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James Dator is a manager for Cat Scratch Reader, SB Nation's Carolina Panthers blog. His work can also be found as part of SB Nation's NFL news desk, in addition to game day coverage.

He resides in Greensboro, NC

@james_dator on Twitter

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  • NBA Charlotte Bobcats
  • NFL Carolina Panthers
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
  • NHL Carolina Hurricanes
  • MMA Georges St. Pierre
  • Soccer Tottenham Hotspur
  • General Sydney Roosters (NRL), Sydney Swans (AFL), Sydney Kings (NBL)
User Blog

This is Wimbledon's swaggiest shot

Hitting this shot is near impossible, looking cool while doing it is harder.

Serena Williams withdraws from Wimbledon


The Williams sisters were forced to withdraw from doubles competition after Serena was struggling on the court.

Striker gets tattoo of his infamous missed shot

Sometimes you miss a shot. Sometimes you need to get a tattoo of it as a constant reminder.

ESPN's fantastic hype video for USA vs. Belgium

The road has been hard, but the time is now. This is so good.

Here's Mike Tyson's USMNT hype video

There are lots of good hype videos, but this is the best one.

Bieber, Manziel, Tyrese and Mayweather are BFFs

Just a group of friends hanging out, sharing laughs and snapping a few photos to remember the time they shared together.

David Foucalt takes the next step


The road is long, but the Canadian free agent is doing all the right things

Screaming German child is the most excited fan

Look at him ... LOOK AT HIM! He's so freakin' pumped.

World Cup reporter types sideways thanks to tablet

Technology is great, it can also be a pain in the neck.

Johnny Manziel now has a hot dog named after him

Ohio loves Johnny Manziel, so naturally everyone is making food items in his honor.

Imploding building throws rock at onlooker

Watching building blow up is fun, this could have been deadly.

Meet the fan whose head is a tennis ball

Hard work, dedication and possibly a lot of office supplies. This hair is the best.

Waffle House is boycotting Belgian waffles

Make sure you're not a traitor -- eat American waffles.

Greg Oden spiked a volleyball into someone's face


James Harden threw out a first pitch in jorts

The humble jean short is now the fashion of NBA Superstars ... well, one of them.

Justin Rose is having a hard time

It's hard to do tricks with a golf club, so go easy on him, okay?

'Fresh Prince Night' is making Carlton feel small

Alfonso Ribeiro was the butt of many jokes on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," and now that's continuing into the world of Minor League Baseball.

Hornets and Panthers are bringing the buzz back


Pro Sports languished in mediocrity for a while, now that's starting to change.

The surprise answer from a 'Jeopardy' contestant

Sometimes you need to throw a Hail Mary, but not like this ... not like this.

Cavaliers draft shirt will make your eyes hurt

Welcome to Cleveland, Andrew Wiggins! Enjoy this terrible shirt.

Julius Randle wore a Kobe jersey as a child

Kobe Bryant is about to feel really old.

Pregnant athlete runs at U.S. Track competition

Born to run? How about running right before giving birth?

Members of the USMNT are running into each other


Please, just hold on. For the love of all things, just hold on.

Jermaine Jones and referee collide


This is a wrong place, wrong time situation.

Play this Luis Suarez Pac-Man video game

Ever wished you could bite things like Luis Suarez? Now you have the chance!

Cam Newton cleared to work out


There is nothing stopping the Panthers quarterback from being ready for the season now.

Watch the weirdest glitches from the UFC game

Video game glitches are common, but you haven't seen anything quite like this.

Hardy's court date is set, hangs up on radio show


The curious offseason for Greg Hardy becomes a little weirder.

Oh look, another billboard teasing LeBron

It's not like the city is still obsessed with LeBron James or anything, no ... nothing like that.

R. Kelly begs Carmelo Anthony to come to Chicago

It's nice to feel wanted. Especially if R. Kelly is pouring out his heart and begging you to play for the Bulls.

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