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James Bowman. Profile image pending. Currently writing about the Atlanta Dream, about Georgia Tech women's basketball and other subjects involving a bouncing ball and the women who bounce it.

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WNBA trade moratorium ends on Friday


The CBA might not be finished - but according to Sue Favor of They're Playing Basketball, the waiting period for trades and contracts will expire this Friday at 11:59 pm EST.

WNBA bargaining agreement waits for signatures


According to Tamika Catchings, the new collective bargaining agreement is "a done deal". But no one has signed anything yet.

Game of the Day: SMU battles Memphis on ESPN3

With Louisville and Rutgers leaving the American Athletic Conference at the end of the season, we look at Southern Methodist in today's Game of the Day. The Mustangs could potentially be a power...

WNBA roster expansion and the #12 spot

The new CBA agreement will allow a 12 player maximum roster for teams, up from 11 over the past three years. What level of talent can one expect for a 12th roster spot?

Tyra Buss making her name known in HS WBB


Tyra Buss lives in Illinois, plays against Indiana players, and with an amazing 46.9 points per game. We look at her stats and try to figure out if she can keep it up at Indiana University next...

WNBA, players' union agree to a CBA deal


It's an agreement in principle, with details to come later. The roster size will expand to 12 players.

The WNBA on eBay: "What's for sale?"

So what kinds of things can you buy on eBay that have something to do with the WNBA? We look at each of the twelve WNBA teams and the most expensive items being sold for each of them.

North Carolina State is full of surprises

The Wolfpack have broken into the AP Top 10 with a surprising 21-3 record. What is the secret of that turnaround? And will North Carolina State be able to stay at the top?

Interview with Dream GM Angela Taylor, Part II

We continue our interview with new Atlanta Dream general manager Angela Taylor. We talk about who has the final say in the Atlanta front office, on evaluating foreign players and why mock drafts...

Interview with Dream GM Angela Taylor, Part I

In a two-part interview, Angela Taylor spoke with Swish Appeal about her new job as general manager of the Atlanta Dream. In Part I, she talks about how the Dream got in touch with her and about...

The history of the collective bargaining agreement


With the Sparks ownership crisis resolved and a schedule released, there's only one obstacle facing the WNBA - the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the players. We take a...

The drawing power of visiting teams in women's BB

Which teams in women's college basketball are the best road draws? We can't answer that question authoritatively, but we can look at four of of the usual suspects for the 2013-14 season.

Sparks Watch Epilogue: Winners and losers


It's all over for Sparks Watch, as the WNBA holds a press conference announcing that the Los Angeles Sparks shall be staying in Los Angeles. We look at the winners and losers.

Sparks Watch Day 34: the 100 (?) days


There is a practical time limit on negotiations between the WNBA and the future owners of the Sparks (if any), and there is an absolute limit. We take a look at how late the season could open.

Mercury get new jersey sponsorship


For the 2014 and upcoming seasons, Phoenix Mercury jerseys will be sponsored by the Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort.

Atlanta Dream CEO name gone from staff directory


Dream Chief Executive Officer Ashley Preisinger's name no longer appears in the Atlanta Dream staff directory.

Sparks Watch Day 31: We make up a WNBA apology


Since we haven't gotten any word from the WNBA, we'll just make something up. Here is the message that the WNBA should have sent to the fans and Sparks season ticket holders weeks ago.

Sparks Watch Day 28: Thoughts from Larry Burnett


Larry Burnett, the Time Warner Cable play-by-play announcer for the Sparks, blog about the Sparks situation.

Sparks Watch Day 27: "The home team"


The Sparks might find a new home, or keep their old one - but will they ever be a home team?

Sparks Watch Day 24: The Vetting Process


ESPN's Michelle Smith states that a Los Angeles-based group is interested in keeping the Sparks in LA. We look at the hypothetical process by which new owners join the WNBA.

Tulsa World: Fred Williams is new Shock coach

The Tulsa World states that the Tulsa Shock will announce Fred Williams as their next head coach. Williams was head coach and general manager of the Atlanta Dream for the 2012-2013 season.

All-Star Game goes to Phoenix in 2014


An Arizona website states that Phoenix will host the 2014 WNBA All-Star Game.

Angela Taylor named as GM of Atlanta Dream


The front office of the Atlanta Dream named Angela Taylor as their new general manager. Taylor's most recent WNBA position was as GM of the Washington Mystics for two seasons.

Sparks Watch Day 18: the first WNBA game

Did you know that the Sparks played in the very first WNBA game? While we wait for new Sparks news, let's go back to the simpler year of 1997.

Sparks Watch Day 16: "Will I get my money back?"

With the possibility of the Sparks folding or relocated, those Sparks fans that have bought season tickets are undoubtedly worried that they won't see their deposit money again. So what has...

Sparks Watch Day 12: What both sides hope to get


There are certain things the Warriors ownership need to move off their "to do" list, and likewise for the WNBA. What were the needs of both sides?

They said it, not me - the meaning of "Husky"


With Connecticut women's basketball winning by 37.8 points per game - is that a record? - the link above which talks about an attempt to show Canadian Football League games during the NFL strike of 1982 introduces this term to the lexicon: People who worked in television in those days called a blowout a "husky," which was another way of saying it was a dog because it was bad for ratings.

Sparks Watch Day 9: Can we get answers?


Here are some questions that we think need to be answered.

Selena Roberts: too many "Hallmark Moments" in W?


Selena Roberts at Sports on Earth has three solutions to get the WNBA over the "verge". Two are filler, but one is worth considering.

Sparks Watch Day 7: Could it have been prevented?


The Los Angeles Sparks ownership walking away from the team shocked Sparks fans and anyone interested in the WNBA. This chapter of Sparks Watch asks the question if this outcome could have been...

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