancements -Will coaches listen to stat heads? -What geeks don't get -The price of anarchy -The future of management and ownership

2009 Panel on Basketball statistics


Video from the 2009 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The 2010 conference is going on today. Matt Lloyd, Director of College Scouting for the Chicago Bulls, is attending. For those curious. Matt Lloyd graduated from UIC with a degree in communications and started working for the Bulls when he was 25 (I looked him up). Best quotes: John Hollinger - "We don't know jack-shit" Mark Cuban - "The wages of wins is the dumbest data I have ever seen in my life" Daryl Morey - "In contrast to baseball...the coaches [in basketball] are probably more receptive [to statistics advice] because the analysis being done shows that their were more right in their beliefs. Whereas in baseball, everything was like: don't hit-and-run, don't steal, don't do anything; they should just sit there...maybe use the phone and call the bullpen, but not too often; otherwise just don't screw it up." John Hollinger - "Fortunately for Daryl [Morey], there's no luxury tax on analysts." Mark Cuban - "Hiring coaches is the hardest thing there is. It's far easier to pick players then it is to pick coaches."

Lockout threat complicates draft decision for NCAA players


A brief article, but it highlights some points about how it may affect the NBA draft. Here's a short quote: ---Contentious talks between the NBA and the players union pose the threat of a lockout in 2011, and some collegians might want the immediate payday instead of waiting and earning nothing next year if the league shuts down. "The likelihood is people will panic" and enter the draft prematurely, [said] agent David Falk.---

[Marquis Daniels] dropped a pretty penny on a custom, diamond encrusted replica of his own...


[Marquis Daniels] dropped a pretty penny on a custom, diamond encrusted replica of his own head. The NBA baller recently enlisted popular jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, whose clientele boasts actresses such as Jessica Alba as well as rappers like Lil Jon, for a piece modeled after his own face. The bling was made using "3D laser-imaging process that took place in the making of the face and head weighing in at over 1,300 grams of 14k gold," the jewelers said on their blog.

I thought this was ridiculous enough to be of interest to all

Salary Cap thoughts

[edit: Thanks to Kingj41 for catching a mistake I made. He (I am assuming it's a he since the name is king) pointed out this section of the NBA salary cap FAQ that states: A free agent's maximum...

11 vs 5 : The number of teams above .500 in the Western and Eastern Conference.


I was curious how some other teams were doing and I was shocked at the standings. There are 11 teams in the Western Conference above .500 and only 5 teams in the Eastern Conference (Chicago and Charlotte are only one game under, though). The entire Southwest division is above .500; contrast that with the Central division, which only has one team above .500, Cleveland.

Over the last several weeks, when the Sixers actually starting making calls offering Iguodala, some...


Over the last several weeks, when the Sixers actually starting making calls offering Iguodala, some teams were taken off guard.

Can't deny the talent, just probably not a good fit

As for Stoudemire, the Chicago Bulls could be the leaders in the clubhouse. Several NBA...


As for Stoudemire, the Chicago Bulls could be the leaders in the clubhouse. Several NBA officials told me the Bulls would be willing to put together an enticing package that would definitely include Tyrus Thomas and possibly Kirk Hinrich and Brad Miller.

This would be such a sweet trade trade machine - except that it doesn't work

Scott Skiles hostpitalized for heart arrythmia


Probably too much stress. I wonder if we see a kindler gentler Scott Skiles after this.

Wizards give new meaning to shoot around


Wow. I am glad the bulls aren't this dysfunctional: Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton draw guns on one another because of a gambling debt dispute. Edit: I guess I should say allegedly.

Von Waver released...Asik injures collar bone


Von Wafer was released from his contract with Olympiakos. I think he's a chucker and had a fluke year, but our current team sucks. Omer Asik out for two months with an injured collar bone.

Derrick rose looks good in NBA 2k10. Slow news day. It would be nice if the Bulls did something...


Derrick rose looks good in NBA 2k10. Slow news day. It would be nice if the Bulls did something this offseason besides letting their best scorer go.

Deng to miss Great Britain's autumn games

[From the FanShots. Not good news that Deng still isn't ready to play. Though it's better than an unnecessary risk of re-injury -ed.] The Bulls insist Deng is not fit enough to play for GB. If we weren't overpaying Deng, I would say let him do what he wants, but he's making WAY too much money, to get injured playing for another team.

A closer look at contract incentives


It's a funny article on NBA contract incentives. For those who don't know how contract incentives count against the cap, it mostly depends on how likely they are to be achieved. Quoted: "Most of these provisions -- incentives, they call them -- pertain to team goals (victories, playoff achievement, etc.), which is fine, especially if a player has a history of injury. Baron Davis, for example, gets $1 million just for playing 70 games and leading his team to victory in at least 30 of them. Really, what's better than going 30-50 [sic], and then watching Donald Sterling's head explode by forcing him to hand over an extra million as a reward for this grand achievement?"

Rumor: Mullens to Detroit


Two different sources have indicated to on Friday that the Pistons have a promise in place to take BJ Mullens if he's available to the them at 15

Gordon to Olympiakos??? UPDATE: Nope

[Update 6/9: shot down by Gordon's agent. (via BG's publicist) -ed.] I tend to doubt it, but if this rumor is being floated by his agent, then I am guessing BG is not getting the offers he wants.

Draft Watch 2009 (6/4)

  Draft picks for 2009: 2-1st round, 0-2nd round*.  The picks will be 16 and 26**.         *We lost our 2nd round pick to acquire the rights to Omer Asik last year. **DraftExpress thinks we...

Doug Thonus' new blog


Evidently the Chicago Tribune is starting up a website dedicated to sports called "Chicago Now." Doug's going to be one of the (the only?) bloggers for the Bulls. The website requires a log-in to read because it is still in its infant stages (ie. don't contact them if something doesn't work and it might be too early to create login profiles). I contacted Doug and he said he did not mind if the login information was shared with the broader Blog A Bull community. login: cn password: cn

Chat with Anthony Macri of IMG academy


Noah will be at IMG in June for 3 weeks or so, Luol as well Blair "is 6'7.5 in shoes with a 7'2 wingspan (measured myself),"

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