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Originally ColoradoAg

Texas Aggie | Fighting Irish | Human Person

Co-founder of Good Bull Hunting. I like huevos rancheros.

Texas A&M class of 2006

Notre Dame class of 2012

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Texas A&M Aggies
  • NCAAB Notre Dame Fighting Irish
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User Blog

TCU's Gary Patterson: Austin Hero, Accountant


The head man of a 4-8 operation earned some major cred in Austin with an astute observation that got all the hangers-on amped for the Stronghorns. Gary Patterson on UT: "The hardest part about...

Daily Bull 7.17.14


"It's a busted old town, the plains of West Texas... The drugstore's closed down, the rivers run dry... The semis roll through like stainless steel stallions... Goin' hard, goin' fast, goin' wild,...

2014 Southeastern Conference Video


It's July 10th. We play ball in seven weeks. This SEC video from Saturday Down South (@SDS) will get your mind right.

Texas A&M vs. South Carolina Hype Video


Texas A&M Athletics released a video this week to get you ready for the opener seven weeks from today.

Daily Bull 7.10.14


"You say you're not from Texas... Man as if I couldn't tell... You think you pull your boots on right... And wear your hat so well... So pardon me my laughter... 'Cause I sure do understand... Even...

Daily Bull 7.8.14


"Well I'm a honky tonk man and I can't seem to stop... I love to give the girls a whirl to the music of an old juke box... But when my money's all gone, I'm on the telephone singing... Hey, hey,...

Daily Bull 7.7.14


"This old porch is a steamin' greasy plate of enchiladas... with lots of cheese and onions and a guacamole salad..."

Daily Bull 7.3.14


"I gave up the fast lane for a blacktop county road... Just burned out on all that talk about the motherlode...I traded for a songbird, a bigger piece of sky... When I miss the good old days I...

2014 Champs - A&M football or USMNT?


Step into the GBH ballot boxes and enjoy the peep show.

Daily Bull 6.26.14


"Feeling so tired, can't understand it... just had a fortnight's sleep... I'm feeling so tired, Ow! so distracted... Ain't touched a thing all week... I'm feeling drunk, juiced up and sloppy......

Daily Bull 6.19.14


"I worked the rigs from three to midnight... On the corpus Christi Bay... I'd get off and drink till daylight... Sleep the morning away... I had a plan to take my wages... Leave the rigs behind for...

Daily Bull 6.12.14


"I ain't got many friends left to talk to... No one's around when I'm in trouble... You know I'd do anything for you... Stay the night but keep it undercover... I just wanna use your love tonight,...

Manziel to retire from NFL for MLB


The controversial, decorated quarterback intends to retire from the NFL to focus solely on his career with the San Diego Padres.

Daily Bull 6.6.14


"Seven years of hard luck, comin' down on me... From the Florida border, yeah up to Nashville, Tennessee... I worked in every joint you can name, mister every honkytonk... Along come Mr. Yankee...

Daily Bull 5.30.14


He looked down into her brown eyes, Said, " Say a prayer for me." She threw her arms around him, Whispered, "God will keep us free." They could hear the riders comin, He said, "This is my last...

Daily Bull 5.22.14


You don't have to call me Waylon Jennings... And you don't have to call me Charlie Pride... And you don't have to call me Merle Haggard anymore... Or even though you're on my fightin' side... 14...

Musical Chairs: Future SEC Football Scheduling


You're going to have to do some waiting for the coveted pilgrimages to the Swamp, 'tween the Hedges, and Rocky Top. Still beats Ames, Lubbock, Manhattan, and Waco, no?

Daily Bull 5.15.14


Ain't it like they always say... Everybody goes their own way... Nobody knows no one can tell... It's always been the same for me... Guess it's just the way it must be... Headin' down that dusty...

Switzer Grades the NFL Draft


"Always felt that salary caps and laws prohibiting a man from packing a .38 Special were for commies and the CFL."

Johnny Manziel Makes the Cover of Sports Illustrated... Again.


Johnny better be good is right. If he becomes a bust, this cover will follow him a long time.

Daily Bull 5.13.14


Incredibly wealthy people can be incredibly dumb.

Daily Bull 5.12.14


All Johnny All the Time

Daily Bull 5.9.14


Kill that warm keg of Draft beer this morning. It's a long off season and you need some relief.

Daily Bull 5.7.14


Aloha, Dr. Camacho. Bloglyfe that offseason in the Hawaiian sun.

Daily Bull 5.2.14


A few more days and the trouble will end, In the field where sugar-canes may grow. A few more days for to tote the weary load, No matter, 'twill never be light A few more days till we totter on the...

SEC Network programming, y'all


Hi, Lamar! Does Beaumont have televisions?

Daily Bull 5.1.14


"These arms of mine... They are lonely... Lonely and feeling blue... These arms of mine... They are yearning... Yearning from wanting you"... 17 weeks until we burn down Columbia

Daily Bull 4.24.14


Yeah, you got satin shoes Yeah, you got plastic boots Y'all got cocaine eyes Yeah, you got speed-freak jive Can't you hear me knockin' on your window Can't you hear me knockin' on your door Can't...

Daily Bull 4.17.14


Gimme back my bullets Put 'em back where they belong Ain't foolin' around 'cause I done had my fun Ain't gonna see no more damage done Gimme back my bullets Sweet talkin' people done ran me...

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